World War III: The Reshaping of the World

23 Aug


On January 27th, 2013, Bob Woodward (Yes – that Bob Woodward) posted an article in the Washington Post about why President Obama picked Chuck Hagel as his new Secretary of Defense. He quotes Mr. Hagel as saying the following to the President at the beginning of his first term as the US President: “We are at a time where there is a New World Order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they (the military and the diplomats) tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for.”

That readers, in case you miss the point, is scary as bleeping hell. In a nutshell, the man who is now our Secretary of Defense, told the brand new President, wild-eyed radical Barack Obama, that we had lost control of our own fate. That the very institutions that we must count on for loyalty first and foremost, can’t be trusted as much as even what they say is good to eat at the Pentagon cafeteria. This info doesn’t come from any far left or far right wacko site…it comes from Bob Woodward. The man who broke Watergate. The most famous investigative journalist in the world who works for one of the world’s most influential newspapers, the Washington Post. What are we supposed to do with that information? Well, as history concludes, the same as what happened with the entire mountain of disturbing information that has spilled out since the day President Obama took office, and really since the day Wall Street robbed the National Treasury – We are to do nothing with it at all. Just sit on it and pretend it isn’t there.

That brings us to the now. The sweltering hot month of August in the year 2014. Closing in on the midway point of President Obama’s second term as President, and knowing that since Chuck Hagel said that to the President, the world has come literally unhinged from every single stabilizing point that held it together for over half a century post World War II. We are in nothing short of barely controlled chaos, and it’s been that way for several years now. The global economy, technically dead since 2008, on forced life support, being fed now trillions of bogus dollars just to keep the appearance of stability, while the puzzle pieces are shifted into their new places. Even the uneducated and simple are wise enough to know you can’t create money out of thin air without disaster paying you a visit. It’s a façade to cover the work behind the scenes.

That very same Chuck Hagel now declares earlier this week that the world is suddenly spinning out of control. Oh is it now, Chuck? Just notice that did ya? It all comes back to his warning to the new President about questioning and trust, and the information he provided saying WE are not in control of it. The WE being you and I, the represented people and government of the United States. So who is? Who is pulling the strings and what side are WE on? Are we still represented? If you look at everything that is being done to our culture, I would highly advise you to consider that no, we are definitely not represented. We are merely pawns. The heavily armed and even more so massively confused American public. We’ve been sold out. Or have we? This thing is so wrapped around so much bull crap now, I doubt there is one single person in authority remaining that can be certain of anything.

So all we can do is look at the facts on the ground and make assumptions. When assumptions are all you have to base an intelligent guess on, the chances of failure are almost certain. There are 5 major pieces to the puzzle at this moment I type – 1. The United States 2. Russia 3. China 4. Israel 5. Whatever ISIS has turned into suddenly. Numbers 2, 3 and 5 actively are working to disable and/or destroy the United States, all for different purposes. Russia for power, China for resources and perceived world hierarchy they feel sits them on top, and the collective of Islamist mutants, for their God who tells them beheading women and children and drinking their blood is the right thing to do. Number 4. Total wildcard these days, but the center of everything. The flashpoint for all to come. We haven’t even got around to Iran or North Korea. Our border is being invaded from the south by we have zero idea what, and worse, it’s encouraged and allowed, and our military is being tempted and taunted at every point on the globe. Something is going to pop. The economy certainly, but it will go far beyond that. We can only assume from Hagel’s warning, that elements within this country are also ready for that pop.

The world is being reshaped right before our eyes. My own personal opinion is that all parties involved want that reshaping to include as little actual warfare as possible. China and Russia would much prefer to eventually break America up into warring factions against each other, as they move in to keep a controlled peace and rape the plentiful resources of our land. But history has never accused either of those nations of being gentle. If too much resistance remains to fight by America, we could easily see major cities one after another being wiped out. Many leaders in Washington came out this past week and stated that America has never been in more danger than it is right this moment. The country, 99.9% of its population, didn’t even hear them say it. It is that indifference that has invited this situation. One morning soon our news is going to wake up America again, like it did on September 11, 2001. But this time…my fear is…we aren’t going to recover. We never really did from the first one. The second shot will be the one to the head. That morning is coming very soon, perhaps even imminent, and the one piece of sure advice I can give to you would be to make sure your personal house is in order with the Son of Man.




The Power of Suggestion

19 May


My pastor recently made the statement that Satan has but only one lie he uses, and he uses it over and over again…”Jesus is not that big a deal.” This is true. So what is the mechanism to which that lie is perpetuated? The power of suggestion. It is the first lesson the Bible teaches us. God provided paradise, and the serpent, via power of suggestion, convinces Eve that she too can be as God if she disobeys the only rule God had given. After that…well to quote Joni Mitchell, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” And thus began the never-ending battle for the souls of man using this simple mechanism over and over and over.

However, most reading this don’t believe that actually happened. Even those that profess to believe the book is God’s word, don’t actually take most of what’s in it literally. This story was a metaphor, as was Noah and the flood, and so forth and so on. The power of suggestion over thousands of years has never been able to kill the Bible (by an overwhelming majority, the Bible is the most sold book in human history, with at least over 6 billion copies sold, and who knows how many given for free), but it has soured its message to a great many. “Quotations from Chairman Mao,” is the best-selling secular non-fiction book, and we see its influence very much in American society today, with just under a billion copies sold.

So, how does Satan, if you even believe in such a being (which many that follow Christ do not now), whisper in our ears with suggestion in the modern world? To imagine Satan being here to answer that question in interview form, I’ll supply his answer: “Well, business is better than ever, Gary. Starting with the Industrial Revolution and moving into the technology explosion of this century, I have more ways than I could ever dream of leading you mutts right back home with me. It’s really not even fair. Have you heard of Edward Bernays?” Yes, Satan, I have, but most in America have not, which fascinates me to no end. More than any other mind in the 20th century, Edward Bernays shaped this world we now live in. It’s almost as if YOU, Satan, WERE Edward Bernays. Were you? “I’m sorry, but I can’t give away trade secrets…you know that” (Satan winks as he speaks). In fact, the case can very easily be made, that the biggest mass murderer of the 20th Century was not Hitler, Stalin or Mao. It was Edward Bernays. We can attribute just 2 facts to him to make the numbers explode far beyond his competition. 1. The nephew of Freud, Edward Bernays, tapped into the psychology of what he described as the human “herd mentality.” We often call this “being a sheep” in today’s world. Using that, he was hired by cigarette manufacturers in the 1920’s to open an enormous market to them that was closed because of social taboo: Women being allowed to smoke in public. Using models in the New York City 1929 Easter Parade, he had them holding lit Lucky Strikes he called, “Torches of Freedom,” and the rest of America’s smoking habit is history. For he discovered how to make something hideous look “cool.” If we pin the tens of millions of deaths related to cigarette smoking since that time to Bernays, his numbers skyrocket. In a bit of not-so-successful irony, the administration of George W. Bush tried to play off this event in the early 2000’s after a dispute with France, by renaming our famous fried potatoes, “Freedom Fries”…It didn’t have the same effect, but the sales of fries certainly didn’t drop. 2. The Nazi Propaganda machine, particularly Joseph Goebbels, was so enamored with the work of Edward Bernays, that Goebbels based his entire propaganda effort against the Jews using the psychological tricks of Edward Bernays. In a very short amount of time, Goebbels and Hitler were able to turn an entire race of people into being so reviled by the population, that the result was 6 million dead in under a decade. 6 million humans shot, starved, burned, gassed, used as human experiments…man, woman, and child…and the German people never blinked an eye. People lived next door to concentration camps and could smell the flesh burning, but none stood to oppose. Edward Bernays had Satan dwelling within him, I’m certain.

Are we still being led by the nose to destruction by the power of suggestion in 2014? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Look around…it’s incredible to witness with clear eyes. All logic, all commonsense, and all basic sense of survival instincts, turned on their head, and the people clamor for more, more, more. If we focus on just the last 2 President’s of the United States and their actions, it is clear to see that the “herd mentality” psychology of Bernays is as strong as ever. Bush for instance, sold a major war in Iraq to the American people simply by using a simple and vague lie (weapons of mass destruction) and fear, coming off the 9-11 Terror Attacks. He convinced most of us, including me, that we MUST invade Iraq instantly. Thousands of our soldiers dead later, and millions of innocent Iraqi’s dead, what was gained? Hundreds of billions of dollars for contractors is what was gained, and a lot of things less clear and dangerous to discuss openly. This same man would then go on to be at the helm of the greatest financial heist in human history – The robbing of the US Treasury by Wall Street. President Bush, with incredible gall stated, “We must abandon the free market to SAVE the free market,” and then he opened it up…and they took it all. And now…we just print…endlessly print…to keep the lie alive for as long as possible. When they can no longer print – we are done. We allowed this by power of suggestion. There was no rebellion in the streets. Not a single person ever went to jail. We abandoned the free market to save it. Classic Bernays. As for President Obama? The list of offenses is so long I don’t think I could ever stop writing them. All we have to do is look at how he gained the election in the first place. That was all Bernays theory. How he got elected a SECOND time? I don’t even know if Bernays could have pulled that off. Satan clearly at work once again.

Well how about more simple examples of how power of suggestion works, Gary? Ok…how about the case of Miley Cyrus. We have a young tv star with a golden image and beloved by an entire generation of children as the character, “Hannah Montana.” She’s grown past that window, so how do we break that iconic image so drastically, that we kill it forever, while at the same time, creating an entirely new iconic creature, to which millions of more dollars can be taken from the American public using? We shock the ever-loving’ hell out of the people by having her come out on a stage practically naked, prance around demonically, and gyrate her young ass all over the privates of a grown man in his 30’s who is married (that marriage has since ended after said debacle). The result was outrage all the way to the Heavens, BUT, Hannah was killed in an instant, and a global mega-moneymaking-superstar was born. We don’t think about Hannah anymore, but what man, woman or child over 7 years old doesn’t know what “twerking” is now? Power of suggestion. I mean seriously, Satan, did you pat yourself on the back on that one? It was a masterpiece: (The horned one chuckles)…”Well, yes, I did have a little party that evening. It was one of the my finest pieces of work so far this century. But don’t think I’m resting on my laurels…there is LOTS more to come very soon. That was just a tidbit of a taste. Just wait. You just wait.”

The power of suggestion. You know what was NOT a suggestion? The 10 Commandments. But we shouldn’t take that literally, right?

Gary Abernathy

One Man, One Blog, One War

13 Apr

one man

My wife said to me earlier today, “I travel all over the country and meet hundreds of people from all walks of life. In all of those people, only you and one other person I know talk about the things you talk about.” My response? I pointed at the television and said, “because that thing doesn’t tell them.”

Honestly, it’s a lonely and sometimes very sad place I find myself in. Praise be to God that He for one made me so stubborn that I have a very hard time quitting things, and two, he instilled in me a default mode of being very silly by nature. Goofy even. Those things balance this extremely serious and impossible-to-win war my life somehow led me into.

It was never my childhood dream to grow up to be a ghost writer, or to write such things as this blog that quite often get me into lots of trouble, or at the least, a lot of scorn. I never even considered it to be a possibility. However, I’m very good at it and God keeps pushing me deeper and deeper into his ongoing spiritual war. He gave me vision to see larger pictures that most don’t see. I tell you now, I wish I didn’t see them either. There are times I feel like I can’t learn anymore. I can’t put one more thing inside of me that I have to carry around that nobody else either sees, or cares about. But somehow, God always finds a way for me to make more room and to vent the steam from my overheating pot.

In just a little over one year, people from 97 different nations have viewed this blog from one man in the United States. That stat amazes me. God is amazing. Even if there was only 1 reader from 1 country, I still take it as my sacred duty to write as honestly as I can, and to provide valid facts when I state them, or make sure you know it is my opinion and my vision when I don’t have facts. This blog has never once made me more popular with anyone, but it sure is being seen. Once again, God is amazing.

So with that said, I continue to ask myself “why are you doing this to yourself man?” “Why are you letting this world tear your heart apart piece by piece?” That voice from the other side is always at me in my ear whispering “nobody cares you damn fool. They are laughing at you.” It all boils down to my children. If you were a parent in pre-Nazi Germany and you saw what was being built, wouldn’t you try to stop it? If you were in the camp of Vladimir Lenin and knew what was really going to happen after the “people’s revolution” (the slaughter of millions upon millions of their fellow citizens) wouldn’t you try to stop it if God was in your heart? Well, I see what is being built in this nation. I am not sure exactly what to label it or how it will exactly operate, but I know for absolute certain that the very core of it is as evil as anything ever unleashed on this world. There is going to be misery like mankind has never seen before. Our nation sold its soul to Lucifer and Lucifer is building his empire. I don’t mean that in a prophecy way, though it certainly could wind up being just that, but in the sense that our nation has allowed its goodness to be extinguished, and now we are left to face the darkness that is our new master. Greed. Lust. Perversion. Sloth. Wrath. Pride. Jealousy. Envy. That is what our culture has been fed to ingest, and now we are spitting it back out as if they are good. Listen to any popular music lately? Watched a movie? A tv show? What are you being taught more times than not? One or more of the things on the list I just gave. We don’t stand a chance, and I know that I don’t stand a chance as one little man fighting a beast so large that it engulfs the entire planet. But I imagine Noah felt pretty stupid too. I imagine Moses thought he had gone absolutely insane. Heck, if Paul Revere made his ride in 2013, the punks on the corner would shoot him off his horse with their .9 and laugh. Still, when God gives a person something to do, what else are we supposed to say? Are you prepared to argue with the wishes of God? I’ve tried that. Never ends well.

When I look at my children and into their future, I become very protective. I have raised them to be independent thinkers, to be joyful, to be intelligent, to be compassionate, to be loving, and to have 100% self-respect. Everything that the culture of this nation is now trying to rid them of. This culture wants only to breed drones that will do as they are told. Vote as they are told. Stand down as they are told. I’m not interested in that kind of society. Maybe some don’t mind. I guess just like some men are more at home in a prison than they ever were in society. They just need to be taken care of and told what to do and think. For sure, those who stand in the upper layer that benefit from this, love the new America. They exploit, plot, experiment and toy with us every single day. With the weapon of psychiatric techniques perfected by monsters such as Edward Bernays, and taken to masterful art forms by the devils of Madison Ave and across the nation, they manipulate every aspect of life. Well God gave me the vision to see what they do. How they do it. Even somewhat of an immunity to it, though I still do fall victim just as everyone else. I can’t begin to tell you the money I have pissed away over the years on crap I can’t even remember now. That’s just sick.

I fight this battle alone, but there are thousands more like me. We connect, but we still fight alone. For now at least, that is the way God wants it. I’m not a perfect man by any stretch of the imagination. I’m as big a sinner as the next guy. But my faith, my heart, and my overwhelming gratitude for the blood of Jesus, compel me to keep fighting on for Him. His kingdom will be forthcoming. King of Kings. World Without End. I intend to live quite happily there, and I will never write a single thing other than joyful happy thoughts, if I write at all. For today…I keep on fighting.

Gary Abernathy

The Battle for America

11 Apr


President Barack Obama said “we will fundamentally transform America.” Vice-President Joe Biden said just days ago that a New World Order where “China and Mongolia must prosper” must be formed. The smily VP failed to mention anything about the nation he is sworn by oath to serve prospering. Instead, he implied that we as a nation must be brought down so that others come up. There is not a single aspect of American culture and life that is not under immense attack in the year 2013. A great change is taking place, but where does this change take us? What needed to be changed? Plenty is wrong with our nation that needs fundamentally changed, but the system of government and the culture are not on that list. What needs changing is the same battle that was fought to begin with, which was the overthrow of tyrannical rule over America. This time by mega-sized global corporations, the world’s banking cartels and the vastly corrupted politically elite class that does their bidding. My fellow citizens, you think we are fighting Barack Obama? You think we are fighting George Bush? Dick Cheney? Liberalism? Conservatives? No, you are fighting something far greater, far more sinister, and it is a foe that leaves no “winners” in America, no matter what side you think you are on. Some think that if they kill off gay marriage the nation will be saved. Others think that if we rid ourselves of God in our culture we can progress forward. Still more think that if that ol evil whitey and his Christian white families are destroyed there will be real freedom for all. There is no end to the battles being fought among ourselves, by design mind you, while the real battle goes forward nearly completely unimpeded. We are losing and almost finished. In historical terms, we are in Valley Forge right now. The winter’s cold is killing off what is left of us and our will to fight nearly extinguished. The path to victory requires a great bravery, not of one man such as George Washington crossing the Delaware, but of a mass of Washington’s this time. Are there enough still with eyes remaining to see and ears to hear? Just what exactly are we fighting for anyway? What the hell is America?

To answer that correctly would require a series of lengthy books. I have a blog and need to keep it reasonably short enough so that my attention-span deprived reader might hang in there with me. That is not an insult to any reader, for I include myself in the same boat, because we have been trained to not be able to pay attention to anything of substance for any serious period of time. Yet, I will try to point out what we should fight for in a brief explanation.

From the very start America has been a contradiction between strong-willed, rugged individual freedom vs. corrupting greed manifested into controlling tyrannical power. Most of us, left, right and center, consider ourselves on the side of the good guys. The word freedom is claimed by all. We are all wrong. The left and the right are both controlled by the same people, and the center is where we all go looking for something that remotely makes sense. That is where we find the lies we are sold in order to keep up our delusion that we are indeed on the side of the good guys. Once the lie is purchased with our belief, either extreme goes about doing what they were going to do anyway for whichever particular purpose required in that case, and we move just that much closer to defeat. So, exactly who is pulling these puppet strings? Who has been pulling America’s strings from the beginning? What was it that we shook off to create such a place despite the odds against it? For throughout human history, man has never been free to rule himself. Except here in America. Do you actually believe the remaining power brokers in the world like/liked that about us? That their own people saw the shining city on the hill and flocked to it risking everything to get here? No, they didn’t/don’t and have been subverting the process for as long as we have been trying to build it.

When John Smith settled Jamestown the first rule was “he that will not work shall not eat.” That was America. We are all in this together. We are not going to be weak, we are not going to shrivel up in fear, and we are not going to pull the weight of those that refuse to share equally in the burden. Those who want to settle here and work in common purpose, we share equally in the bounty. If you want to take without giving, if you want to place yourself above the cause, you are not welcome and will die here. In many ways, it was the ultimate COLLECTIVE mindset, only in reverse of what Marxism and communism degraded it to. What we saw in the 20th century and today is a bastard version of the collective spirit those first settlers came with. Today we are taught that we should be weak, we should be fearful and that the burden belongs to our masters who will take it for us. Sit back, be ignorant, and die quietly. The bounty to be shared among a few deemed worthy by a few. This is the direction we are being pulled.

So who founded America? Who is to blame for all the evil we are told America wrought? Europe. Specifically England, France and Spain. When a proud American speaks of their country fondly, what is the first argument used to refute their admiration? Slavery. Who brought slavery? Who benefitted? Europe. Who threw it away in less than 100 years once the tyranny of Europe was defeated? America. That is not taught in history classes in America anymore. It was the rich, white and evil American founders that created slavery. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Franklin. Evil men. Evil intentions. That is the greatest lie sold by the enemies of America. It was the Europeans that ruthlessly gathered up human beings on the African coast and shipped them across the Atlantic to the Americas. It was the Europeans that set up the triangular slave trade routes, and it was the Europeans that reaped all the benefits. The Europeans in the “new world” of the northeast colonies and the Europeans in England. The south? The south was where the fertile farmland was, the people kept ignorant and the slaves owned by few, who not only ruled over their plantations but over the surrounding population as well. They sent the criminals and dregs of society to the south when the colonies were being formed. Why? Because they could be controlled easier by the intellectual elite of the northern colonies. Georgia and the Carolinas were where these bodies were sent to settle. My own family draws its heritage from two brothers that were captured poaching on royal land in England. A crime normally punishable by death. Yet, needing volunteers to settle the colonies, they were given the option to take their families to Carolina. Obviously, they chose the latter option. Slavery was a thousands year old tool of commerce to the Europeans and never was an American ideal.


What did the settlers want? What is at the heart of why we fought a revolution for independence? They just wanted a chance to live a life free from the shackles of imposed unfair rule from European monarchies. A chance to live life the way they thought was best, and to benefit based on their own merits and work ethic. Many came for religious freedom to worship God in their own ways. Many came because they had no other choice in life. Some came for adventure and some came for opportunity. The evils that followed from Europe were imported and once independence was gained, the people of the colonies put together the most brilliant documents in the history of mankind to make SURE that those evils would have nowhere to flourish in this new nation. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The only way America could ever lose herself would be if the people themselves decided it to be so. The “battle” for America ever since has been to get her to do just that.

The 1800’s, America’s first full century, were when America began to create her own triumphs and own evils. Freedom and mass prosperity vs. greed and consolidated power. All of these battles, whether it be slavery, westward expansion, the war against Native Americans, or the consolidation of financial power that raged into the next century, shaped the future that we live in now. The good guys, the American spirit of personal freedom to rule over himself with rights given to us by a non-specific God, and not some cabal of powerful men, slowly but surely have been losing over the decades. In the year 2013, we are so deflated from that original, wonderful spirit, we deemed the 21st century the “Chinese Century” and our leaders tell us that we must help them prosper. America is once again headed back to colonialism. Europe wants her share back, China wants our resources, and the rest of the world just wants us out-of-the-way so they can terrorize their people the way they always have, with nowhere for them left to run to. We are being broken down. We are told our documents were evil and for the benefit of the rich white man. We are told we must give them up and we must obey. In other words, we are right back to square one.

So who are you? It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, an atheist, a Jew, a communist, a socialist, a witch, a homosexual or a Muslim. If you are here in America to be free to be just those things and millions more, without imposing them by force unto the others, and if you are here to pull your own weight and reap your own benefits, then you are an American. Give me liberty or give me death. That is America. We need laws. We need rules. They can be adjusted and formed over the years, and cultural changes that cause abuses can be corrected, but the one thing we can simply never allow…is for our “precious documents” to be degraded and shred. That is the end game. We must recognize the threat and we must engage in this war that so far has been one-sided and devastating. All of us should own a flag that says “don’t tread on me” and not just one singled-out segment of the population. For if you are an American, that should be the first damn thing out of your mouth.

We can create a society and a community that is as close to heaven on earth as humans can come, but first we must recognize who we are. We must own up to what we have done, or allowed done, and we must condemn those responsible. The greatest “sleeping giant” in world history is the American people. The greatest fear to the tiny elite of the world? If God forbid that sleeping giant ever wakes up. Wake up. Today.

Gary Abernathy



Total Subversion of Society: The End of Liberty

3 Apr


What if I told you I had the answer for exactly what has happened to America? How we came to be in the state we find ourselves? Would you be willing to sit down and watch a 1 hour lecture, given by a man who speaks with a thick Russian accent? Would you be able to put up with the fact that the film is grainy and he isn’t all that engaging? There are no beer commercials, no milky cleavage over a chocolate bar, no anything in the film but one man speaking to an audience in the early 1980’s about the tactics of psychological warfare…and more specifically, Soviet Subversion tactics used on the United States of America and nations all over the world. Would you watch another long film interviewing him, upon which is gives us here in the future a goldmine of answers to our questions, like we discovered a time machine? For your own curiosity? For the sake of your nation? Today, you have the choice.

This man, who was widely discredited in the 80’s by our own media (the same way anyone today is that dares to point out the obvious in society) defected from the Soviet Union after a long career as a psychological warfare agent. He came to understand and love America and what it represented. He tried to warn us what had been done, and what was to come. While the audience finds many of his jokes of what is to come in the future quite funny, he was deadly serious. Watching his lecture is equal to a million light bulbs going off in your head saying “Yes!” when viewed in 2013. Then, it was too much to fathom. But it requires you to do what your mother tried so hard to teach you to do – SIT STILL AND LISTEN.

Now, we should qualify before we start watching that the Soviet Union no longer exists and that Vladimir Lenin quoted above is long dead. So who would continue this process of subversion on America that is so easy to see once you have the educational background on what to look for? The truth is, we really don’t know who is behind the curtain. We are being attacked from so many angles, including a great deal from within, that it is impossible to say with certain conviction that this nation or that leader, or this group or that corporation is to blame. What Mr. Yuri Bezmenov details in this long lecture has been perfected and put on steroids in the 21st century. It is used all over the world. We see it in full action in Syria right now. We watched it happen in Egypt. It has toppled one government after another, and America is currently in either late stage 3 or early stage 4 of the process. Late destabilization or early crisis. We are in a global revolution. We can leave the speculation as to who and why for later. In this piece, let’s learn the what. What has been done, how it has been done, and what if anything can we do to stop the process if somehow enough of us actually woke up to reality.

The following two films are of Mr. Yuri Bezmenov. I sincerely hope you will invest your time and learn.

Gary Abernathy

Empire of Dirt

17 Mar

Empire of Dirt

A few weeks ago someone who I thought the world of succumbed to darkness and took his own life. The aftermath of this act has left a wide, dark hole in place of the near saintly existence that once stood in the same place. Naturally, this leaves only the question of “why?” In my case, I knew him for about 4 years. I worked as a freelance writer for him and enjoyed the experience immensely. We had a professional relationship, but given the subject matter we were writing it led to great conversation back and forth making sure we got it right. I don’t know how he felt, especially now, but I respected him about as much as anyone I have ever come in contact with. His opinion mattered to me.

This was not a man anyone could have guessed this was coming. Far from it. He was the polar opposite of any type of suicide watch stereotype one could fathom up. In short, he was the very ideal of a man any parent would be proud to give his daughter away to. Left behind is a beautiful young widow and three precious young children. Any logical explanation will not be forthcoming to why this occurred. The only thing that came before his devotion to his family and work was his seemingly unshakeable faith in his savior, Jesus Christ. Trust me when I say that I am not blowing smoke up your backside…this guy was cream of the crop. Just a few months ago during a Facebook exchange with him, he jokingly asked if  he could “borrow my cape?” To me, that was a mind-blowing remark. My faults and shortcomings are pretty much out there for the world to absorb. There will be no sainthood for me. I’m ok with that because I live my life in that way. Thanks be to God that by His Son my sins are washed clean and I humbly accept the gift of salvation provided me. That said, it was he who wore the cape. Superman if there ever were one. Even though joking, he meant it when he said that to me and at the time I took it as one of the many nice things he said to me over the years. I now look back at it in a different light. One of the very few clues left to scour over as to what was lurking in his mind and heart that he kept so well tucked away. In that moment, I immediately thought of a favorite song of mine by the musical artist Bobby Bare Jr. I made a quick YouTube vid for him and posted it on his wall to his great appreciation. This is that song.

During the years we worked together I saved all the emails we exchanged because I never knew when I would need to go back to them for something I may have missed. I never thought in a million years what I was missing was an inner darkness embedded so deep it would wind up in a tragedy such as this. I spent about six hours researching those old emails. It was like having a conversation with him all over again. There were great quips such as this one in reference to an article I was writing about balancing work and family in which he stated, “I have my Blackberry and 5 month old son in a Baby Bjorn carrying him, so I literally am balancing work and family.” Or just his sense of humor when he told me “actually, I cashed your paycheck and am spending the day at the Hard Rock Hotel” There were slightly insightful jokes such as this regarding a quiz I wrote for the website to determine if you are a romantic husband that read…”Accepted! Thanks for making me feel like a bum!”

I am not a guy used to a great deal of praise, but he showered me in it on a regular basis, and I have to admit, I liked that a lot. I am a highly self-critical person so it was nice to get validation from a person I held in such high regard. He would say things to me like “Gary, this is one of my favorites. You have outdone yourself.” “Loved, loved, loved it!!!” “Accepted with a smile on my face. Thank you!” “Man, you are getting better and better. Another outstanding one. Thank you!” “Thanks for being a great content guru.” It goes on and on. Even now it makes me bask in the glow of how nice it felt to read. I do not in any way post these as boastful, but merely to show the type of person he was. My personal favorite was a comment after approving one of the last things I wrote for him just weeks before he died where I had boldly stated that he was not allowed to edit out a reference I made to the Warner Brothers character Marvin the Martian. “Accepted! And yes, I left Marvin the Martian in!” Normally, he did not like me taking liberties like that because it was serious business, and over the years he edited out all kinds of things I would slip in. It meant a lot to me that he allowed me that.

However, inside all of the positive exchanges and laughs we shared, I found an email from 2010 that I remember well, but once again, no warning went off on my radar screen. He had sent me the video to the Johnny Cash cover of the song “Hurt” and the words read “thinking about running this along with your 10 ways to overcome a hurtful past. What do you think?” First of all, it wasn’t very often he asked me what I thought about what the content should be. That was his job and he was the best at it. I wrote what he wanted me to write. Looking back now at that moment and absorbing the lyrics to this song, I personally feel like this is the closest thing to an explanation we are ever going to get as to why he did what he did. His only words left were that he was in a dark place. If this song meant so much to him that he ran it on a site that he was almost exclusively adamant be positive and geared towards the typical male mindset, I have to believe that he related his own soul into this song. He once told me that I needed to “make all my words count, because men tend not to like to read very much.” Well if they don’t like to read very much, then they sure don’t like to come to a website for fatherly or manly advice and have this big matza ball of doom there waiting for them. It meant something deep to him. Judge for yourself.

If you listened to the song, obviously you know where I get the title of this piece from. Yet, in this case, the standout line to me is the very last lyric. “If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself, I would find a way.” I guess none of us knew who Bryan really was, and it hurt him so badly not to be able to reveal that in the life he had built, that it led to this. That is my best theory. Theory only though it be.

I do know with certainty that he was a good soul. Outside of this final act that left stained black his legacy, there is nothing but love and joy left on every person he encountered. A special, special individual.

The last assignment I was ever given by him was one week before his death. He asked me to write in 500 words (men tend not to like to read very much) what I learned from the death of my father. When I told him that my dad was still very much alive and well, but that my mom had died early at 60, he asked me instead to transfer those feelings into a fictional piece about my dad, and that he needed it in “like a week.” I sent it to him the morning of the day I found out what happened exactly one week later. He never got to read it.

While I sat through his memorial service, hearing the glowing testimonies from friends and family, watching the video of his life, I watched his wife and children. His wife was stoic and surely still in shock. She was the picture of bravery in the face of overwhelming agony. Here is a woman one day living the dream so many girls dream they will be living when they grow up, and like a thunderbolt from the depths is suddenly at the funeral of her 37-year-old husband…and not even able to grasp on to a car crash or a sudden heart attack to blame. Nothing to scream at but the ghost of the man she loved so dearly. It must be unbearable. My heart ached for her then and does now, and tears strolled down my cheek then and do now as I type it. I know the pain this has left in me, and I was just a work partner for a few years with him. I simply can’t imagine how she  must feel. So, I will share the last part of what I wrote for him in the 500 word piece about the fictional death of my dad that was really about my mom. I laughed when he gave me that assignment, because my mom was a depressed alcoholic that to say the least left a ‘dynamic’ on me that is layers upon layers deep in my soul, and to put those emotions in 500 words was a joke. Did I mention that she and him had the same birthday? August 18th. Fun fact huh? I say that with biting sarcasm towards the sick twists life will give a person. Nonetheless, as I always tried to do for him, I wanted to end the piece on a positive note with take home value. I skimmed over the details and concentrated on the learning part. The take home value from her death is exactly the same as it should be with his.

“None of us every truly die. We leave behind so much still living inside our children and those we shared life with. As a dad that is still able to shape what those things will be, I take that responsibility as my most sacred duty.”

I waited all morning with excitement to hear what Bryan had to say about the piece I wrote. Then, I got a call. These last few weeks have been hard for a person like me who feels very deeply. I’m angry and sad and all the things one would expect in this situation. The other night the emotions came out strongly while sitting on our porch with my wife of 16 years. I cried, I yelled at God, I at one point attempted to throw our outdoor couch into the pool, but afterwards my wife said I filled up with love. I swore to her with tears coming down my face that I would never do this to her. I would never make her hurt like that and I would never make my daughters hurt like that. I mean what I wrote in the last sentence I ever sent to him. I take the responsiblity as my most sacred duty. I thought Bryan and I shared that feeling. God, forgive him for us please. We all loved him and despite the pain that lived inside of him, he gave us all back ten times more love than he got. He was a good man. A good soul. Relieve us of this pain and help us gain back the memories of his big smile and warm heart. Make him whole once again. Make us whole once again. Your faithful servant.

Gary Wayne Abernathy

Pope to God: Dear Sir…I Quit

11 Feb


For the first time since the year 1415, which was 77 years before Columbus came to the Americas, a Pope has resigned. Can the Pope just quit? Apparently, but it hasn’t happened in nearly 600 years, and as far as I can tell, never before has a Pope quit citing health as the reason. NEVER. This is such a historic and sad moment that it is hard to fathom that it is real.

A lengthy statement was issued talking mostly about his failing health, and that quote is being shown on most major news networks. The part of the statement that I have yet to see shown in the 30 second news blurbs is the following, and I think it gets to the heart of the decision.

“In today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the bark of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

In other words…the world in 2013 is just too much for even the Pope. The man who carries the torch of faith in a God and His son the Savior, lost it that God would see him through it. Once again, as far as I can tell, a few Popes have “resigned” but all due to mostly conspiracy and plotting and none because they just couldn’t hack it anymore. The position that upholds the rock of the church, Peter, has never seen a Pope just quit because the world was too demanding for his abilities. Isn’t that where the faith kicks in?

This is a monumental day in the history of mankind. For reasons past the obvious, but at this time I do not know what they are. Yet, if you are a person of faith, one can feel the ill winds blowing.


Gary Abernathy


Celebrating the Gulag and Peering Forward into the Future

5 Feb


Recently in Russia, the 75th anniversary of one of the most horrible truths of the 20th century, the Soviet gulag, was not only marked but celebrated. According to the AP “local officials and prison wardens threw a party honoring the Usolsky camp in the Urals, with music and dancing and speeches by former camp guards.”

How does that make you feel? It makes me literally sick to my stomach and fearful as to the direction not only of our nation, but that the whole world is headed. Millions of people died in the Soviet gulags…brutally…like imagine in your head the worst way your fears think you could die…and then triple them and you start to get even an idea of being in a Soviet Gulag. Who were the people sent to the gulag? Americans…heads up…because the SAME ideology that propelled these camps into existence is the same one over 50% of you embraced this past November, which are the utopian visions of Karl Marx, perverted by Lenin and taken to horrible extremes by Stalin. Something in the pit of my gut tells me that was only the start. Who were in these camps?

Soviet soldiers who were captured by the Nazi’s in World War II were sent to the gulag. “Hundreds of thousands” of them. Sent to war by the “motherland” only to be imprisoned when returning. When one considers how our own “Homeland Security” has been constantly warning about returning vets being “right-wing extremists” one can’t help but peek into the future and wonder.

But the soldiers were not the only targets of the all-powerful government for “re-education.” In the AP article, it is noted that the camp was founded in 1938 , “a year when the NKVD executed hundreds of thousands of people for political crimes and sent millions more to the gulag.” Does anyone ever consider what “political crimes” are to a Marxist government? They are almost anything at all that in any shape, form or fashion doesn’t bring glory to the state. If a person dares to even question the government they are a political criminal. First of all, that is something to celebrate in remembrance? Secondly, consider how in our own nation, the current administration spends vast amounts of time carefully dividing its citizens and labeling the one’s that do not conform as “dangerous extremists.” I am included on that list. A lot of us joke about being “sent to the camps” one day, but when one reads how after all the benefit of open history and looking back and seeing what happened under Marxism in the 20th century, that in 2013 Soviet citizens and even those that participated in the brutality, look back in fondness and righteous feelings for those days, one fears what is in our future.

In today’s headlines even, our Attorney General Eric Holder declared drone strikes on American citizens legal and the White House added that they are “ethical and wise” to do. Who decides who is targeted for these strikes? President Obama. What is the criteria? As far as anyone can tell from the last two NDAA bills that declare the “entire globe a battlefield” the President has carte blanche to declare anyone at all an enemy of the state.

Obviously, we are nowhere near anything at all like the Soviet Union in 1938…yet. But look at the fever pitch of rhetoric after the killings at Sandy Hook towards the 2nd amendment and our entire constitution. Look at the demonization of Americans who dare to stand up for a right that has been an essential staple in our entire existence as a nation. So much so that global outlets such as the New York Times sought to print the names of all gun owners in the city as if they were criminals on the deadbeat dad’s channel or posted sex criminals. THAT IS SCARY. Consider the further and deepening demonization of American citizens by this administration of all opposition against it, and the blind allegiance of most media to oblige the attack on its own people. Those attacks might be labeled “politics as usual” but they are far beyond that. They are turning citizen against citizen, family against family, and friend against friend, and they are setting up a disaster one day. What happens after the next big attack on our soil that every single think tank, defense official or even speculator say is coming with certainty? What if that attack is pinned on a returning “right-wing extremist” veteran? In the aftermath it is not too big of a stretch to imagine the popular call by the media and then the people to safeguard us from these “crazed defects” and just as in 1938, the camps start-up. Think we can’t be rounded up in our homes and thrown in camps? Think we can’t be shot in the back of the head in front of our families? Neither did citizens of Russia and its entire orbit of satellite states making up the Soviet Union, neither did China, neither did Germany, neither did Cuba, neither did Korea, neither did Vietnam, countries all over Central and South America…it goes on and on. When Marxism settles in, the skeletons start to pile up just as in the picture above from a Soviet gulag.

But you say that Americans are more civilized and aren’t capable of such horrors? Oh really? Let us consider Obama friend, Chicago neighbor and political mentor, Bill Ayers, who it is said that Obama’s political career began in his living room. This is an interview, not from Joe’s fly-by-night grainy video news, but from CBS NEWS in the 1980’s speaking with a FBI agent who was undercover in the Bill Ayer’s terrorist group bent on overthrowing America. Watch and listen to this carefully, listen to the plans after the government take over, and consider that MANY in the administration have close ties to Bill Ayers, up to and including Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

If you noticed, the key responsibility in the eyes of the planners was to protect against the “counter-revolution.” They estimated they would kill 25 million Americans to do this. These were not street thugs planning a wild scheme. These were Ivy League elites, the same kind and in some cases the SAME PEOPLE, in charge of this nation right now. Can you honestly say it can’t happen here when it was already highly schemed to happen just that way?

Going back to the AP article and the celebration of the Usolsky camp, it said that “10,000-30,000” prisoners were kept in the camp at any given time, including those convicted of “counter-revolutionary activity” and other political crimes. This was one of many camps that did and held the same.

When describing the “honorable” work the gulag did at that time, the guard said “what bravery its directors displayed over that time, so that the institution could stand tall and successfully complete its production and social tasks.” When you study the picture I posted above of the Soviet guard posing in front of a huge pile of dead remains, consider that he was not sickened or even taken aback…he was proud of what his government was doing to rid itself of those who wouldn’t go along to get along. Look at it carefully, because if we continue to display the apathy and blindness towards what is happening directly in front of our noses, not only will it one day be my skeleton in a pile like that, it very well could be yours too. Will you shrink from history and let it swallow you in fear, or will you stand up while you still can and defend our constitution and engage in the ongoing battle for “hearts and minds” that is raging in every segment of society? Precious little time is left.

Gary Abernathy

When The Wolf Says He Wants To Eat You

28 Jan


Call me crazy, but I’m a big believer in troubleshooting. I have come to be this way from being old enough to have done a lot of stupid (insert nasty word here my daughters won’t allow me to say) in my life. Once you have cut yourself off at the knees enough times you start to learn to have a little forward vision.

The best way to troubleshoot life is to listen to what important people are saying to you. For instance, my father once told me in my 20’s that if I didn’t stop getting drunk out of my mind and getting in fights, that eventually I would get in a fight with the wrong person and wind up in a ditch with my balls cut off and shoved in my mouth. He actually said it just like that. His dramatic description worked. I have no interest in having the jewels removed and placed anywhere but where they are supposed to reside. A decade later, they proved quite useful in creating the aforementioned offspring. Listening to the words of important people works.

So that said, when it comes to matters of geopolitics and social changes, I listen to and read what the important people are saying and especially what they have said in the past. I’m not important. On that Orwell chart posted above, I’m a prole. If you are reading this, the chances are very high that you are a prole too. What does a prole represent on that chart? It means that to the self-appointed elite of the world, you are human waste. They are the wolf and they can and will eat you whenever it suits their purpose or appetite.

Is it the fault of the wolf for being a wolf? No, it most certainly is not. There have always been wolves and there will always be wolves. Do you know why our extremely wise founders of the United States set up our government just so in the constitution and declared all of our rights given by God and not man? Because the wolves had shown them enough throughout history that they were troubleshooting future tyranny. It has worked mostly for the past 200 plus years and the wolves are absolutely sick to death of being kept at bay. To that end, the CBS Network which is an icon of American culture and America’s most watched network, recently ran a segment titled “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution.”

Those old fools from the past could not understand the America of today you see. We need to trash it and let the wolves write-up a new document that better reflects the society they wish to give you. The one represented on the chart above. Your rights given to you by the wolves, not God. Now once again in a troubleshooting mindset, and looking back just at 20th century history, that kind of thinking leads to death and misery for almost everyone…except the wolf of course. Hey, want to see a picture of a real live wolf? This particular one is the mayor of the great New York City. He is a nasty little man with a short temper who claims to know what is best for everyone. He wants you to believe that his heart is so very big, that it is his life ambition to save as many proles as he can from their own proleness. He not only wants your constitutional rights replaced, he wants all the weapons. But not his of course. He needs his.

Mayor Bloomberg is an important man. Listen to what he proposes and consider where he falls on the chart above and how that might affect you. Listen to all the important people give you rosy pictures of what life could be if only we just succumb to their tyranny…oops…I mean wisdom…and allow them to give us our rights and declare God null and void. Everyone is in love with Hillary Clinton after she lied her (none allowed word) off to America and our elected representatives, and did so with glorious acting skills. A tear, a slam of the fist, a wise smile, a tilt of the glasses…oh she was priceless. Well, Hillary Clinton is a wolf. Just a year earlier regarding the fate of the leader of that same nation she was lying about, Libya, after he was drug out in the streets and murdered JUST LIKE THE 4 AMERICANS that were her responsibility were, she proclaimed in what can only be described as maniacal glee, “we came, we saw, he died!” Once again, on CBS News. Hmmm.

Wolves are happy when they eat. They are wolves. I don’t hate Mayor Bloomberg or Hillary Clinton for enjoying their wretched ways, I hate that we, the proles, allow them to do it and cheer them on. I guess that is why we are proles. Maybe I’m not a prole after all. A prole has to do what a prole is told to do. A prole doesn’t deserve to develop a mind of his own. Who said that? Oh nobody, only the Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale University Medical School. Nobody important ever comes from Yale right? But just for troubleshooting purposes, let us take a look at his quote:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society.”…STOP…read that line again and remember this the DIRECTOR OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY at YALE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL. What the hell (I can say that one) is psychosurgery? I don’t know, but he would have made a fine Nazi. Continuing on…”The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.”…STOP…The wolf is saying if you don’t listen to what wolves like Bloomberg and Clinton tell you to do, then you can be “surgically mutilated” and I have no idea what that means, but it sounds worse than having my balls shoved in my mouth per my Daddy’s warning oh so long ago. Continuing…”The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.” Now isn’t that all just lovely? Does any of that spark an interest in your non-allowed brain of self-preservation? This bit of wolf logic comes to you via: Dr.Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, NO. 26, VOL. 118, FEBRUARY 24th, 1974.

So my dear readers, who if reading this obviously take the time to think outside of the mainstream such as CBS News, and consider the viewpoints of your fellow citizens (and future proles) and contribute your own, I would like to ask you to consider this…When the wolf says he wants to eat you, should you let him?

I Should Have Known The 21st Century Was Going To Be Trouble…

15 Jan


Soooooo….about last year…yeah…I was wrong about a lot things as it turned out. Namely, that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in the fiery pits of Lucifer‘s domain that America would reelect Barack Hussein Obama to another 4 years of digging our grave for us. I mean, I was really, really, really wrong. Still stinging on that one I’m not gonna lie. A great deal of my life was invested in making sure that did not happen. Jeepers…so where do we and this blog go from there?  Well, I have a few ideas always up my sleeve…though apparently I suck at forecasting, I have a long history behind me and I can write a little bit. Time to change directions and go backwards in order to move forward.

At least for a little while, I’m going to move this forum to what I first intended it to be…a place for me to write whatever the hell I feel like writing, which usually covers a wide spectrum of random subjects,  mixing humor, deep thought and a pondering mind. In doing that, I will be tapping into old memories and stories in my noggin’ and use them to help sort out exactly how it all wound up where it is now.

The 21st century for me personally started off like a freaking Stephen King novel, but then afterwards settled into the best years of my entire life so far. For the nation however, it started off great with the fact that Y2K was as much hooey as the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 was, but then was quickly torn asunder on September 11th, 2001. When things started going well for me in 2000, I should have known things were going to get dicey for the United States. It always works that way. Scientifically proven. I was born in the 60’s (1966 to be exact) so we won’t count that in this equation, because who knows if life is going well as an infant/toddler. As long as nobody is beating on you and you’re being fed, life is grand. Plus, I kissed my first girl at age 4. Laurie Newsome from next door, my best friend at the time. We hid in the storage room of my house. That was 1970, and the rest of the 70’s went great for me, but the nation, the nation was a mess. I couldn’t stand the 1980’s though nor the 1990’s. I had great friends, a lot of fun for the most part, but my family was tearing apart at the seams, my mom had completely changed, and I personally was as lost as I could possibly be. Yet, the country was booming for most of both those decades, give or take a few spans. So when I woke up on January 1st, 2000 after the night I had just had, I thought things were going to go great for the country and continue sour for me. I was dead wrong. But let’s look back at that.

It was December 31st, 1999 in Charlotte, NC. The last day of the 20th century so obviously a monumental occasion. My wife and I were a young 33 years old and had a daughter who was 1 1/2 years old. We were set to have a party that night at our house and it was to be huge. All of our favorite friends, our neighbors, and some family…and our 1 1/2 year old. My brother was even going to camp out in a tent in our front yard, which he did. I still don’t get that one, but it was his intent and he followed through with it. It was a circus atmosphere just the way I like it.

Now, being a person that likes symbolism and hidden meanings behind things, on special occasions more times than not I’m very choosy about what my attire is going to be. I want it to be something I will keep a long time and always remember that moment. For instance, this past New Year’s Eve after the election and feeling like an island in life dismayed at the thought enough people are out there that would actually vote for their own demise, I wore a black and gray long sleeve tee that I often wear on stage during performance (drummer), that reads “One man against the world.” That is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  This particular New Year’s Eve 1999 I had purchased 2 months in advance the shirt I was going to wear. It didn’t really say anything…I just really liked the shirt and how I looked in it, and I wanted my wife to find me attractive moving into a new century. Nothing worse than kissing someone at the stroke of a century and saying to yourself, “damn, I have to move into the future with that?” So, that was my purpose that year. Not to be ugly. People were filing in, the drinks were starting to pop, food was being served, music was playing…it was going to be a magical night. But there was an issue. Our young daughter wasn’t feeling well. My wife asked me to hold her while she was going to give her some medicine. I scoop my beautiful blonde haired daughter into my arms and sit down in one of our new chairs purchased at Rooms-To-Go that I think we still aren’t paying for…remember those days? “Buy a whole room and no payments until June 2055.” I’ll take those odds that I’m going to have the cash to pay for it by then. We got hooked up. Baby and Daddy sit. New shirt on. Spew. I mean, seriously…spew. All over the shirt that was to make me attractive to my wife. So much for that. Any parent knows exactly what I mean…babies can really puke. I changed to option 2 in the shirt choices.

I was little unnerved, but I still looked pretty good and I was still in a good mood. It’s just a shirt, right? Well, that same scene played itself out 3 more times in the span of the next 2 hours. Every single time I picked up my daughter, she would throw up on me. Nobody else. My wife could sling her all over the room with one arm and a drink in her hand, but if I so much as got near her, boom, another shirt down. True story. By the time she had settled down and fallen asleep, I was down to an emergency shirt. One of those in your closet that sometimes you like and sometimes you don’t, but mostly just wear it so you don’t go around wearing the same things every week. I looked like crap and I was starting to not feel well either. I kept that part to myself, but looking back at pics, I can see the white in my face. My first day of 2000 was not going to be fun.

The rest of the night went great because lots of alcohol cures any worries about vanity and shirts. Midnight came, the world didn’t shut down, my wife still kissed me and loved me even if I was in a horrendous shirt. Then 3 am came. If I’m ever that sick again in my life, just go ahead and put me down like Old Yeller. Whatever form of Ebola my young delightful baby girl was blowing out on me earlier that night had crawled inside me with a deep, dark vengeance. I woke up, buck naked mind you (it was New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 give me a break), and everything that could possibly be inside me started the process of not being inside me anymore. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but it was a horror show. I would lay on the cold tile floor in-between shivering, dehydrated and done for. That lasted a good 6 hours. By the time I struggled to my feet, I left our room and looked down below to the living room where a mass of bodies covered the landscape. Some on the couch, some on the floor, some under tables, and one outside in a tent. Oh it was a scene.

That is how the 21st century started for me. Near death with Ebola and a bunch of drunk friends all over my otherwise beautiful home. I don’t think I drew it up that way when I was a kid and would count up to see how old I would be in 2000. 4 months after that, my Mom would pass away. That is another story for another day, but suffice it to say, going by the scientifically proven formula, the new century looked very promising for America and rather crappy for me.

But a funny thing happened after my Mom’s funeral. Things started going my way in a big fashion. All that had occurred had lit a fire inside me. It was turning point for me that day on April 11th, 2000 when we buried my mother. If there is ever a point when you know you are “born again” that was it for me. Like a butterfly (I’m not as pretty as a butterfly but it’s just an analogy) emerging from the cocoon, my new life started that day. I can sit here and tell you today that I don’t even remember much about that other guy who used to occupy this body. I do know that he is long gone, and he was a pretty good guy, but his replacement is a much improved version. Life was much better and still is for me, so by now you can guess that it is my fault we find ourselves where we are in America in 2013.

I should have known the 21st century was going to be trouble the moment that big smile broke out on my face…

Gary Wayne Abernathy