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The Power of Suggestion

19 May


My pastor recently made the statement that Satan has but only one lie he uses, and he uses it over and over again…”Jesus is not that big a deal.” This is true. So what is the mechanism to which that lie is perpetuated? The power of suggestion. It is the first lesson the Bible teaches us. God provided paradise, and the serpent, via power of suggestion, convinces Eve that she too can be as God if she disobeys the only rule God had given. After that…well to quote Joni Mitchell, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” And thus began the never-ending battle for the souls of man using this simple mechanism over and over and over.

However, most reading this don’t believe that actually happened. Even those that profess to believe the book is God’s word, don’t actually take most of what’s in it literally. This story was a metaphor, as was Noah and the flood, and so forth and so on. The power of suggestion over thousands of years has never been able to kill the Bible (by an overwhelming majority, the Bible is the most sold book in human history, with at least over 6 billion copies sold, and who knows how many given for free), but it has soured its message to a great many. “Quotations from Chairman Mao,” is the best-selling secular non-fiction book, and we see its influence very much in American society today, with just under a billion copies sold.

So, how does Satan, if you even believe in such a being (which many that follow Christ do not now), whisper in our ears with suggestion in the modern world? To imagine Satan being here to answer that question in interview form, I’ll supply his answer: “Well, business is better than ever, Gary. Starting with the Industrial Revolution and moving into the technology explosion of this century, I have more ways than I could ever dream of leading you mutts right back home with me. It’s really not even fair. Have you heard of Edward Bernays?” Yes, Satan, I have, but most in America have not, which fascinates me to no end. More than any other mind in the 20th century, Edward Bernays shaped this world we now live in. It’s almost as if YOU, Satan, WERE Edward Bernays. Were you? “I’m sorry, but I can’t give away trade secrets…you know that” (Satan winks as he speaks). In fact, the case can very easily be made, that the biggest mass murderer of the 20th Century was not Hitler, Stalin or Mao. It was Edward Bernays. We can attribute just 2 facts to him to make the numbers explode far beyond his competition. 1. The nephew of Freud, Edward Bernays, tapped into the psychology of what he described as the human “herd mentality.” We often call this “being a sheep” in today’s world. Using that, he was hired by cigarette manufacturers in the 1920’s to open an enormous market to them that was closed because of social taboo: Women being allowed to smoke in public. Using models in the New York City 1929 Easter Parade, he had them holding lit Lucky Strikes he called, “Torches of Freedom,” and the rest of America’s smoking habit is history. For he discovered how to make something hideous look “cool.” If we pin the tens of millions of deaths related to cigarette smoking since that time to Bernays, his numbers skyrocket. In a bit of not-so-successful irony, the administration of George W. Bush tried to play off this event in the early 2000’s after a dispute with France, by renaming our famous fried potatoes, “Freedom Fries”…It didn’t have the same effect, but the sales of fries certainly didn’t drop. 2. The Nazi Propaganda machine, particularly Joseph Goebbels, was so enamored with the work of Edward Bernays, that Goebbels based his entire propaganda effort against the Jews using the psychological tricks of Edward Bernays. In a very short amount of time, Goebbels and Hitler were able to turn an entire race of people into being so reviled by the population, that the result was 6 million dead in under a decade. 6 million humans shot, starved, burned, gassed, used as human experiments…man, woman, and child…and the German people never blinked an eye. People lived next door to concentration camps and could smell the flesh burning, but none stood to oppose. Edward Bernays had Satan dwelling within him, I’m certain.

Are we still being led by the nose to destruction by the power of suggestion in 2014? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Look around…it’s incredible to witness with clear eyes. All logic, all commonsense, and all basic sense of survival instincts, turned on their head, and the people clamor for more, more, more. If we focus on just the last 2 President’s of the United States and their actions, it is clear to see that the “herd mentality” psychology of Bernays is as strong as ever. Bush for instance, sold a major war in Iraq to the American people simply by using a simple and vague lie (weapons of mass destruction) and fear, coming off the 9-11 Terror Attacks. He convinced most of us, including me, that we MUST invade Iraq instantly. Thousands of our soldiers dead later, and millions of innocent Iraqi’s dead, what was gained? Hundreds of billions of dollars for contractors is what was gained, and a lot of things less clear and dangerous to discuss openly. This same man would then go on to be at the helm of the greatest financial heist in human history – The robbing of the US Treasury by Wall Street. President Bush, with incredible gall stated, “We must abandon the free market to SAVE the free market,” and then he opened it up…and they took it all. And now…we just print…endlessly print…to keep the lie alive for as long as possible. When they can no longer print – we are done. We allowed this by power of suggestion. There was no rebellion in the streets. Not a single person ever went to jail. We abandoned the free market to save it. Classic Bernays. As for President Obama? The list of offenses is so long I don’t think I could ever stop writing them. All we have to do is look at how he gained the election in the first place. That was all Bernays theory. How he got elected a SECOND time? I don’t even know if Bernays could have pulled that off. Satan clearly at work once again.

Well how about more simple examples of how power of suggestion works, Gary? Ok…how about the case of Miley Cyrus. We have a young tv star with a golden image and beloved by an entire generation of children as the character, “Hannah Montana.” She’s grown past that window, so how do we break that iconic image so drastically, that we kill it forever, while at the same time, creating an entirely new iconic creature, to which millions of more dollars can be taken from the American public using? We shock the ever-loving’ hell out of the people by having her come out on a stage practically naked, prance around demonically, and gyrate her young ass all over the privates of a grown man in his 30’s who is married (that marriage has since ended after said debacle). The result was outrage all the way to the Heavens, BUT, Hannah was killed in an instant, and a global mega-moneymaking-superstar was born. We don’t think about Hannah anymore, but what man, woman or child over 7 years old doesn’t know what “twerking” is now? Power of suggestion. I mean seriously, Satan, did you pat yourself on the back on that one? It was a masterpiece: (The horned one chuckles)…”Well, yes, I did have a little party that evening. It was one of the my finest pieces of work so far this century. But don’t think I’m resting on my laurels…there is LOTS more to come very soon. That was just a tidbit of a taste. Just wait. You just wait.”

The power of suggestion. You know what was NOT a suggestion? The 10 Commandments. But we shouldn’t take that literally, right?

Gary Abernathy