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WWIII – On the Brink

16 Sep

At the time that I write this (Sunday September 16th, 2012), it is being reported that “battleships, aircraft carriers, minesweepers and submarines from 25 nations” are converging on the Persian Gulf, and more specifically the Straights of Hormuz. Be warned that the source of this information is well-known for hyping the drums of war. Yet, the facts are true in this case no matter what the actual purpose is.

Massive war games have been planned in the Gulf for several months now, and were the cause of a major breakdown in Israel/US relations this month when President Obama announced that he was dramatically scaling down United States participation from the original numbers.  On the surface, any logical person that isn’t interested in seeing World War 3 begin, would say “whew,” that is a wise move. This entire situation with Iran is a very, very tricky deal. If you both do not wish to see the United States involved in another war, especially one as explosive as this, yet you 100% support Israel as I do and the United States does by official declaration, then you really do not have a lot of options to grab on to regarding this.

However, as the past 2 weeks have played out, we have seen startling and unexpected events take place on several different fronts. The biggest of which was the attack on our embassy in Libya resulting in the death of 4 US citizens. Our Egyptian embassy was also attacked, and to this point, the anti-US protests have spread to 21 different nations. This is a very big deal and connected to an entirely different piece of the overall puzzle, but nonetheless is important to list here. Secondly, President Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Barack Obama of the United States have been involved in a very nasty war of words over what to do and when to do it regarding Iran. The back and forth has been so well-documented, so much played out on the world stage, that it has to make any person that knows how both countries operate question whether it is actually authentic. Real disputes between allies never usually see the light of day until they are de-classified long into the future. Finally, we have the information from today that states that 25 different nations are going to participate in this Persian Gulf training exercise. That is total shock news as far as I’m concerned. There is no other word to describe it other than coalition. A massive coalition against Iran is being unveiled that I personally wasn’t aware existed. That is great news and horrible news at the same time, and when one ties it back to the public feud between Netanyahu and Obama, one then starts to get the uneasy feeling we are sitting right on the brink of global war.

From this point forward I am giving you my opinion, and it can certainly be wrong, yet I’m going to give it because I feel it is probably at least close to the reality of the situation. The protests going on are mostly a smokescreen, but they are also real and tied to the Soros Open Borders crowd. That is another article for another day, but it does play into the overall theme here of it might be “green light” time with Iran. The United States desperately does not want to be the instigator in this war. If we can avoid being in the conflict at all, that would be even better. However, that is next to impossible unless Israel is going to go nuclear. They aren’t, so in that case, the United States must be involved for it to have any change of success. In my opinion what we are seeing is grand theatre with this ongoing feud between Israel and the US administration. When Israel strikes, the US wants to have a viable excuse to say “we didn’t do anything and told them not to do it either.” Iran will not buy it and will strike American targets and economic interests. That then will ‘force’ us into the conflict. I am not going to go into detail what happens after that, because the title of this article implies it. What I did not expect, was to see a 25 nation coalition united in this cause. That worries me. For nations to enter battle in this day and age, first you need a rock-solid case as to why (Iran attacked us) and you need a large coalition of nations that agree with you and say they will assist (apparently that now exists). When you get those two things, war always follows.

So giving the facts on the ground, and what they might all mean, are we sitting on the brink of World War 3? Are we about to turn on our tv’s any moment now to hear explosions are being heard at strategic points inside Iran? I honestly do not know, but I feel like we are as close to that moment as we have ever been. This is Cuban Missile Crisis time. May God help us all.

Gary Abernathy