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DEFCON 1: General Mclnerney Sounds the Red Alert

26 Aug


From the United States Department of Defense, DEFCON 1 is the maximum state of readiness for the defense of the United States. The exercise term is, “Cocked Pistol,” and it means nuclear war or a massive attack on the homeland is imminent. To the public knowledge at least, America has never been in DEFCON 1. The closest point was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 when forces were raised to DEFCON 2 alert, the last step before nuclear war.  DEFCON 1 means all wiggle room and talking is over. Start firing…immediately.

On Saturday August 23rd, 2014 on the Fox News Channel, General Mclnerney, the network’s number 1 military analyst, dropped a bombshell of opinion and information, including calling for the United States to immediately move to DEFCON 1 alert status regarding the threat posed by the terror group, ISIS. This was broadcast live on Fox News Channel, and left the anchor host as confused and full of questions as we should be now. General Mclnerney is a highly connected and extremely experienced man, and this is why he holds the status as the top military analyst at the number one broadcaster of news in the entire world. This doesn’t come from a rank private speaking on a YouTube conspiracy channel. This was meant to be heard by the world from very serious lips.

The General, looking into the camera without as much as a hint of blinking or lack of focus on what he was saying, first revealed that coming this September 7th, 2014, a “major news network and major publisher” with be releasing information that is going to be “earth shattering” about “what happened.” When pressed for more information about this, he only says he “can’t give more details.” Then he goes on to say, “We may even see a 9-11-14, MH-370 resurface again. We should be prepared for anything.” The MH-370 refers to the Malaysian Airlines flight that mysteriously vanished earlier this year that is now presumed lost at sea. Being that this is all he said, we can only speculate as to what he means by including that in his warning, but apparently he knows something we do not.

Finally, again looking dead into the camera knowing full well what he was saying, the General declared, “We should go to DEFCON 1, the highest state of alert.”

This is all bizarre and deeply disturbing. The White House has been busy toning down the rhetoric of late last week and over the weekend, playing down the threat, while the good General here just dropped the DEFCON 1 bomb on Fox News. All we can surmise from this is…we, the citizens of the United States, are being kept unaware of potentially dire and imminent danger at our doorstep. Unless the General has gone batcrap crazy and has no idea what he’s talking about, which is not the case in the least, then we have not only the potential of an imminent attack, but it seems likely that our own government is fractured and warring amongst itself on how to deal with it. Add to that the vague references to an upcoming bombshell that will be “earth shattering,” and the possibility that MH-370 is still out there.

Folks…strap in. When a man like General Mclnerney calls for DEFCON 1 on national tv…it ain’t no joke.

Gary Wayne Abernathy