Total Subversion of Society: The End of Liberty

3 Apr


What if I told you I had the answer for exactly what has happened to America? How we came to be in the state we find ourselves? Would you be willing to sit down and watch a 1 hour lecture, given by a man who speaks with a thick Russian accent? Would you be able to put up with the fact that the film is grainy and he isn’t all that engaging? There are no beer commercials, no milky cleavage over a chocolate bar, no anything in the film but one man speaking to an audience in the early 1980’s about the tactics of psychological warfare…and more specifically, Soviet Subversion tactics used on the United States of America and nations all over the world. Would you watch another long film interviewing him, upon which is gives us here in the future a goldmine of answers to our questions, like we discovered a time machine? For your own curiosity? For the sake of your nation? Today, you have the choice.

This man, who was widely discredited in the 80’s by our own media (the same way anyone today is that dares to point out the obvious in society) defected from the Soviet Union after a long career as a psychological warfare agent. He came to understand and love America and what it represented. He tried to warn us what had been done, and what was to come. While the audience finds many of his jokes of what is to come in the future quite funny, he was deadly serious. Watching his lecture is equal to a million light bulbs going off in your head saying “Yes!” when viewed in 2013. Then, it was too much to fathom. But it requires you to do what your mother tried so hard to teach you to do – SIT STILL AND LISTEN.

Now, we should qualify before we start watching that the Soviet Union no longer exists and that Vladimir Lenin quoted above is long dead. So who would continue this process of subversion on America that is so easy to see once you have the educational background on what to look for? The truth is, we really don’t know who is behind the curtain. We are being attacked from so many angles, including a great deal from within, that it is impossible to say with certain conviction that this nation or that leader, or this group or that corporation is to blame. What Mr. Yuri Bezmenov details in this long lecture has been perfected and put on steroids in the 21st century. It is used all over the world. We see it in full action in Syria right now. We watched it happen in Egypt. It has toppled one government after another, and America is currently in either late stage 3 or early stage 4 of the process. Late destabilization or early crisis. We are in a global revolution. We can leave the speculation as to who and why for later. In this piece, let’s learn the what. What has been done, how it has been done, and what if anything can we do to stop the process if somehow enough of us actually woke up to reality.

The following two films are of Mr. Yuri Bezmenov. I sincerely hope you will invest your time and learn.

Gary Abernathy


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