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Evangelistic Urgency

22 Feb


Anarchy: A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority. It’s synonyms are nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil. In a political sense, it’s defined as “absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as political ideal.”

I’ve written much on this blog about order. There is even a fictional short story I wrote titled: “ORDO AB CHAO” – Order out of chaos. The Latin that is written on the American dollar bill. There is an urgency and clamor for chaos, because in all things we are actually seeking – order. I debated in mostly friendly tones with a man on social media recently regarding the current posturing of Russia versus the world. We are both American citizens, but both with completely different takes on the same situation. After much jostling back and forth, I finally coaxed out of him to admit what he was. “If I had to identify with a political movement, I’d probably say I was anarchist. I believe in ideas of home rule, shared decision-making, and voluntary association of individuals.” If you do not know, this is a sentiment that is prevalent in the youth of today. It’s spreading like wildfire. The source of it currently on the surface comes from the disinformation agents of the very nation he was arguing with me was not a threat to us at all – Russia. The Soviets and now the Russians have saturated America for well over half a century with sentiment designed to tear us to shreds from within. But the real source of that is not Russia or any other nation. This is a repeating pattern that began in the Garden. It’s the spin of Lucifer.

Ironically, America is a place of home rule, shared decision-making, and voluntary association of individuals. We are a constitutional republic, a union of individual states, and declared upon our founding that the rights of man are provided by God, not man, and that no man can infringe upon them. The anarchists claim to want that same ideal failing to understand the very nature of the title they give themselves, which is the title of chaos, disorder, mayhem and turmoil. It’s brilliant the way the twisting of man’s deepest need is turned against him. Lucifer is of intelligence far beyond our capabilities and to that due respect must be given. Mankind’s quest is a spiritual one, and it’s the quest leading to the final order. The Kingdom of God or the earthly hell of Satan?

We have an evangelistic urgency in this world. The evangelism of Lucifer is beating us around every corner, while apathy grows fat in God’s hands and feet – the Church. But there has always been a great need for evangelistic urgency since God breathed the spirit into the apostles and sent them on their way. In the worldly hatred of so-called Christians, none other is despised more greatly than the conservative-minded evangelist. They are the ones that dare to speak the living word. They are the ones that take it to their neighbors. They are the ones that will not bend to the whims and changes of each generation. Why are they so hated? It’s not because the people hate the message. It’s because we have failed to live it ourselves. We have failed the command of Jesus to become his likeness on earth. And they hate us for it. The harvest is spoiled and Lucifer is there to pick the rotted fruit and drag it back to his pit to rot for all eternity.

So here we are at this pivotal point in human history…on the cliff of chaos, on the cliff of that desired anarchy. Order hanging in the balance. You hear every world leader talk about the great need for the new structure – the new order. What do we do? Most of us are climbing deep into the giant sea of grace we’ve imagined and are hiding. We are taking shelter behind the shallow promises we made to God like we were buying life insurance. We fill giant halls of worship as if by duty to the bylaws of the insurance plan, but we walk out of them no different from when we first came. The agents of the masterful Lucifer playing us like a fiddle, as his teachers inside those halls go about building up the self…building up the me…filling up souls with selfishness and sending them away sinking in a grace that doesn’t exist for them. Each of us as guilty as the next. Then we dare tell the rest of the world how wrong they are. We should be hated for it and we are.

What is the most revolutionary act a human being can make? Actually allowing the self to die. The holy spirit will not share space with you. It’s either you or God. We are warned just how narrow that path really is and how few will walk it. Does grace exist? Absolutely, but only to those who are true on that path. The pool of grace should be imagined more as small pond we dip in while we are in transformation. It shouldn’t be imagined as the largest sea in the universe, but that’s what we have made it. By making that revolutionary act we are saving the world…we are creating order…as Jesus did for us, we do for His. It isn’t about personal salvation. It never was. If the cross was about one man it would have all ended right there with the death of a prophet. We are saved so that we might save many.

Evangelistic urgency is required. There isn’t a moment to waste. Are you capable of transformation? I swam in that giant sea of grace for the longest time, but I noticed all I was getting from it was pruny skin. I was still so thirsty. I shed tears for the longest time and asked to be shown the way. I’ve been in a very painful transformation ever since. Dying isn’t easy, y’all. The remains of me are still fighting making it so much harder than it needs to be. Maybe some others go easier…but for me…it hurts a great deal giving up this world. It was buried into my core and ripping it out is at gut-wrenching as ripping anything from the body. But God answered my prayer and did show me the way. I’m listening…I’m biting bullets while he rips me apart to fill me back up. I want to be an evangelist of the living word. I want to be what I’m called to be. I want to make my Father pleased. Most of all…I want to learn. I want to learn everything. But I can’t until I’m complete.

So that’s my sales pitch to you to save the world. How does it sound? I don’t offer you personal joy, glory, riches, peace or anything of the sort. I offer you deep, agonizing pain and a lot of tears. Join me?

Gary Abernathy


One Man, One Blog, One War

13 Apr

one man

My wife said to me earlier today, “I travel all over the country and meet hundreds of people from all walks of life. In all of those people, only you and one other person I know talk about the things you talk about.” My response? I pointed at the television and said, “because that thing doesn’t tell them.”

Honestly, it’s a lonely and sometimes very sad place I find myself in. Praise be to God that He for one made me so stubborn that I have a very hard time quitting things, and two, he instilled in me a default mode of being very silly by nature. Goofy even. Those things balance this extremely serious and impossible-to-win war my life somehow led me into.

It was never my childhood dream to grow up to be a ghost writer, or to write such things as this blog that quite often get me into lots of trouble, or at the least, a lot of scorn. I never even considered it to be a possibility. However, I’m very good at it and God keeps pushing me deeper and deeper into his ongoing spiritual war. He gave me vision to see larger pictures that most don’t see. I tell you now, I wish I didn’t see them either. There are times I feel like I can’t learn anymore. I can’t put one more thing inside of me that I have to carry around that nobody else either sees, or cares about. But somehow, God always finds a way for me to make more room and to vent the steam from my overheating pot.

In just a little over one year, people from 97 different nations have viewed this blog from one man in the United States. That stat amazes me. God is amazing. Even if there was only 1 reader from 1 country, I still take it as my sacred duty to write as honestly as I can, and to provide valid facts when I state them, or make sure you know it is my opinion and my vision when I don’t have facts. This blog has never once made me more popular with anyone, but it sure is being seen. Once again, God is amazing.

So with that said, I continue to ask myself “why are you doing this to yourself man?” “Why are you letting this world tear your heart apart piece by piece?” That voice from the other side is always at me in my ear whispering “nobody cares you damn fool. They are laughing at you.” It all boils down to my children. If you were a parent in pre-Nazi Germany and you saw what was being built, wouldn’t you try to stop it? If you were in the camp of Vladimir Lenin and knew what was really going to happen after the “people’s revolution” (the slaughter of millions upon millions of their fellow citizens) wouldn’t you try to stop it if God was in your heart? Well, I see what is being built in this nation. I am not sure exactly what to label it or how it will exactly operate, but I know for absolute certain that the very core of it is as evil as anything ever unleashed on this world. There is going to be misery like mankind has never seen before. Our nation sold its soul to Lucifer and Lucifer is building his empire. I don’t mean that in a prophecy way, though it certainly could wind up being just that, but in the sense that our nation has allowed its goodness to be extinguished, and now we are left to face the darkness that is our new master. Greed. Lust. Perversion. Sloth. Wrath. Pride. Jealousy. Envy. That is what our culture has been fed to ingest, and now we are spitting it back out as if they are good. Listen to any popular music lately? Watched a movie? A tv show? What are you being taught more times than not? One or more of the things on the list I just gave. We don’t stand a chance, and I know that I don’t stand a chance as one little man fighting a beast so large that it engulfs the entire planet. But I imagine Noah felt pretty stupid too. I imagine Moses thought he had gone absolutely insane. Heck, if Paul Revere made his ride in 2013, the punks on the corner would shoot him off his horse with their .9 and laugh. Still, when God gives a person something to do, what else are we supposed to say? Are you prepared to argue with the wishes of God? I’ve tried that. Never ends well.

When I look at my children and into their future, I become very protective. I have raised them to be independent thinkers, to be joyful, to be intelligent, to be compassionate, to be loving, and to have 100% self-respect. Everything that the culture of this nation is now trying to rid them of. This culture wants only to breed drones that will do as they are told. Vote as they are told. Stand down as they are told. I’m not interested in that kind of society. Maybe some don’t mind. I guess just like some men are more at home in a prison than they ever were in society. They just need to be taken care of and told what to do and think. For sure, those who stand in the upper layer that benefit from this, love the new America. They exploit, plot, experiment and toy with us every single day. With the weapon of psychiatric techniques perfected by monsters such as Edward Bernays, and taken to masterful art forms by the devils of Madison Ave and across the nation, they manipulate every aspect of life. Well God gave me the vision to see what they do. How they do it. Even somewhat of an immunity to it, though I still do fall victim just as everyone else. I can’t begin to tell you the money I have pissed away over the years on crap I can’t even remember now. That’s just sick.

I fight this battle alone, but there are thousands more like me. We connect, but we still fight alone. For now at least, that is the way God wants it. I’m not a perfect man by any stretch of the imagination. I’m as big a sinner as the next guy. But my faith, my heart, and my overwhelming gratitude for the blood of Jesus, compel me to keep fighting on for Him. His kingdom will be forthcoming. King of Kings. World Without End. I intend to live quite happily there, and I will never write a single thing other than joyful happy thoughts, if I write at all. For today…I keep on fighting.

Gary Abernathy

I Should Have Known The 21st Century Was Going To Be Trouble…

15 Jan


Soooooo….about last year…yeah…I was wrong about a lot things as it turned out. Namely, that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in the fiery pits of Lucifer‘s domain that America would reelect Barack Hussein Obama to another 4 years of digging our grave for us. I mean, I was really, really, really wrong. Still stinging on that one I’m not gonna lie. A great deal of my life was invested in making sure that did not happen. Jeepers…so where do we and this blog go from there?  Well, I have a few ideas always up my sleeve…though apparently I suck at forecasting, I have a long history behind me and I can write a little bit. Time to change directions and go backwards in order to move forward.

At least for a little while, I’m going to move this forum to what I first intended it to be…a place for me to write whatever the hell I feel like writing, which usually covers a wide spectrum of random subjects,  mixing humor, deep thought and a pondering mind. In doing that, I will be tapping into old memories and stories in my noggin’ and use them to help sort out exactly how it all wound up where it is now.

The 21st century for me personally started off like a freaking Stephen King novel, but then afterwards settled into the best years of my entire life so far. For the nation however, it started off great with the fact that Y2K was as much hooey as the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 was, but then was quickly torn asunder on September 11th, 2001. When things started going well for me in 2000, I should have known things were going to get dicey for the United States. It always works that way. Scientifically proven. I was born in the 60’s (1966 to be exact) so we won’t count that in this equation, because who knows if life is going well as an infant/toddler. As long as nobody is beating on you and you’re being fed, life is grand. Plus, I kissed my first girl at age 4. Laurie Newsome from next door, my best friend at the time. We hid in the storage room of my house. That was 1970, and the rest of the 70’s went great for me, but the nation, the nation was a mess. I couldn’t stand the 1980’s though nor the 1990’s. I had great friends, a lot of fun for the most part, but my family was tearing apart at the seams, my mom had completely changed, and I personally was as lost as I could possibly be. Yet, the country was booming for most of both those decades, give or take a few spans. So when I woke up on January 1st, 2000 after the night I had just had, I thought things were going to go great for the country and continue sour for me. I was dead wrong. But let’s look back at that.

It was December 31st, 1999 in Charlotte, NC. The last day of the 20th century so obviously a monumental occasion. My wife and I were a young 33 years old and had a daughter who was 1 1/2 years old. We were set to have a party that night at our house and it was to be huge. All of our favorite friends, our neighbors, and some family…and our 1 1/2 year old. My brother was even going to camp out in a tent in our front yard, which he did. I still don’t get that one, but it was his intent and he followed through with it. It was a circus atmosphere just the way I like it.

Now, being a person that likes symbolism and hidden meanings behind things, on special occasions more times than not I’m very choosy about what my attire is going to be. I want it to be something I will keep a long time and always remember that moment. For instance, this past New Year’s Eve after the election and feeling like an island in life dismayed at the thought enough people are out there that would actually vote for their own demise, I wore a black and gray long sleeve tee that I often wear on stage during performance (drummer), that reads “One man against the world.” That is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  This particular New Year’s Eve 1999 I had purchased 2 months in advance the shirt I was going to wear. It didn’t really say anything…I just really liked the shirt and how I looked in it, and I wanted my wife to find me attractive moving into a new century. Nothing worse than kissing someone at the stroke of a century and saying to yourself, “damn, I have to move into the future with that?” So, that was my purpose that year. Not to be ugly. People were filing in, the drinks were starting to pop, food was being served, music was playing…it was going to be a magical night. But there was an issue. Our young daughter wasn’t feeling well. My wife asked me to hold her while she was going to give her some medicine. I scoop my beautiful blonde haired daughter into my arms and sit down in one of our new chairs purchased at Rooms-To-Go that I think we still aren’t paying for…remember those days? “Buy a whole room and no payments until June 2055.” I’ll take those odds that I’m going to have the cash to pay for it by then. We got hooked up. Baby and Daddy sit. New shirt on. Spew. I mean, seriously…spew. All over the shirt that was to make me attractive to my wife. So much for that. Any parent knows exactly what I mean…babies can really puke. I changed to option 2 in the shirt choices.

I was little unnerved, but I still looked pretty good and I was still in a good mood. It’s just a shirt, right? Well, that same scene played itself out 3 more times in the span of the next 2 hours. Every single time I picked up my daughter, she would throw up on me. Nobody else. My wife could sling her all over the room with one arm and a drink in her hand, but if I so much as got near her, boom, another shirt down. True story. By the time she had settled down and fallen asleep, I was down to an emergency shirt. One of those in your closet that sometimes you like and sometimes you don’t, but mostly just wear it so you don’t go around wearing the same things every week. I looked like crap and I was starting to not feel well either. I kept that part to myself, but looking back at pics, I can see the white in my face. My first day of 2000 was not going to be fun.

The rest of the night went great because lots of alcohol cures any worries about vanity and shirts. Midnight came, the world didn’t shut down, my wife still kissed me and loved me even if I was in a horrendous shirt. Then 3 am came. If I’m ever that sick again in my life, just go ahead and put me down like Old Yeller. Whatever form of Ebola my young delightful baby girl was blowing out on me earlier that night had crawled inside me with a deep, dark vengeance. I woke up, buck naked mind you (it was New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 give me a break), and everything that could possibly be inside me started the process of not being inside me anymore. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but it was a horror show. I would lay on the cold tile floor in-between shivering, dehydrated and done for. That lasted a good 6 hours. By the time I struggled to my feet, I left our room and looked down below to the living room where a mass of bodies covered the landscape. Some on the couch, some on the floor, some under tables, and one outside in a tent. Oh it was a scene.

That is how the 21st century started for me. Near death with Ebola and a bunch of drunk friends all over my otherwise beautiful home. I don’t think I drew it up that way when I was a kid and would count up to see how old I would be in 2000. 4 months after that, my Mom would pass away. That is another story for another day, but suffice it to say, going by the scientifically proven formula, the new century looked very promising for America and rather crappy for me.

But a funny thing happened after my Mom’s funeral. Things started going my way in a big fashion. All that had occurred had lit a fire inside me. It was turning point for me that day on April 11th, 2000 when we buried my mother. If there is ever a point when you know you are “born again” that was it for me. Like a butterfly (I’m not as pretty as a butterfly but it’s just an analogy) emerging from the cocoon, my new life started that day. I can sit here and tell you today that I don’t even remember much about that other guy who used to occupy this body. I do know that he is long gone, and he was a pretty good guy, but his replacement is a much improved version. Life was much better and still is for me, so by now you can guess that it is my fault we find ourselves where we are in America in 2013.

I should have known the 21st century was going to be trouble the moment that big smile broke out on my face…

Gary Wayne Abernathy

Super Happy Positive Smiling Things

6 Jun

So yeah…There are a couple of things at play here in this post today. One: Your writer is basically in vacation mode until mid-August. Two: A new scientific study was released that said too much exercise is actually bad for your heart, and that laughter and a positive attitude makes for a longer life. Coolness, because I suck eggs at exercising, and for darn sure am not getting too much of it, as evidenced by my daughter telling me this morning that I was “plump.” However, a sense of humor I most certainly possess, and now if I can work on my positivity, I might actually survive a few more years, despite all the abuse of my body for 45 years, and the disturbing fact that some of y’all reading this blog take exception to my outlook from time to time, and threaten to whack-a-Gary.

Now that we have established our new game plan, I would like to present to you the new geopolitical outlook as seen from the eyes of a super, happy, positive and big smiling Gary. Keep in mind that nothing bad can happen ever. Only bunnies and sunshine.

* World War 3 may actually happen, because like, it is all set up and people are ready to start killing each other in big numbers, BUT…that will just make for less traffic congestion in the end right? Heck, no traffic actually…nobody will be here. Elbow room. Check.

* Europe is most likely going to come crashing down creating a global financial meltdown, BUT….Aren’t we all sick of having stuff and money to do fun things with? So annoying having a fun life because there is money to be made and spent. A global depression will teach us all a good lesson in the super fun of looking for rats to eat. Takes a man to eat a rat. Fun. Check.

* Barack Obama is an out-of-control having no clue what he is doing maniac, and even Bill Clinton says so, but he isn’t a communist seed planted amongst us to bring down the United States from the highest office in the land. Nah. B-Diddy is a red, white and blue Christian American who spews the ideals of George Washington every time he has a thought. He ain’t no usurper, and if you say he is, well…curtains for you fella. Think up! Think forward! Go B Go! Check.

* George Soros…ohhhhh Georgie Boy…how I love you so. Yes, he IS the most dangerous man on planet earth, and he really does work directly for the office of Lucifer, BUT….come on now, look at him…he’s our universal Grandpa. Loveable old coot with some money to pass out. So generous that yesterday it came out that he poured $400 million into education in America to make sure that our youth grow up thinking that his Satanic Open Borders Society will one day soon become reality, and George can die peacefully knowing that his inner demon, so angry and so hurt from whatever happened to him as a child, destroyed the earth as we know it. I mean really…although it is going to really suck for us all especially in America because he truly hates us…we have to give the guy kudos for the effort. All of those movies made when the evil mastermind gets SO close only to lose in the end? George will have finally become the one that broke through! Good job George! You can do it if you really try! Check.

* I could go on…but really…what is the point? I have a bucket of rainbows to go pour out over humanity, and I can’t be bothered with all of this. Ima put on my rose-colored glasses now and just be comforted by knowing that if I think nothing exists that does exist, that it will all just go away…me likey that way of thinking! Mortgage? Poof…gone! Personal debt? Poof…el goneo! Unlimited funds to do anything I please? Here ya go Mr. Gary…and may I bring you a drink? Check.

Gary Abernathy…you super, happy, positive smiling love bunny