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The Four Horsemen vs. Barack Obama

16 Oct


ISIS. Ebola. Stock Market. Global Economics. Iran. Israel. Turkey. Russia. China…oh those wily Chinese. I mean, what am I missing? I’m leaving out plenty. A lesbian mayor going after the Texas pulpits in Houston. Ferguson. Global famine the UN warns. A million people dead of Ebola globally by January, 2015 we are warned. Climate Change? The Pentagon isn’t gearing up to fight Islam…it’s gearing up to fight weather. Seriously. Ask Chuck Hagel. Weather. Can you nuke a cold front? Can you cluster bomb a drought?

But don’t worry, y’all…We’ve got, Barack. The smartest man in the room. Hailing from…well, we don’t really know…but let’s just say Hawaii for (bleeps) and giggles. Or is it Kenya? Or Indonesia? Or Chicago? Or is he the love child of Bill Ayers and Jane Fonda? I don’t really know. He doesn’t either I don’t think. The man lost all his life data. His IRS chick did too. He does recall hanging out with the radicals at Harvard, but can’t remember any grades he may or may not have received. He just read his copy of Rules for Radicals like any good Luciferian does, and went about organizing up some community action. He’s currently community organizing the Middle East if you’ve noticed. An army in black pj’s and some rad sneakers, has taken up the business of conquest by white pick up truck and some sharp knives. Nobody can stop them of course. Those knives are really dangerous and those trucks have stealth technology. They stolt, yes, I said stolt, that technology from us while the DHS was busy drawing up plans on how to deal with the enormous domestic security threat of America’s biggest enemy – The Honkey Christian.

So, as you can see…it’s busy season in America. We’ve got a lot on the plate, and I’m not just talking about pumpkin spice meatloaf for dinner. Do I have any solutions? I sure don’t. Well I do…but nobody is going to listen. I won’t even say it. I’m a Honkey Christian. Let’s not make it worse.

I guess we’ll just sit back and watch the show. I think on Friday night, the rider on the Pale Horse, Death, is set to battle Hillary Clinton and the ghost of Gaddafi, who of course Hillary, “came, saw and killed that mofo.” Now he’s her ghostly servant. You can watch it on Pay-Per-View. $59.99. Plus services fees. Enjoy.

Gary Abernathy


Celebrating the Gulag and Peering Forward into the Future

5 Feb


Recently in Russia, the 75th anniversary of one of the most horrible truths of the 20th century, the Soviet gulag, was not only marked but celebrated. According to the AP http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_RUSSIA_GULAG_PARTY?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2013-02-05-11-43-15 “local officials and prison wardens threw a party honoring the Usolsky camp in the Urals, with music and dancing and speeches by former camp guards.”

How does that make you feel? It makes me literally sick to my stomach and fearful as to the direction not only of our nation, but that the whole world is headed. Millions of people died in the Soviet gulags…brutally…like imagine in your head the worst way your fears think you could die…and then triple them and you start to get even an idea of being in a Soviet Gulag. Who were the people sent to the gulag? Americans…heads up…because the SAME ideology that propelled these camps into existence is the same one over 50% of you embraced this past November, which are the utopian visions of Karl Marx, perverted by Lenin and taken to horrible extremes by Stalin. Something in the pit of my gut tells me that was only the start. Who were in these camps?

Soviet soldiers who were captured by the Nazi’s in World War II were sent to the gulag. “Hundreds of thousands” of them. Sent to war by the “motherland” only to be imprisoned when returning. When one considers how our own “Homeland Security” has been constantly warning about returning vets being “right-wing extremists” one can’t help but peek into the future and wonder. http://www.vdare.com/articles/dhs-report-says-disgruntled-military-veterans-might-be-rightwing-extremists

But the soldiers were not the only targets of the all-powerful government for “re-education.” In the AP article, it is noted that the camp was founded in 1938 , “a year when the NKVD executed hundreds of thousands of people for political crimes and sent millions more to the gulag.” Does anyone ever consider what “political crimes” are to a Marxist government? They are almost anything at all that in any shape, form or fashion doesn’t bring glory to the state. If a person dares to even question the government they are a political criminal. First of all, that is something to celebrate in remembrance? Secondly, consider how in our own nation, the current administration spends vast amounts of time carefully dividing its citizens and labeling the one’s that do not conform as “dangerous extremists.” I am included on that list. A lot of us joke about being “sent to the camps” one day, but when one reads how after all the benefit of open history and looking back and seeing what happened under Marxism in the 20th century, that in 2013 Soviet citizens and even those that participated in the brutality, look back in fondness and righteous feelings for those days, one fears what is in our future.

In today’s headlines even, our Attorney General Eric Holder declared drone strikes on American citizens legal and the White House added that they are “ethical and wise” to do. Who decides who is targeted for these strikes? President Obama. What is the criteria? As far as anyone can tell from the last two NDAA bills that declare the “entire globe a battlefield” the President has carte blanche to declare anyone at all an enemy of the state.

Obviously, we are nowhere near anything at all like the Soviet Union in 1938…yet. But look at the fever pitch of rhetoric after the killings at Sandy Hook towards the 2nd amendment and our entire constitution. Look at the demonization of Americans who dare to stand up for a right that has been an essential staple in our entire existence as a nation. So much so that global outlets such as the New York Times sought to print the names of all gun owners in the city as if they were criminals on the deadbeat dad’s channel or posted sex criminals. THAT IS SCARY. Consider the further and deepening demonization of American citizens by this administration of all opposition against it, and the blind allegiance of most media to oblige the attack on its own people. Those attacks might be labeled “politics as usual” but they are far beyond that. They are turning citizen against citizen, family against family, and friend against friend, and they are setting up a disaster one day. What happens after the next big attack on our soil that every single think tank, defense official or even speculator say is coming with certainty? What if that attack is pinned on a returning “right-wing extremist” veteran? In the aftermath it is not too big of a stretch to imagine the popular call by the media and then the people to safeguard us from these “crazed defects” and just as in 1938, the camps start-up. Think we can’t be rounded up in our homes and thrown in camps? Think we can’t be shot in the back of the head in front of our families? Neither did citizens of Russia and its entire orbit of satellite states making up the Soviet Union, neither did China, neither did Germany, neither did Cuba, neither did Korea, neither did Vietnam, countries all over Central and South America…it goes on and on. When Marxism settles in, the skeletons start to pile up just as in the picture above from a Soviet gulag.

But you say that Americans are more civilized and aren’t capable of such horrors? Oh really? Let us consider Obama friend, Chicago neighbor and political mentor, Bill Ayers, who it is said that Obama’s political career began in his living room. This is an interview, not from Joe’s fly-by-night grainy video news, but from CBS NEWS in the 1980’s speaking with a FBI agent who was undercover in the Bill Ayer’s terrorist group bent on overthrowing America. Watch and listen to this carefully, listen to the plans after the government take over, and consider that MANY in the administration have close ties to Bill Ayers, up to and including Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

If you noticed, the key responsibility in the eyes of the planners was to protect against the “counter-revolution.” They estimated they would kill 25 million Americans to do this. These were not street thugs planning a wild scheme. These were Ivy League elites, the same kind and in some cases the SAME PEOPLE, in charge of this nation right now. Can you honestly say it can’t happen here when it was already highly schemed to happen just that way?

Going back to the AP article and the celebration of the Usolsky camp, it said that “10,000-30,000” prisoners were kept in the camp at any given time, including those convicted of “counter-revolutionary activity” and other political crimes. This was one of many camps that did and held the same.

When describing the “honorable” work the gulag did at that time, the guard said “what bravery its directors displayed over that time, so that the institution could stand tall and successfully complete its production and social tasks.” When you study the picture I posted above of the Soviet guard posing in front of a huge pile of dead remains, consider that he was not sickened or even taken aback…he was proud of what his government was doing to rid itself of those who wouldn’t go along to get along. Look at it carefully, because if we continue to display the apathy and blindness towards what is happening directly in front of our noses, not only will it one day be my skeleton in a pile like that, it very well could be yours too. Will you shrink from history and let it swallow you in fear, or will you stand up while you still can and defend our constitution and engage in the ongoing battle for “hearts and minds” that is raging in every segment of society? Precious little time is left.

Gary Abernathy