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Super Storm

17 Aug

Storms are wonderful and majestic. They cleanse the atmosphere and rearrange the geography in perfect harmony with God‘s master design. The problem however as with everything, is man. Pesky, stubborn man. Always without fail, man is constantly challenging the design and listening to the other voice that tells him that he is God, and that if there ever was a God he is long since dead. So we build in places we shouldn’t build. We place our laws above the word. We make our own desires the word, and the word kindling for the fireplace that leads to Hell. Yet, what happens each time the storm arrives? The storm wins. The storm not only wins, it destroys. It flattens and leaves barren what was once overflowing with man and his bullshit. Yes, storms are wonderful and majestic and it should be taken as great warning when the clouds begin to gather. “Red sky at morn, sailor take warn.” That old wisdom of the seas has been around for centuries. God always provides a warning. Wise men always heed them.

So as men and women of the 21st century, are we heeding the warnings we clearly see before us? Do we acknowledge the super storm that is gathering quickly and will threaten to take down not only certain regions, but the whole thing in its entirety? I say no, we are not even beginning to see the real picture as a whole. We are not looking down as if we were floating above the earth and visualizing the puzzle pieces on the board and how they are coming together. Instead we see what dangers that directly affect our own world, and even then we ignore most of those. Somebody else will surely take care of that. Like good little trained monkeys, we only react when prompted. As long as whatever we consider authority tells us not to react, we remain docile to the storm. From the point of view of God, it has to be overbearingly painful to watch. How much more does he have to do? He even came to earth in the flesh to live among us and show us how, and set it up so He was killed in the most horrific of ways so that our horribleness was taken on His own shoulders. He gives us every chance possible to the very last breath.

So now we have come full circle since that moment the life of Jesus of Nazareth expired on the cross, with a crushed body covered in our blood slumping into submission to the world. God was defeated so they all thought. The world now only belonged to man. Three days and one giant boulder removed later, God popped up once again as wonderful and majestic as the storm that preceded the death, and snatched victory from the hands of that other voice. It was and is beautiful. The storm always wins. Now in ancient Egypt, we are back to the days of crucifixion. The Muslim Brotherhood, put into power by our own doing here in the USA via 20-something social media champs working under the CIA, are now sending out throngs of thugs to destroy any and all opposition to their power. At least so the stories being told say. We wouldn’t know, because as soon as the cameras got their big story of a glorious triumph of the people in Egypt, they all left and haven’t returned. They moved to Libya and took down that ancient land next and gave it to the same people. Now they are in Syria doing the same thing. Meanwhile right now as I type this, United States Marines are in an extremely bloody battle in Afghanistan where several young men have been killed in the process this week fighting the Taliban. Who are the Taliban? If I have to answer that question then just go back to sleep and wait for your RFID chip to be implanted. Needless to say, the Taliban are of and part of the same ilk that we are HELPING take over the Middle East. WTF you say? Yeah…me too.

On top of that you have the case of Iran. Propaganda FLYING on all sides regarding the getting closer by the second war between Israel, Iran and the United States. Russia and China of course not sitting idly by with financial and military moves being made on a daily basis. Chinese companies pulling completely out of the NYSE and Russian nuclear subs entering the Gulf of Mexico. You seriously couldn’t write a better summer blockbuster script, yet it is real and only the front edge of a massive super storm. But what really stands out to me here is the return of the crucifixion. Civilization is unraveling like a cheap towel bought at Wal-Mart. They keep telling us it is progress and we are moving forward. But any damn fool with at least one working eye and one working ear can clearly determine that we are going completely backwards. You really have to give Lucifer his due. It is a masterpiece what he is pulling off. But even Lucifer knows that a storm is coming. The storm always wins.

Gary Abernathy