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The Four Horsemen vs. Barack Obama

16 Oct


ISIS. Ebola. Stock Market. Global Economics. Iran. Israel. Turkey. Russia. China…oh those wily Chinese. I mean, what am I missing? I’m leaving out plenty. A lesbian mayor going after the Texas pulpits in Houston. Ferguson. Global famine the UN warns. A million people dead of Ebola globally by January, 2015 we are warned. Climate Change? The Pentagon isn’t gearing up to fight Islam…it’s gearing up to fight weather. Seriously. Ask Chuck Hagel. Weather. Can you nuke a cold front? Can you cluster bomb a drought?

But don’t worry, y’all…We’ve got, Barack. The smartest man in the room. Hailing from…well, we don’t really know…but let’s just say Hawaii for (bleeps) and giggles. Or is it Kenya? Or Indonesia? Or Chicago? Or is he the love child of Bill Ayers and Jane Fonda? I don’t really know. He doesn’t either I don’t think. The man lost all his life data. His IRS chick did too. He does recall hanging out with the radicals at Harvard, but can’t remember any grades he may or may not have received. He just read his copy of Rules for Radicals like any good Luciferian does, and went about organizing up some community action. He’s currently community organizing the Middle East if you’ve noticed. An army in black pj’s and some rad sneakers, has taken up the business of conquest by white pick up truck and some sharp knives. Nobody can stop them of course. Those knives are really dangerous and those trucks have stealth technology. They stolt, yes, I said stolt, that technology from us while the DHS was busy drawing up plans on how to deal with the enormous domestic security threat of America’s biggest enemy – The Honkey Christian.

So, as you can see…it’s busy season in America. We’ve got a lot on the plate, and I’m not just talking about pumpkin spice meatloaf for dinner. Do I have any solutions? I sure don’t. Well I do…but nobody is going to listen. I won’t even say it. I’m a Honkey Christian. Let’s not make it worse.

I guess we’ll just sit back and watch the show. I think on Friday night, the rider on the Pale Horse, Death, is set to battle Hillary Clinton and the ghost of Gaddafi, who of course Hillary, “came, saw and killed that mofo.” Now he’s her ghostly servant. You can watch it on Pay-Per-View. $59.99. Plus services fees. Enjoy.

Gary Abernathy


Conquest, War, Famine, Death

17 May

As it stands here in May 2012, we find ourselves in a most bizarre scenario. What exactly are we headed into? Where do the powers at be wish to take us, and why are they so intent on keeping us out of the decision? The most dangerous man in America, White House Regulatory Czar (unelected and unconstitutional position) Cass Sunstein famously believes that power should “nudge” man where power wants man to go. What we feel right now doesn’t feel so much as a nudge as it does a shove. A push down the stairs is more like it. Why the shift into high gear?

Conquest, war, famine and death. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Have we been nudged that far? Goodness knows I surely hope not, and honestly I don’t think that is the case, but that possibility is certainly coming into focus on the distant horizon. There is no other way to sugarcoat this message. We are in serious, serious, serious trouble. Of all the things I can rattle off as to why, the very most alarming is the fact that nobody that is supposed to tell you that we are, is doing so. The actual structures of modern civilization are literally crumbling before our eyes. Just as improbable as it would seem that two massive towers in New York City could ever come crashing down to the ground by two airplanes and a group of men with box cutters, the world is now under the same distress. The buildings have already been hit, giant holes release fire and smoke, and the only question now remains are we going to be able to save the buildings, or are they coming down?

So why are we not being told the truth? When the Titanic was sinking, the men in charge didn’t say to the passengers that it was just normal fluctuations in the ship and to ridicule the passengers that said it was sinking. No, they screamed to get in the damn lifeboats NOW! Our leaders, our media that we depend on informing us, everyone that should be saying something, is not saying a word. Meanwhile, Europe is imploding, our own economy slips deeper towards an abyss, our freedoms are being ripped away, our constitution not only being ignored, but being spit on and laughed at as tyranny grabs hold, and the populace sits mostly unaware, because Brian Williams didn’t say it was so on NBC’s nightly news. Nevermind that NBC is owned by GE, and that GE might as well be the Grim Reaper himself. Diabolical.

However, it is not only economies that are crumbling. War is building and building quickly. In this article today, I am going to allow writer Jeffrey Nyquist to say it for me. Mr. Nyquist is the most well-connected, well-sourced writer that I know of when it comes to matters of geopolitical conflict. His own article published this past Monday speaks of truth that we are not being told. Unlike myself, he tends to hold back his reactions, and breaks down the drama of what he just wrote into the phrase “A Bumpy Ride.” Uh yeah…to say the least…a bumpy freakin’ ride. He also leaves out a great deal of other things going on, such as the just announced ‘Operation Eager Lion” war games to take place in the Middle East, and war games that have, and continue to go on right here in the United States. As I have written before, the pieces are being assembled all over the globe and we are simply waiting for a spark that will ignite a fire that we have no clue how it will conclude.

I do want to add, before I post the Nyquist article, that despite all of the evidence to the contrary, I increasingly have a very positive feeling about how this is all going to turn out. I can’t explain why I feel that way, or how it could possibly be so, but with every day that passes, I am feeling that those powers at be have extended their hands too far, and we are about to defeat them before they cause their final damage. There is panic in the government halls across the world, and they should be in panic. They are being exposed for who and what they are. However, that makes the situation ever more explosive and dangerous, and only time is going to tell if sanity will once again return to our societies, or if this is indeed the time for horses to ride. Pray. A lot. We need it.

The article this week from J.R. Nyquist from the website of Financial Sense.


Gary Abernathy