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The Four Horsemen vs. Barack Obama

16 Oct


ISIS. Ebola. Stock Market. Global Economics. Iran. Israel. Turkey. Russia. China…oh those wily Chinese. I mean, what am I missing? I’m leaving out plenty. A lesbian mayor going after the Texas pulpits in Houston. Ferguson. Global famine the UN warns. A million people dead of Ebola globally by January, 2015 we are warned. Climate Change? The Pentagon isn’t gearing up to fight Islam…it’s gearing up to fight weather. Seriously. Ask Chuck Hagel. Weather. Can you nuke a cold front? Can you cluster bomb a drought?

But don’t worry, y’all…We’ve got, Barack. The smartest man in the room. Hailing from…well, we don’t really know…but let’s just say Hawaii for (bleeps) and giggles. Or is it Kenya? Or Indonesia? Or Chicago? Or is he the love child of Bill Ayers and Jane Fonda? I don’t really know. He doesn’t either I don’t think. The man lost all his life data. His IRS chick did too. He does recall hanging out with the radicals at Harvard, but can’t remember any grades he may or may not have received. He just read his copy of Rules for Radicals like any good Luciferian does, and went about organizing up some community action. He’s currently community organizing the Middle East if you’ve noticed. An army in black pj’s and some rad sneakers, has taken up the business of conquest by white pick up truck and some sharp knives. Nobody can stop them of course. Those knives are really dangerous and those trucks have stealth technology. They stolt, yes, I said stolt, that technology from us while the DHS was busy drawing up plans on how to deal with the enormous domestic security threat of America’s biggest enemy – The Honkey Christian.

So, as you can see…it’s busy season in America. We’ve got a lot on the plate, and I’m not just talking about pumpkin spice meatloaf for dinner. Do I have any solutions? I sure don’t. Well I do…but nobody is going to listen. I won’t even say it. I’m a Honkey Christian. Let’s not make it worse.

I guess we’ll just sit back and watch the show. I think on Friday night, the rider on the Pale Horse, Death, is set to battle Hillary Clinton and the ghost of Gaddafi, who of course Hillary, “came, saw and killed that mofo.” Now he’s her ghostly servant. You can watch it on Pay-Per-View. $59.99. Plus services fees. Enjoy.

Gary Abernathy


The Battle for America

11 Apr


President Barack Obama said “we will fundamentally transform America.” Vice-President Joe Biden said just days ago that a New World Order where “China and Mongolia must prosper” must be formed. The smily VP failed to mention anything about the nation he is sworn by oath to serve prospering. Instead, he implied that we as a nation must be brought down so that others come up. There is not a single aspect of American culture and life that is not under immense attack in the year 2013. A great change is taking place, but where does this change take us? What needed to be changed? Plenty is wrong with our nation that needs fundamentally changed, but the system of government and the culture are not on that list. What needs changing is the same battle that was fought to begin with, which was the overthrow of tyrannical rule over America. This time by mega-sized global corporations, the world’s banking cartels and the vastly corrupted politically elite class that does their bidding. My fellow citizens, you think we are fighting Barack Obama? You think we are fighting George Bush? Dick Cheney? Liberalism? Conservatives? No, you are fighting something far greater, far more sinister, and it is a foe that leaves no “winners” in America, no matter what side you think you are on. Some think that if they kill off gay marriage the nation will be saved. Others think that if we rid ourselves of God in our culture we can progress forward. Still more think that if that ol evil whitey and his Christian white families are destroyed there will be real freedom for all. There is no end to the battles being fought among ourselves, by design mind you, while the real battle goes forward nearly completely unimpeded. We are losing and almost finished. In historical terms, we are in Valley Forge right now. The winter’s cold is killing off what is left of us and our will to fight nearly extinguished. The path to victory requires a great bravery, not of one man such as George Washington crossing the Delaware, but of a mass of Washington’s this time. Are there enough still with eyes remaining to see and ears to hear? Just what exactly are we fighting for anyway? What the hell is America?

To answer that correctly would require a series of lengthy books. I have a blog and need to keep it reasonably short enough so that my attention-span deprived reader might hang in there with me. That is not an insult to any reader, for I include myself in the same boat, because we have been trained to not be able to pay attention to anything of substance for any serious period of time. Yet, I will try to point out what we should fight for in a brief explanation.

From the very start America has been a contradiction between strong-willed, rugged individual freedom vs. corrupting greed manifested into controlling tyrannical power. Most of us, left, right and center, consider ourselves on the side of the good guys. The word freedom is claimed by all. We are all wrong. The left and the right are both controlled by the same people, and the center is where we all go looking for something that remotely makes sense. That is where we find the lies we are sold in order to keep up our delusion that we are indeed on the side of the good guys. Once the lie is purchased with our belief, either extreme goes about doing what they were going to do anyway for whichever particular purpose required in that case, and we move just that much closer to defeat. So, exactly who is pulling these puppet strings? Who has been pulling America’s strings from the beginning? What was it that we shook off to create such a place despite the odds against it? For throughout human history, man has never been free to rule himself. Except here in America. Do you actually believe the remaining power brokers in the world like/liked that about us? That their own people saw the shining city on the hill and flocked to it risking everything to get here? No, they didn’t/don’t and have been subverting the process for as long as we have been trying to build it.

When John Smith settled Jamestown the first rule was “he that will not work shall not eat.” That was America. We are all in this together. We are not going to be weak, we are not going to shrivel up in fear, and we are not going to pull the weight of those that refuse to share equally in the burden. Those who want to settle here and work in common purpose, we share equally in the bounty. If you want to take without giving, if you want to place yourself above the cause, you are not welcome and will die here. In many ways, it was the ultimate COLLECTIVE mindset, only in reverse of what Marxism and communism degraded it to. What we saw in the 20th century and today is a bastard version of the collective spirit those first settlers came with. Today we are taught that we should be weak, we should be fearful and that the burden belongs to our masters who will take it for us. Sit back, be ignorant, and die quietly. The bounty to be shared among a few deemed worthy by a few. This is the direction we are being pulled.

So who founded America? Who is to blame for all the evil we are told America wrought? Europe. Specifically England, France and Spain. When a proud American speaks of their country fondly, what is the first argument used to refute their admiration? Slavery. Who brought slavery? Who benefitted? Europe. Who threw it away in less than 100 years once the tyranny of Europe was defeated? America. That is not taught in history classes in America anymore. It was the rich, white and evil American founders that created slavery. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Franklin. Evil men. Evil intentions. That is the greatest lie sold by the enemies of America. It was the Europeans that ruthlessly gathered up human beings on the African coast and shipped them across the Atlantic to the Americas. It was the Europeans that set up the triangular slave trade routes, and it was the Europeans that reaped all the benefits. The Europeans in the “new world” of the northeast colonies and the Europeans in England. The south? The south was where the fertile farmland was, the people kept ignorant and the slaves owned by few, who not only ruled over their plantations but over the surrounding population as well. They sent the criminals and dregs of society to the south when the colonies were being formed. Why? Because they could be controlled easier by the intellectual elite of the northern colonies. Georgia and the Carolinas were where these bodies were sent to settle. My own family draws its heritage from two brothers that were captured poaching on royal land in England. A crime normally punishable by death. Yet, needing volunteers to settle the colonies, they were given the option to take their families to Carolina. Obviously, they chose the latter option. Slavery was a thousands year old tool of commerce to the Europeans and never was an American ideal.


What did the settlers want? What is at the heart of why we fought a revolution for independence? They just wanted a chance to live a life free from the shackles of imposed unfair rule from European monarchies. A chance to live life the way they thought was best, and to benefit based on their own merits and work ethic. Many came for religious freedom to worship God in their own ways. Many came because they had no other choice in life. Some came for adventure and some came for opportunity. The evils that followed from Europe were imported and once independence was gained, the people of the colonies put together the most brilliant documents in the history of mankind to make SURE that those evils would have nowhere to flourish in this new nation. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The only way America could ever lose herself would be if the people themselves decided it to be so. The “battle” for America ever since has been to get her to do just that.

The 1800’s, America’s first full century, were when America began to create her own triumphs and own evils. Freedom and mass prosperity vs. greed and consolidated power. All of these battles, whether it be slavery, westward expansion, the war against Native Americans, or the consolidation of financial power that raged into the next century, shaped the future that we live in now. The good guys, the American spirit of personal freedom to rule over himself with rights given to us by a non-specific God, and not some cabal of powerful men, slowly but surely have been losing over the decades. In the year 2013, we are so deflated from that original, wonderful spirit, we deemed the 21st century the “Chinese Century” and our leaders tell us that we must help them prosper. America is once again headed back to colonialism. Europe wants her share back, China wants our resources, and the rest of the world just wants us out-of-the-way so they can terrorize their people the way they always have, with nowhere for them left to run to. We are being broken down. We are told our documents were evil and for the benefit of the rich white man. We are told we must give them up and we must obey. In other words, we are right back to square one.

So who are you? It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, an atheist, a Jew, a communist, a socialist, a witch, a homosexual or a Muslim. If you are here in America to be free to be just those things and millions more, without imposing them by force unto the others, and if you are here to pull your own weight and reap your own benefits, then you are an American. Give me liberty or give me death. That is America. We need laws. We need rules. They can be adjusted and formed over the years, and cultural changes that cause abuses can be corrected, but the one thing we can simply never allow…is for our “precious documents” to be degraded and shred. That is the end game. We must recognize the threat and we must engage in this war that so far has been one-sided and devastating. All of us should own a flag that says “don’t tread on me” and not just one singled-out segment of the population. For if you are an American, that should be the first damn thing out of your mouth.

We can create a society and a community that is as close to heaven on earth as humans can come, but first we must recognize who we are. We must own up to what we have done, or allowed done, and we must condemn those responsible. The greatest “sleeping giant” in world history is the American people. The greatest fear to the tiny elite of the world? If God forbid that sleeping giant ever wakes up. Wake up. Today.

Gary Abernathy



I Should Have Known The 21st Century Was Going To Be Trouble…

15 Jan


Soooooo….about last year…yeah…I was wrong about a lot things as it turned out. Namely, that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in the fiery pits of Lucifer‘s domain that America would reelect Barack Hussein Obama to another 4 years of digging our grave for us. I mean, I was really, really, really wrong. Still stinging on that one I’m not gonna lie. A great deal of my life was invested in making sure that did not happen. Jeepers…so where do we and this blog go from there?  Well, I have a few ideas always up my sleeve…though apparently I suck at forecasting, I have a long history behind me and I can write a little bit. Time to change directions and go backwards in order to move forward.

At least for a little while, I’m going to move this forum to what I first intended it to be…a place for me to write whatever the hell I feel like writing, which usually covers a wide spectrum of random subjects,  mixing humor, deep thought and a pondering mind. In doing that, I will be tapping into old memories and stories in my noggin’ and use them to help sort out exactly how it all wound up where it is now.

The 21st century for me personally started off like a freaking Stephen King novel, but then afterwards settled into the best years of my entire life so far. For the nation however, it started off great with the fact that Y2K was as much hooey as the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 was, but then was quickly torn asunder on September 11th, 2001. When things started going well for me in 2000, I should have known things were going to get dicey for the United States. It always works that way. Scientifically proven. I was born in the 60’s (1966 to be exact) so we won’t count that in this equation, because who knows if life is going well as an infant/toddler. As long as nobody is beating on you and you’re being fed, life is grand. Plus, I kissed my first girl at age 4. Laurie Newsome from next door, my best friend at the time. We hid in the storage room of my house. That was 1970, and the rest of the 70’s went great for me, but the nation, the nation was a mess. I couldn’t stand the 1980’s though nor the 1990’s. I had great friends, a lot of fun for the most part, but my family was tearing apart at the seams, my mom had completely changed, and I personally was as lost as I could possibly be. Yet, the country was booming for most of both those decades, give or take a few spans. So when I woke up on January 1st, 2000 after the night I had just had, I thought things were going to go great for the country and continue sour for me. I was dead wrong. But let’s look back at that.

It was December 31st, 1999 in Charlotte, NC. The last day of the 20th century so obviously a monumental occasion. My wife and I were a young 33 years old and had a daughter who was 1 1/2 years old. We were set to have a party that night at our house and it was to be huge. All of our favorite friends, our neighbors, and some family…and our 1 1/2 year old. My brother was even going to camp out in a tent in our front yard, which he did. I still don’t get that one, but it was his intent and he followed through with it. It was a circus atmosphere just the way I like it.

Now, being a person that likes symbolism and hidden meanings behind things, on special occasions more times than not I’m very choosy about what my attire is going to be. I want it to be something I will keep a long time and always remember that moment. For instance, this past New Year’s Eve after the election and feeling like an island in life dismayed at the thought enough people are out there that would actually vote for their own demise, I wore a black and gray long sleeve tee that I often wear on stage during performance (drummer), that reads “One man against the world.” That is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  This particular New Year’s Eve 1999 I had purchased 2 months in advance the shirt I was going to wear. It didn’t really say anything…I just really liked the shirt and how I looked in it, and I wanted my wife to find me attractive moving into a new century. Nothing worse than kissing someone at the stroke of a century and saying to yourself, “damn, I have to move into the future with that?” So, that was my purpose that year. Not to be ugly. People were filing in, the drinks were starting to pop, food was being served, music was playing…it was going to be a magical night. But there was an issue. Our young daughter wasn’t feeling well. My wife asked me to hold her while she was going to give her some medicine. I scoop my beautiful blonde haired daughter into my arms and sit down in one of our new chairs purchased at Rooms-To-Go that I think we still aren’t paying for…remember those days? “Buy a whole room and no payments until June 2055.” I’ll take those odds that I’m going to have the cash to pay for it by then. We got hooked up. Baby and Daddy sit. New shirt on. Spew. I mean, seriously…spew. All over the shirt that was to make me attractive to my wife. So much for that. Any parent knows exactly what I mean…babies can really puke. I changed to option 2 in the shirt choices.

I was little unnerved, but I still looked pretty good and I was still in a good mood. It’s just a shirt, right? Well, that same scene played itself out 3 more times in the span of the next 2 hours. Every single time I picked up my daughter, she would throw up on me. Nobody else. My wife could sling her all over the room with one arm and a drink in her hand, but if I so much as got near her, boom, another shirt down. True story. By the time she had settled down and fallen asleep, I was down to an emergency shirt. One of those in your closet that sometimes you like and sometimes you don’t, but mostly just wear it so you don’t go around wearing the same things every week. I looked like crap and I was starting to not feel well either. I kept that part to myself, but looking back at pics, I can see the white in my face. My first day of 2000 was not going to be fun.

The rest of the night went great because lots of alcohol cures any worries about vanity and shirts. Midnight came, the world didn’t shut down, my wife still kissed me and loved me even if I was in a horrendous shirt. Then 3 am came. If I’m ever that sick again in my life, just go ahead and put me down like Old Yeller. Whatever form of Ebola my young delightful baby girl was blowing out on me earlier that night had crawled inside me with a deep, dark vengeance. I woke up, buck naked mind you (it was New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 give me a break), and everything that could possibly be inside me started the process of not being inside me anymore. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but it was a horror show. I would lay on the cold tile floor in-between shivering, dehydrated and done for. That lasted a good 6 hours. By the time I struggled to my feet, I left our room and looked down below to the living room where a mass of bodies covered the landscape. Some on the couch, some on the floor, some under tables, and one outside in a tent. Oh it was a scene.

That is how the 21st century started for me. Near death with Ebola and a bunch of drunk friends all over my otherwise beautiful home. I don’t think I drew it up that way when I was a kid and would count up to see how old I would be in 2000. 4 months after that, my Mom would pass away. That is another story for another day, but suffice it to say, going by the scientifically proven formula, the new century looked very promising for America and rather crappy for me.

But a funny thing happened after my Mom’s funeral. Things started going my way in a big fashion. All that had occurred had lit a fire inside me. It was turning point for me that day on April 11th, 2000 when we buried my mother. If there is ever a point when you know you are “born again” that was it for me. Like a butterfly (I’m not as pretty as a butterfly but it’s just an analogy) emerging from the cocoon, my new life started that day. I can sit here and tell you today that I don’t even remember much about that other guy who used to occupy this body. I do know that he is long gone, and he was a pretty good guy, but his replacement is a much improved version. Life was much better and still is for me, so by now you can guess that it is my fault we find ourselves where we are in America in 2013.

I should have known the 21st century was going to be trouble the moment that big smile broke out on my face…

Gary Wayne Abernathy

WWIII – On the Brink

16 Sep

At the time that I write this (Sunday September 16th, 2012), it is being reported that “battleships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and submarines from 25 nations” are converging on the Persian Gulf, and more specifically the Straights of Hormuz. Be warned that the source of this information is well-known for hyping the drums of war. Yet, the facts are true in this case no matter what the actual purpose is. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/9545597/Armada-of-British-naval-power-massing-in-the-Gulf-as-Israel-prepares-an-Iran-strike.html

Massive war games have been planned in the Gulf for several months now, and were the cause of a major breakdown in Israel/US relations this month when President Obama announced that he was dramatically scaling down United States participation from the original numbers. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/159503  On the surface, any logical person that isn’t interested in seeing World War 3 begin, would say “whew,” that is a wise move. This entire situation with Iran is a very, very tricky deal. If you both do not wish to see the United States involved in another war, especially one as explosive as this, yet you 100% support Israel as I do and the United States does by official declaration, then you really do not have a lot of options to grab on to regarding this.

However, as the past 2 weeks have played out, we have seen startling and unexpected events take place on several different fronts. The biggest of which was the attack on our embassy in Libya resulting in the death of 4 US citizens. Our Egyptian embassy was also attacked, and to this point, the anti-US protests have spread to 21 different nations. This is a very big deal and connected to an entirely different piece of the overall puzzle, but nonetheless is important to list here. Secondly, President Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Barack Obama of the United States have been involved in a very nasty war of words over what to do and when to do it regarding Iran. The back and forth has been so well-documented, so much played out on the world stage, that it has to make any person that knows how both countries operate question whether it is actually authentic. Real disputes between allies never usually see the light of day until they are de-classified long into the future. Finally, we have the information from today that states that 25 different nations are going to participate in this Persian Gulf training exercise. That is total shock news as far as I’m concerned. There is no other word to describe it other than coalition. A massive coalition against Iran is being unveiled that I personally wasn’t aware existed. That is great news and horrible news at the same time, and when one ties it back to the public feud between Netanyahu and Obama, one then starts to get the uneasy feeling we are sitting right on the brink of global war.

From this point forward I am giving you my opinion, and it can certainly be wrong, yet I’m going to give it because I feel it is probably at least close to the reality of the situation. The protests going on are mostly a smokescreen, but they are also real and tied to the Soros Open Borders crowd. That is another article for another day, but it does play into the overall theme here of it might be “green light” time with Iran. The United States desperately does not want to be the instigator in this war. If we can avoid being in the conflict at all, that would be even better. However, that is next to impossible unless Israel is going to go nuclear. They aren’t, so in that case, the United States must be involved for it to have any change of success. In my opinion what we are seeing is grand theatre with this ongoing feud between Israel and the US administration. When Israel strikes, the US wants to have a viable excuse to say “we didn’t do anything and told them not to do it either.” Iran will not buy it and will strike American targets and economic interests. That then will ‘force’ us into the conflict. I am not going to go into detail what happens after that, because the title of this article implies it. What I did not expect, was to see a 25 nation coalition united in this cause. That worries me. For nations to enter battle in this day and age, first you need a rock-solid case as to why (Iran attacked us) and you need a large coalition of nations that agree with you and say they will assist (apparently that now exists). When you get those two things, war always follows.

So giving the facts on the ground, and what they might all mean, are we sitting on the brink of World War 3? Are we about to turn on our tv’s any moment now to hear explosions are being heard at strategic points inside Iran? I honestly do not know, but I feel like we are as close to that moment as we have ever been. This is Cuban Missile Crisis time. May God help us all.

Gary Abernathy

Super Happy Positive Smiling Things

6 Jun

So yeah…There are a couple of things at play here in this post today. One: Your writer is basically in vacation mode until mid-August. Two: A new scientific study was released that said too much exercise is actually bad for your heart, and that laughter and a positive attitude makes for a longer life. Coolness, because I suck eggs at exercising, and for darn sure am not getting too much of it, as evidenced by my daughter telling me this morning that I was “plump.” However, a sense of humor I most certainly possess, and now if I can work on my positivity, I might actually survive a few more years, despite all the abuse of my body for 45 years, and the disturbing fact that some of y’all reading this blog take exception to my outlook from time to time, and threaten to whack-a-Gary.

Now that we have established our new game plan, I would like to present to you the new geopolitical outlook as seen from the eyes of a super, happy, positive and big smiling Gary. Keep in mind that nothing bad can happen ever. Only bunnies and sunshine.

* World War 3 may actually happen, because like, it is all set up and people are ready to start killing each other in big numbers, BUT…that will just make for less traffic congestion in the end right? Heck, no traffic actually…nobody will be here. Elbow room. Check.

* Europe is most likely going to come crashing down creating a global financial meltdown, BUT….Aren’t we all sick of having stuff and money to do fun things with? So annoying having a fun life because there is money to be made and spent. A global depression will teach us all a good lesson in the super fun of looking for rats to eat. Takes a man to eat a rat. Fun. Check.

* Barack Obama is an out-of-control having no clue what he is doing maniac, and even Bill Clinton says so, but he isn’t a communist seed planted amongst us to bring down the United States from the highest office in the land. Nah. B-Diddy is a red, white and blue Christian American who spews the ideals of George Washington every time he has a thought. He ain’t no usurper, and if you say he is, well…curtains for you fella. Think up! Think forward! Go B Go! Check.

* George Soros…ohhhhh Georgie Boy…how I love you so. Yes, he IS the most dangerous man on planet earth, and he really does work directly for the office of Lucifer, BUT….come on now, look at him…he’s our universal Grandpa. Loveable old coot with some money to pass out. So generous that yesterday it came out that he poured $400 million into education in America to make sure that our youth grow up thinking that his Satanic Open Borders Society will one day soon become reality, and George can die peacefully knowing that his inner demon, so angry and so hurt from whatever happened to him as a child, destroyed the earth as we know it. I mean really…although it is going to really suck for us all especially in America because he truly hates us…we have to give the guy kudos for the effort. All of those movies made when the evil mastermind gets SO close only to lose in the end? George will have finally become the one that broke through! Good job George! You can do it if you really try! Check.

* I could go on…but really…what is the point? I have a bucket of rainbows to go pour out over humanity, and I can’t be bothered with all of this. Ima put on my rose-colored glasses now and just be comforted by knowing that if I think nothing exists that does exist, that it will all just go away…me likey that way of thinking! Mortgage? Poof…gone! Personal debt? Poof…el goneo! Unlimited funds to do anything I please? Here ya go Mr. Gary…and may I bring you a drink? Check.

Gary Abernathy…you super, happy, positive smiling love bunny

May Day! Why Occupy Wall Street is Set for Epic Failure

26 Apr

The day of May 1st is no accident. The historical precedent of the date is the symbol of the battle between communism and capitalism. http://www.managementparadise.com/forums/articles/2561-historical-significance-may-day-celebrations.html

Somehow, that fact seems to escape the memories of most of the United States population too distracted by their own blind weakness to pay attention to the danger surrounding their own home. With the 1st of May now just days away, we are looking down the barrel at the start of what forces in this nation all the way up to the man sitting in the Oval Office plan to ignite into a global revolution. This is it, the climax to over 100 years of struggle between two opposing ideologies. In America, the tip of the spear is the George Soros created and funded false movement given the name of Occupy Wall Street. Lying dormant since last Fall, Occupy Wall Street led by usurper Obama sidekick Van Jones intends to push back into our ‘collective’ lives in a massive way on May 1st. 2012. Enlisting stars of music and film, and training an army of 100,000 activists, Van Jones debuts his act in just a few days. http://independentfilmnewsandmedia.com/occupy-hollywood-stars-turn-van-jones-occupy/

The “99% Spring” will attempt to do in America what they accomplished in the “Arab Spring” last year. That is, create so much havoc and chaos, that President Obama will be forced to respond with a bloody crackdown, and in the process, laws and executive orders ALREADY SIGNED AND IN PLACE, can be enacted that will finish off the “transformation” of the United States with liberty exiting the door for the final time for humanity. Very few in this country realize what President Obama, Cass Sunstein, Valerie Jarrett, and the whole cast of characters in the White House have really been doing these past 3 1/2 years. It all comes down to this moment. This is a communist coup attempt on the United States of America. A backwards coup if you will, because it has been built from the top down for many decades now. One could very realistically argue that the first shot fired in the coup was when President Kennedy, fresh from warning the American press about just this shadowy danger, was shot in the head in his motorcade in Dallas, Texas with his wife beside him. From that moment forward, starting with President Lyndon Johnson and his continuation of the marxist policies that began with  Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the revolution began implementing the structural pieces that have led to this moment. Sidetracked on occasion, but never retracted, each piece, each executive order being continued, the United States is actually already conquered. Liberties we think we still have, rights we believe are permanent, are actually no more than illusions at this point. The NDAA bill passed earlier this year finished off the last of what was left. President Obama RIGHT NOW has at his disposal, with the entire world (including the US) declared a battlefield, the legal authority to order just about anything done that he can possibly dream of. http://www.aclu.org/national-security/president-obama-signs-indefinite-detention-bill-law.

This reverse coup is a 3-pronged attack. The 99% Spring is one forward column. The 2nd column is the ongoing attempt to create not only a racial divide in the country, but bring it to a violent boil far outside containment. The exploitation of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair by the usual race baiters, and the New Black Panther Party, is supposed to be the fuel to ignite the explosion. The overall vision is to recreate the Summer of 1968, except this time, take it much further to the point that our poor little President must act to save the country. His acts will be to implement all of those structural pieces ready and waiting for his command.

The 3rd column is economically. The nuclear weapon to finish us off. The vision foresees America post riot stage, locked down and silenced into complete fear (I for absolute certain will not be able to write things that I am writing now) and after the election, the bottom falls out from the seat of capitalism. “See, we told you it was a failed system.” The solution is already in place and ready to save the world from the calamity they are about to put us through. The Global Marxist Revolution so long in the works, finally come to fruition. This is the vision, as freakishly wild and paranoid as it seems to even write it. Colluding with all of the enemies of America to bring it about, most notably, Russia, China and radical Islam. The spoils to be divided up post the collapse of America.

Yet, visions are just that…visions. Not reality. It must first work. The good news? The hope? I think they have set themselves up for the most epic political failure in world history, and if it works the way I think it will, communism will FINALLY crawl away and die the wretched death it has long deserved. I am being optimistic, because I have no other choice in the matter at this point. Here is why I believe they are going to fail.

Starting with the 2nd column, the race war. There is no realistic basis to ignite this war the way they would like for it to do. In 1968, there were REAL civil rights issues and deep hatred. The divide between white and black was deep and filled with hate. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s was a very real and very important part of American history. The Soviet Union, and the forces of Marxism most certainly exploited the issue to their advantage, especially in future legislation to their favor, but the feelings and the cause were real and organic. Those feelings simply do not exist widespread in the year 2012. There is no Martin Luther King. No Malcolm X. There are only false prophets like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, all long exposed as frauds and seen by most as rodeo clowns. Louis Farrakhan has been given a national stage in the coming 99% Spring. Snoop Dogg, enlisted by Van Jones, recently declared the Nation of Islam leader his go-to guy in matters of civil rights. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/01/snoop-dogg-ti-praise-loui_n_170909.html

Do you know that the Nation of Islam believes the white man was created in a laboratory by a mad scientist to wreak havoc on the world? They do. It is at the top of their doctrine. Snoop Dogg apparently believes that too as he sells millions of records to white lab rats. Total and complete bulls$it. The irony to that, Snoop Dogg gives Farrakhan a legitimacy with the youth because of his massive popularity and drug/gang culture fame, while a normal honky middle-class Dad of 2 like me, all of us created in a lab, are considered insane for pointing out the whole damn thing. It will make a great movie one day. There is no merit to this attempted race war, and most of the good folks they are trying to rile up, know it. Bad things, unnecessary things, are going to happen, such as the white man in Alabama recently beat to a pulp by a mob of blacks emboldened by the baiting of the aforementioned rodeo clowns, and their media accomplices. http://news.yahoo.com/alabama-man-beaten-allegedly-name-trayvon-martin-174400726.html

But a race war? Simply not going to happen. IF if were to get out of control, woe to the one’s exploited to fight it. American citizens are armed to the teeth, and gun sales are through the roof. It is not even close to being a fair fight, and those on the side of being called on to be attacked, are fully prepared for any such event. This is not 1968 and white and black do not hate each other in 9/10 cases. Fail.

Now the 1st column of the attack. Occupy Wall Street. The vision is the Summer of 2012 to be filled with massive protests in every major city in the country. The youth of the nation, fed up with student loans and partisan politics, will rise up in enormous numbers to demand change, in the name of socialism, communism and anarchy. ANY system but capitalism is what they will want. The problem is, the numbers simply aren’t there. Van Jones is training 100,000, but in reality knowing how these people operate, 20,000 or so of those actually may be worth a damn for their cause. The other 80,000 simply wasting space, and I am highly suspect of that number to begin with. That is media hype. My guess, 10,000 bodies, and 200 maybe worthy of leadership and effectiveness. They ARE richly funded however, mainly by the deep pockets of George Soros, as he goes about the business end working on the 3rd column. With that much money to play with, Occupy will at least APPEAR to have effectiveness. However, their reputation was so soiled last year with the rapes, murders, and all-around disgusting behavior of the movement, that they have lost the respect of the public, if they ever had any to begin with. Most now see it for exactly what it is, which is a manufactured movement created by the left to do the exact things I have stated. Americans, dumb as we are, know a fool when we see one, and Van Jones is the ultimate lying fool. He can not lead like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. He can play at it, but he isn’t real. Beneath the suit and the funny speeches (the guy IS fun to listen to I give him that much), is nothing more than a disgruntled ex-convict given new life by communists in Oakland back in the day. Much like the Nation of Islam plucked the charismatic Malcolm X out of prison and molded him into a white-hating mouth machine, Valerie Jarrett and the gang have done the same with Van Jones. The difference is, Malcolm eventually figured out that the Nation of Islam was full of (bleep) and bolted out on his own with a much more positive, and helpful message. What did Farrakhan and the boys do to him because of it? They shot him over and over in front of his wife and children for all the world to see. Van Jones won’t make that mistake, but he will always been known as the fraud he is. Occupy is going to make a lot of noise, but the “99% Spring” is going to be a total dud. A big loud expensive dud.

The 3rd column? The nuclear weapon? That is a much more real and bigger problem. The debt bomb is set to explode and there really isn’t much anyone can do to stop it. President Obama, with the one power he does not have yet, which is to prevent the election from happening, is going to lose badly this November. He is going to lose because of the economy. He should lose because he is the biggest enemy to America we have ever seen in our young history. But that is not why he will, because the American people do not want to believe that. He is going to lose very badly because the other 2 columns are doomed to fail, and the economy is sitting squarely at his feet. It belongs to him and there is no chance he can overcome it. Mitt Romney is going to have a massive mandate to get America back to work and get the economy growing. He is just the man to do just that. It is going to take time, but from day 1, things will instantly begin to improve. We are saddled with a debt burden that is going to last for multiple generations if not forever, but we do not have to collapse. We only collapse if we allow columns 1 and 2 to win. Then we go about the business of wiping away every single bit of damage Obama has inflicted on this nation, beginning with Obamacare. It is gone. All of his crap…gone…and no other communist is ever going to find his way into the White House again. Too many of us now will be standing in the way, and we will not forget. Ever. We will teach it to our children, and they will teach it to their children. The example of Barack Obama to live in infamy as America’s greatest traitor. Move aside Benedict Arnold.

That is my optimistic opinion. If I am wrong, a year from now I will no longer be writing this blog. I will no longer be writing anything. Yet, I find hope in the beliefs of famous marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. He correctly believed that no revolution can ever succeed without an armed struggle. It can not be done in stealth. Say what you are, say what you are fighting for, and then give your life for it. This band of American revolutionaries hide in the shadows. They mask themselves in the clothes of something else we find more appetizing. They change words and change meanings. They attack from a position of weakness, because that is what they are. Weak of spirit and weak of heart. Che Guevara never had a single drop of weakness in his body. His heart was pure for his cause and he lived it 100%. He was a cold-blooded murderer and a totalitarian dreaming nightmare to the people of Cuba, Africa and Central America, but he was REAL. Now tell me, when you look at Barack Obama, do you see anything at all real in the man? Anything resembling conviction? He can’t even hand you a real birth certificate. Can’t show you real school records? People that knew him seem to disappear. Obama is a facade, and facades do not win wars. The revolution is coming and it is going to fail, and these people are going to scatter into the wind like yesterday’s news, as the sun will rise on a free capitalist America once again. Now, let’s watch it all play out starting May 1st. 2012. I will let President John F. Kennedy say it for me, and YOU should listen.


Gary Abernathy

Big Oil and Obama: Games People Play

16 Mar

It is called “controlling the conversation.” That is the game in America, and he who controls the conversation controls the direction of the nation. President Obama, and more specifically, the radical enemies of America behind him, are in complete control of the conversation. So what direction are they taking us? Sometimes images say so much more than mere words. The following photos will do just that.

Both of the photos represent the direction President Obama, the Progressives and most importantly, the Kings of the future New World Order are taking America. The first picture is of Detroit, Michigan. At one time, America’s most thriving city. An icon of the industrial revolution. After several decades of hardcore “progressive” rule it is nothing more than a shambles of its former self. Only Ford remains as a viable entity still worthy of the former greatness of the city. But ssssshhhh…don’t tell anyone…the Ford Foundation is the main culprit for the condition of the city in 2012. But that’s a secret…so ssshhh. The Ford name can’t be tarnished ya know. GM is now known, not with affection, as Government Motors, and its highest priority is making a terrible car that nobody wants and catches on fire randomly (the Volt). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/26/chevy-volt-battery-fire-electric-car-general-motors_n_1114193.html

Chrysler? Owned by Italian automaker Fiat. Didn’t know that? Uhhhh yeah…the ITALIANS…not exactly known for their innovation in manufacturing…bought one of America’s iconic auto makers at fire sell price a few years back. Detroit is the model for the rest of the nation to look at and say “we are next.”

The 2nd photo is a rare glimpse inside North Korea. Looks pretty much the same as Detroit to me. South Korea by comparison, is one of the most modern incredible nations on earth now. Giant cities with modern infrastructure and booming prosperity…kinda like Detroit used to be. But don’t worry about looking at South Korea. That is not your future. North Korea is the future of America. Of course it doesn’t have to be, but those controlling the conversation have deemed it to be. The future world will revolve around the East, not the West, and America is destined for bondage. Doesn’t that sound fun? Thanks George Soros.

So here in March, 2012, as the nation is quite distracted talking about big meanie Rush Limbaugh and the bad words he said to that poor little college student who can’t afford contraception and wants her religious university to pay for it (She is a 30-year-old paid Democratic operative/activist…they forget to tell you that part), those controlling the conversation are quite busy stabbing knives ever deeper into the back of America. See that eagle crying up there? He just got jacked from behind…thus the tears.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama announced this week that both nations are going to tap the strategic emergency oil reserves of their respective nations. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/15/united-states-britain-oil-reserves_n_1347816.html

This will be done to “ease prices at the pump” they say. I’m sure you’ve noticed they are sliding upwards every single day. Closing in on $4 per gallon national average. That’s awesome B. Give us more Daddy. For Obama, this will mark the SECOND time he has tapped our emergency reserves for this reason. For one thing, it does nothing except maybe lower the prices a few cents for a few weeks. As soon as somebody says Iran they will shoot right back up and higher. What it DOES do is drain ever more the vital strategic reserves needed for this nation for EMERGENCIES…ohhh like say…I don’t know…Iran shutting down the Straights of Hormuz? That is a distinct possibility in the coming months, but let’s go ahead and drain those reserves now…for the second time mind you. The title is national strategic emergency oil reserves for a reason. Strategy against a surprise event or natural disaster. Not for political gain of a few weeks of slightly lower gas prices. But ok…I guess there is a MAJOR shortage of oil and if we release some of America’s on the market it will help calm things down. There is a major shortage right? Wait…what? There isn’t a major shortage of oil on the market? There is a huge surplus? Surely you jest?


The article above from February of this year points out the glut of oil on the world market due to lower demand. This has been the case for nearly 2 years now. So wait…if there is a huge amount of refined oil why are gas prices so damn high? In usual circumstances, having too much of a product and needing to unload it results in LOWER prices right? Not in America 2012. 2 +2 = 5 in America 2012. But that’s not all…it gets better….really.

Not only is there a giant surplus of refined oil on the world market, but the larger refineries are using the opportunity to close down weaker and smaller competition by forcing their closure citing lower demand for them. Hey, doesn’t George Soros have interests in a great deal of these largest refineries? Why yes, he sure does Jimbo. It also just so happens most of these refineries slated for closing are based in America. NOW…let’s couple that with the fact that after the Deep Water Horizon explosion in the Gulf a few years ago, President Obama ran off most of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and the jobs that came with them. Over time, he has begun allowing the oil rigs back, but strangely, most of them are foreign-owned. Russia, China and Brazil being major players in OUR Gulf of Mexico now. Hey wait again…doesn’t George Soros own a huge chunk of Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras? Dangit Jimbo…sure does. Imagine that. http://www.defunddc.com/obama-soros-gulf-oil-disaster-petrobras/

All of this doesn’t sound like any kind of “strategic plan” for the benefit of America to me. How about you Jimbo? (Jimbo says huhhh? I forgot what we were talking about…I was watching Jersey Shore reruns).

America is intentionally being run into ruin. Detroit on a grand scale. While they are at it, they are draining our ability to sustain ourselves in emergency and at the same time destroying our military and nuclear deterrent in the process. But the nuclear weapons are another story for another day. The games the New World Order plays never cease. I guess we had a good run huh Jimbo? Switch it over to Storage Wars. We need to learn how to barter…and FAST.

Gary Abernathy

The Options of Iran

6 Mar

Imagine you are “Supreme LeaderAli Khamenei and “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran last night listening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel speak at AIPAC on March 5th, 2012.


The Prime Minister made it perfectly clear that Israel is going to take out the Iranian nuclear program at any cost. It was an extremely powerful speech, as well as extremely courageous. Netanyahu displayed character and conviction rarely found in world leaders today. Certainly not from our own President. It is quite certain that the leaders of Iran understand he meant exactly what he said. When the speech was over, let us imagine what happened next in the deepest depths of the Iranian regime.

Along with the Ayatollah and the President, Iran’s leadership also includes a council of mullahs to provide so-called wisdom to the Supreme Leader. The final say however belongs solely to Ayatollah Khamenei. For a little quick background, you have to be aware of the 12th Imam and how he figures into this equation if we are to imagine this scenario to something close to reality. In the sect of Islam followed by the leaders of Iran, the 12th Imam is their version of the coming messiah. They believe he is here already and waiting to emerge in public to take his rightful place as ruler of the earth, with Jesus Christ beside him as 2nd in command mind you. Yes, I said Jesus as second in command. Jesus will tell us that we all had it wrong and that we are to follow this leader. But before this can happen, and I’m not kidding, war and ruin has to be brought to the earth. The state of Israel, and specifically all Jews, as well as the United States must first be destroyed. This is what they truly believe. But wait…that’s not all. Ayatollah Khamenei claims to be in regular contact with the 12th Imam, and that it is the Mahdi that is truly in charge of Iran now.


That might all sound nuttier than a fruitcake to you, as it does me, but this is exactly what we are dealing with when discussing Iran. All of that anti-war propaganda you see all over YouTube and the entire internet NEVER mentions this fact. The propaganda paints Israel as an aggressive evil state that is ruled by Satan, and that the real Jews never belonged in Jerusalem. The propaganda tells you this and that about Israel, and says that poor little Iran has never done anything to anyone and only wants to live in peace with its neighbors. It is ridiculous, but it is the message being spread heavily, and being lapped up like little poodles by the left and casual observers. Popular internet radio show host Alex Jones, his frequent guests, Presidential candidate Ron Paul, the Russian state controlled internet news outlet Russia Today, and many other sources are quite busy spreading this lie about Israel. Never once do they mention this business about the 12th Imam and how it influences every single aspect of the world condition. KInd of important guys if you want your other valid concerns to be taken seriously.

So now that we know the mindset on the inside of the great room of mullahs, let’s continue. Netanyahu concludes and the Ayatollah spins around with fire in his eyes. He looks over at Ahmadinejad with just a hint of disgust (the Ayatollah and the President have a strained relationship at best) and demands a current status on the race to build nuclear weapons. The President responds that all key installations have been fortified deep underground, key scientists are under heavy guard with multiple body doubles to throw off would-be assassins, and that within months there will be enough enriched uranium to create a handful of nuclear bombs. More than enough to destroy the tiny nation of Israel. He also gives the Ayatollah an update on talks with North Korea on how to smuggle North Korean nuclear weapons into Iran without detection to speed up the process. He states that as of yet, it has been impossible, but the Egyptians are open to discussing the matter.

The Ayatollah then turns to the council of wise mullahs. “Ok, give me your thoughts. The Israeli’s are going to hit us before we are ready. What are our options?” The council, not all in the same mindset on the Mahdi as their Supreme Leader, think carefully. The first Ayatollah who came to power in 1979 specifically warned AGAINST this 12th Imam nonsense ever entering the leadership council, and they remember his words well. In fact, it was forbidden to even discuss it. One of the mullahs thinks to himself silently, “how did this nutcase ever get us in this position? We are surely doomed.” His face however remains like stone as he thinks his thoughts of treason. Another of the mullahs, more diplomatic minded and rational than the others, speaks up and says “it is my humble thought, that we should seriously consider allowing UN inspectors into the deeper aspects of our program. Dear leader, the Israeli’s are serious and may hit us at any moment. If we allow the UN into at least some real parts of our program, it will buy us international favor and time.” Much like in a James Bond movie, right after he speaks his words, the floor opens up beneath him and down he falls into a tank of sharks. As mumbled screams shortly fill the room, the Ayatollah shouts, “There will be NO weakness displayed in the name of the Mahdi!” —ok…I’m just having a little fun on that image, but I can see it happening —

Eventually, the mullahs come up with a list of options for the Ayatollah to consider and take to the Mahdi for approval. “Wherever he goes to talk to this Mahdi” the one mullah again thinks silently.

1. Immediately announce that Iran is open to further UN inspections and more access to the program. The Iraqi-perfected stall tactic that was used for nearly 2 decades and has worked for Iran nearly as long now. These little tokens of what amounts to nothing, seem to appease world leaders that do not want any part of war enough to always buy another few months. It also gives world media outlets a headline to chew on and spin.

2. Realize that Israel will no longer be tolerating the stall tactics, and immediately put all nuclear installations on the highest red alert status. Rush to completion all efforts to fortify the structures and to deeply hide the uranium ready for use.

3. Contact North Korea and proceed with the high-risk plan to acquire nuclear weapons at whatever cost they demand.

4. Alert the Republican Guard to be ready at a moment’s notice to proceed with the plan to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. If enacted, this plan will automatically draw the American’s into the war, and if there is going to be war, it might as well be the final one.

5. Strike first. Release terror cells in place all over the world. Israel, America, France, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia and other strategic locations. Perhaps even Moscow to blame on the west to draw Russia into the war as well. Follow this action by an attack on an American warship in the Persian Gulf and suicide attacks on military bases in Afghanistan. The American President will be slow to react and reluctant in his actions, and the confusion will sink what is left of the fragile American economy. Israel will immediately respond with a massive attack, and we will counter it with equally massive ballistic missile attacks on all the major cities of Israel. Meanwhile, flood all information with rumors that the CIA is behind the terror attacks and that it is a false flag to give reason to attack a helpless nation of Iran. The Americans will be in total confusion, financial chaos and in free fall. It is possible, Mahdi willing, in this scenario that we will come out victorious. We can destroy most of Israel with conventional weapons already, and if we can secure the North Korean weapons, we most certainly can. America will collapse like a deck of cards, and most likely will hit Tehran and our cities with nukes. We have prepared for this outcome and our nation is large and able to absorb the blow, and after the Mahdi will heal and restore our land to full glory.

The Ayatollah closes his eyes and falls into deep thought as he draws the Mahdi close to his heart. “What is the way forward?” “What shall you have us do for you great one?” The answer will come in the days to follow.

(The morning after Netanyahu’s speech, the first report I heard on the morning news was “Iran may be ready for peace. The regime has stated it may be willing to allow UN inspectors into new parts of its nuclear program they claim is for peaceful purposes only.” The female anchor responded to this with the words, “that is great news.”) Option 1 already in motion.

Gary Abernathy

Who Lies For You Will Lie Against You

28 Feb

So that I am keeping in theme with the subject matter, I fully disclose that the title is not mine, but instead a Bosnian Proverb, and the image is a random find that makes perfect sense.

What do Wikileaks, Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, George Soros, Barack Obama, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, all Progressives, the high price of gas, war, and a myriad of other current global subjects all have in common? They all revolve around lies. Lies upon lies, upon more lies, and tied together in a night tight package…by lies. If the truth is light, then lies obviously must equal darkness. So when one considers that the core belief structure of almost any person or organization currently holding global power is to lie to attain success (end result justifies the means), then one must conclude that the world is shrouded in utter darkness.

The way to untangle the massive layers of lies is to start pulling the strings one at a time. This is an action that I notice most fail to do…simple connecting of the dots. Information is given to us in single bits…and intently isolated from the other bits it is related to. The average person has no desire, nor the time to waste, or in most cases even the ability to take each slice of information and begin painting an overall picture. Those who would benefit from such non-awareness count on this from you. They are then able to assemble their own “panels” that dissect the information for you and tell you what it means…giving you more lies. It has become laughable in many ways now because there are so many lies out there our leaders contradict themselves daily. “Oh what a tangled web we weave?” Indeed. Yet, it still works because most just simply don’t care. Just yesterday I had two people tell me “I couldn’t possibly care less,” and “I don’t ever pay attention because it makes me sad.” Well I suppose that is a happier way to live. Certainly there must be peace of mind in not knowing anything at all. However, what if we all thought like that? What would happen then? While the Nazi Party were burning Jews in ovens, there were German citizens living right down the road from where it was happening and they claim they had no idea of the things that were going on there. They thought they were just work camps. Nobody took the time to inquire. This is human nature. “If is not hurting me directly, I don’t want to get involved.” “No need for me to put my ass on the line.” Meanwhile, 6 million Jewish men, women and children were slaughtered in just a few short years right under the noses of just that type of thinking. The citizens were more comfortable with the lies.

Which is what this all boils down to…and I say this especially to my Christian brothers and sisters…God expects more from you. You are supposed to understand. You have the power of the light at your disposal. You are not allowed to be comfortable with the lie. In my own personal opinion, being comfortable in that way has to be one of the most despicable sins. There is no shortage of outlets in the faith that will allow and encourage you to get comfortable. That will make everything all about you…and when it is all about us, isn’t that the most comfortable of all? Thousands of books. seminars, workshops, online studies, websites and the like all dedicated to letting you talk about you. Why things are bothering you. How can you find your purpose? Why your marriage sucks. How God can make your boo-boo all better. It is all designed as one big pacifier to be stuck in the mouth of an infant so that nothing ever grows from it. It is all nonsense, and all just part of the one big original lie. Satan is a wily one make no mistake. Man’s most fatal miscalculation in the end will be that he always thought of Satan as an obvious enemy. Satan doesn’t roll that way on earth. Satan is your best friend here. He is the one making your burden just a little lighter and whispering in your ear that you deserve it. He is the one guiding you away from the light and towards the false light. The lie. Then he begins the process of wrapping you inside it, and few, if any, ever escape from that point.

Satan will lie for you. You can also be 100% certain he will lie against you.

So as our world, our society, unravels right before our eyes, and we are told to go about our business and let the big boys handle it, you may need to consider exactly WHO is telling you that and WHY they are saying it. It might just peak your curiosity enough to start pulling some strings. It only takes the revealing of one strand of lies to make you rub your eyes and say to yourself, “hey, that wasn’t true…what else are they lying to me about?” That is the point you begin to walk towards the light again and away from the hidden black abyss you have been wallowing in. That is also the point your life begins to have actual meaning…purpose…and all of the things you pine for. It will make you miserable, fearful, worried, stressed…ya know…those feelings that you go to any length to avoid, because after all, it has been about you. That is not God’s intent. You are to worry about your brothers and sisters and leave the care of you up to Him.

Gary Abernathy

Unpleasant To Consider

22 Jan

You can’t write angry and be successful. You can’t tell people they are wrong and be successful. You can’t do it the way you are doing it and make more money. These are things I hear on a regular basis. I rarely say it back verbally or written, but my response in my head is each time…”If you think I am writing the things I write because I am trying to be successful, then you obviously have not the slightest idea what I’m about.” I blame myself for that. Maybe I’m not clear enough. This nation is completely wrecked and I am trying to fix it. I don’t give a blasted rat’s backside about making money on this blog or any of the other multitude of things I do in this regard. I know this is a foreign concept, but it is the truth. The last thing I want to do is make a fortune on the back of the collapse of my home. Plenty of people out there already do that. Plenty. I am more than happy to make a fortune in any other way, and I absolutely hate every article I’ve written on the blog. Every one of them. Why? Because it does not represent who I am minus the curse of civic duty. I don’t want to write these things any more than people don’t want to read it. I do the tag research. I know what people want to read, and none of this even sniffs success. Yet, several of these articles have made their way further than I would have ever thought. So that tells me something very important. At least a portion of people in my sphere of influence know something is not right and they are reading things that might teach them what that is. I do not know all the answers, nor do I have all the solutions, but I am at least in the general ballpark as to what is happening. The reason for that is…I pay attention…I read…a lot…and I watch others…a lot…and I have learned certain undeniable truths. The foremost of which is that the America we think we live in does not remotely exist. We are living in a bubble of fantasy. That bubble is about to be pricked for the final time, and when that happens a great deal of innocent bubble dwellers are going to come pouring out screaming their heads off in panic. I’d like to avoid that. So I warn.

With my motive established, I will now get on with the point I want to make in this piece. Recently, in another forum, I wrote about the things our country does behind the curtain that we never consider. Terrible things. A few people who I respect and trust were if not angered, in total disagreement with what I had to say. I had no proof to say such outlandish things. At best, those things are “unpleasant to consider” and we don’t want to think of our nation in such a way. Therein lies problem number one in America. The citizens think they are above the unpleasant things to consider in the world. In reality not only are we not above it, we are in most cases the worst offenders of the unpleasantness. Let us consider then how things got this way with a quick look back at some history.

The men who founded this nation, this experiment, all of European heritage and aristocratic backgrounds, knew very well that there was little chance for it to survive long-term. Human nature just won’t allow it. In the writings of all of them they warn repeatedly of the things that will quickly render it dead. For instance, let us consider what James Madison wrote regarding the vital importance of a population armed with truthful information…”A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” Fast forward all the way to 1963, and John F. Kennedy said the same thing in his own words, and was then shot in the head very shortly after. He gave a dire warning to the press of the United States that a “shadowy conspiracy” of unimaginable power and depth was haunting America. Every President since has made reference to the same force, and many if not most before him as well. Nearly instantly after this nation was signed, sealed and delivered into world history, the war of trying to destroy it cranked up. The lies began, the distortions started, and the mass deception was put into play.

From George Washington and his cherry tree and wooden teeth, Honest Abe Lincoln and his purity, all the way to Barack Obama and the total lie of everything about who he is supposed to be, we have been deceived. Bamboozled. The idea of America is beautiful. The Constitution is incredible and the Declaration of Independence a marvel of heroism and courage. The founders created a perfect beast…on paper. But have we followed those papers and their explicit instructions on how NOT to screw it all up? No, we most certainly have not. It was impossible from the start. Right off the bat there was one glaring flaw. Slavery. Here they were creating a nation based on total freedom of the individual to succeed or fail based on his own merits, and a portion of the population weren’t even considered human. That’s a pretty messed up start. It took just under a hundred years and a bloody horrible war amongst ourselves to fix it. Fix it on paper that is. It has taken another 100 plus years to attempt to rectify it, but still today the wounds fester and the hate lies under the surface. Slavery is but one of our problems as we started out. We also had the tiny detail (sarcasm) of the people who already lived here and called it home. So we spent an entire century practicing what can only be called genocide against the other human beings that were here before the Europeans ever knew the land existed. This is one of those “unpleasant” facts we don’t like to consider about our nation. Yet, pretending something isn’t there when it is…is just that…pretending. So, here is this beautiful idea that is just getting started, and we are saddled with slavery and genocide on our permanent record. You can keep sweeping it under the rug with stories that never happened, and heroes that never were, but it like everything else kept in the dark, will eventually come back out in the light. Let us give it light and…gasp…consider it. We were pretty horrible. We as a nation, and if we are going to be united, then we unite with those that came before us as well, and thus it was indeed “we.”

Yet, despite such horrendous behavior, America still managed to evolve into a semblance of the beautiful idea. There was freedom, there were great men, great achievements and great progress. America became the envy of the world despite the atrocious start. But right when we were finally getting it right, we let our guard down, and once again the forces of destruction went to work inside us again. Every single warning that every single founder gave has come to pass. We have become, or in some cases are in the process of becoming, everything they feared would happen. John Adams, perhaps the most influential of all the founders, knew in his heart that the experiment was doomed to fail. He wrote, “I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I give you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your fate.” That fate is now. Corruption rules supreme amongst us. Down to the last person. Yet, we find it unpleasant to consider so we do not. We will stay inside this bubble until it does indeed expire and reality floods inside as we flood out, and the experiment, the dream, floats off quietly into the air as vapors and becomes as if it never existed. That is the fate that John Adams knew was to come as he accepted his own ruin.

John Adams was a tortured man, as all great men are. He waffled back and forth on everything from religion to government to his own self-worth. He didn’t have to. He could have slipped inside the existing bubble of aristocracy and rode it comfortably and happily per his station in life. But there are some men who can’t do that. They dream bigger and they desire more. Not for themselves, but for all. They don’t sleep at night and they worry all day. Their minds race and they tinker, and dig, and shout and they whisper. All in pursuit of a greater idea than the one they see. In description of this torture he writes, “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” They did indeed gain that liberty. The time has come again for the next great men to make the same sacrifices. To study the things we hate so that those that come after us do not have to.

That is why we must, as strong as the word must can be written, consider the truths and realities of what we are. Unpleasant though they may be. We did horrible things from the start and we are doing horrible things now, and as a total, they have wrecked us. For the overwhelming theme of the founders in general, regardless of personal belief, was that God had given the blessing of the birth of this nation and ultimately rules over it. They believed, and they were right, that God does not allow His work to be mocked indefinitely. His judgement will indeed eventually come, and his wrath will be mighty when it does. So I ask, consider deeply and thoughtfully the reality of who we are as a people. Both the good and the bad. We are not hopeless and without good intent. We still have greatness in us from that original beautiful dream. But we have lost our way off the path so far that we can’t find our way back unless we all start looking in the same direction together. Let us beat those who are trying to finish this experiment off once and for all to the punch, and pop our own bubble before they get the chance. Let us come out orderly and calmly and acknowledge our fears with courage. Let us stare into the shame of what we have done and ask for forgiveness and humbleness. Let us heal and come together to prove history does not have to repeat. Let us be the exception to the rule. For after all, the dream of America is at its loftiest goal, to be exceptional in this world of injustice and repeating horror.

To be patriotic is not to wave a flag, a symbol, and recite beliefs that mostly never existed. To be patriotic is to passionately pursue truth so that it can be applied justly and tyranny kept at bay. That is why I do what I do. Mistakes have been made and many more are to come, but I’d rather make a billion mistakes and be reviled in the end, if it means that the path led to the survival of the United States of America. The founders were only just that…those that started the ball rolling…and it is now our turn. Will the great men and women now please step forward in mass? Politics and war are waiting to be studied.

Gary Wayne Abernathy