May Day! Why Occupy Wall Street is Set for Epic Failure

26 Apr

The day of May 1st is no accident. The historical precedent of the date is the symbol of the battle between communism and capitalism.

Somehow, that fact seems to escape the memories of most of the United States population too distracted by their own blind weakness to pay attention to the danger surrounding their own home. With the 1st of May now just days away, we are looking down the barrel at the start of what forces in this nation all the way up to the man sitting in the Oval Office plan to ignite into a global revolution. This is it, the climax to over 100 years of struggle between two opposing ideologies. In America, the tip of the spear is the George Soros created and funded false movement given the name of Occupy Wall Street. Lying dormant since last Fall, Occupy Wall Street led by usurper Obama sidekick Van Jones intends to push back into our ‘collective’ lives in a massive way on May 1st. 2012. Enlisting stars of music and film, and training an army of 100,000 activists, Van Jones debuts his act in just a few days.

The “99% Spring” will attempt to do in America what they accomplished in the “Arab Spring” last year. That is, create so much havoc and chaos, that President Obama will be forced to respond with a bloody crackdown, and in the process, laws and executive orders ALREADY SIGNED AND IN PLACE, can be enacted that will finish off the “transformation” of the United States with liberty exiting the door for the final time for humanity. Very few in this country realize what President Obama, Cass Sunstein, Valerie Jarrett, and the whole cast of characters in the White House have really been doing these past 3 1/2 years. It all comes down to this moment. This is a communist coup attempt on the United States of America. A backwards coup if you will, because it has been built from the top down for many decades now. One could very realistically argue that the first shot fired in the coup was when President Kennedy, fresh from warning the American press about just this shadowy danger, was shot in the head in his motorcade in Dallas, Texas with his wife beside him. From that moment forward, starting with President Lyndon Johnson and his continuation of the marxist policies that began with  Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the revolution began implementing the structural pieces that have led to this moment. Sidetracked on occasion, but never retracted, each piece, each executive order being continued, the United States is actually already conquered. Liberties we think we still have, rights we believe are permanent, are actually no more than illusions at this point. The NDAA bill passed earlier this year finished off the last of what was left. President Obama RIGHT NOW has at his disposal, with the entire world (including the US) declared a battlefield, the legal authority to order just about anything done that he can possibly dream of.

This reverse coup is a 3-pronged attack. The 99% Spring is one forward column. The 2nd column is the ongoing attempt to create not only a racial divide in the country, but bring it to a violent boil far outside containment. The exploitation of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair by the usual race baiters, and the New Black Panther Party, is supposed to be the fuel to ignite the explosion. The overall vision is to recreate the Summer of 1968, except this time, take it much further to the point that our poor little President must act to save the country. His acts will be to implement all of those structural pieces ready and waiting for his command.

The 3rd column is economically. The nuclear weapon to finish us off. The vision foresees America post riot stage, locked down and silenced into complete fear (I for absolute certain will not be able to write things that I am writing now) and after the election, the bottom falls out from the seat of capitalism. “See, we told you it was a failed system.” The solution is already in place and ready to save the world from the calamity they are about to put us through. The Global Marxist Revolution so long in the works, finally come to fruition. This is the vision, as freakishly wild and paranoid as it seems to even write it. Colluding with all of the enemies of America to bring it about, most notably, Russia, China and radical Islam. The spoils to be divided up post the collapse of America.

Yet, visions are just that…visions. Not reality. It must first work. The good news? The hope? I think they have set themselves up for the most epic political failure in world history, and if it works the way I think it will, communism will FINALLY crawl away and die the wretched death it has long deserved. I am being optimistic, because I have no other choice in the matter at this point. Here is why I believe they are going to fail.

Starting with the 2nd column, the race war. There is no realistic basis to ignite this war the way they would like for it to do. In 1968, there were REAL civil rights issues and deep hatred. The divide between white and black was deep and filled with hate. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s was a very real and very important part of American history. The Soviet Union, and the forces of Marxism most certainly exploited the issue to their advantage, especially in future legislation to their favor, but the feelings and the cause were real and organic. Those feelings simply do not exist widespread in the year 2012. There is no Martin Luther King. No Malcolm X. There are only false prophets like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, all long exposed as frauds and seen by most as rodeo clowns. Louis Farrakhan has been given a national stage in the coming 99% Spring. Snoop Dogg, enlisted by Van Jones, recently declared the Nation of Islam leader his go-to guy in matters of civil rights.

Do you know that the Nation of Islam believes the white man was created in a laboratory by a mad scientist to wreak havoc on the world? They do. It is at the top of their doctrine. Snoop Dogg apparently believes that too as he sells millions of records to white lab rats. Total and complete bulls$it. The irony to that, Snoop Dogg gives Farrakhan a legitimacy with the youth because of his massive popularity and drug/gang culture fame, while a normal honky middle-class Dad of 2 like me, all of us created in a lab, are considered insane for pointing out the whole damn thing. It will make a great movie one day. There is no merit to this attempted race war, and most of the good folks they are trying to rile up, know it. Bad things, unnecessary things, are going to happen, such as the white man in Alabama recently beat to a pulp by a mob of blacks emboldened by the baiting of the aforementioned rodeo clowns, and their media accomplices.

But a race war? Simply not going to happen. IF if were to get out of control, woe to the one’s exploited to fight it. American citizens are armed to the teeth, and gun sales are through the roof. It is not even close to being a fair fight, and those on the side of being called on to be attacked, are fully prepared for any such event. This is not 1968 and white and black do not hate each other in 9/10 cases. Fail.

Now the 1st column of the attack. Occupy Wall Street. The vision is the Summer of 2012 to be filled with massive protests in every major city in the country. The youth of the nation, fed up with student loans and partisan politics, will rise up in enormous numbers to demand change, in the name of socialism, communism and anarchy. ANY system but capitalism is what they will want. The problem is, the numbers simply aren’t there. Van Jones is training 100,000, but in reality knowing how these people operate, 20,000 or so of those actually may be worth a damn for their cause. The other 80,000 simply wasting space, and I am highly suspect of that number to begin with. That is media hype. My guess, 10,000 bodies, and 200 maybe worthy of leadership and effectiveness. They ARE richly funded however, mainly by the deep pockets of George Soros, as he goes about the business end working on the 3rd column. With that much money to play with, Occupy will at least APPEAR to have effectiveness. However, their reputation was so soiled last year with the rapes, murders, and all-around disgusting behavior of the movement, that they have lost the respect of the public, if they ever had any to begin with. Most now see it for exactly what it is, which is a manufactured movement created by the left to do the exact things I have stated. Americans, dumb as we are, know a fool when we see one, and Van Jones is the ultimate lying fool. He can not lead like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. He can play at it, but he isn’t real. Beneath the suit and the funny speeches (the guy IS fun to listen to I give him that much), is nothing more than a disgruntled ex-convict given new life by communists in Oakland back in the day. Much like the Nation of Islam plucked the charismatic Malcolm X out of prison and molded him into a white-hating mouth machine, Valerie Jarrett and the gang have done the same with Van Jones. The difference is, Malcolm eventually figured out that the Nation of Islam was full of (bleep) and bolted out on his own with a much more positive, and helpful message. What did Farrakhan and the boys do to him because of it? They shot him over and over in front of his wife and children for all the world to see. Van Jones won’t make that mistake, but he will always been known as the fraud he is. Occupy is going to make a lot of noise, but the “99% Spring” is going to be a total dud. A big loud expensive dud.

The 3rd column? The nuclear weapon? That is a much more real and bigger problem. The debt bomb is set to explode and there really isn’t much anyone can do to stop it. President Obama, with the one power he does not have yet, which is to prevent the election from happening, is going to lose badly this November. He is going to lose because of the economy. He should lose because he is the biggest enemy to America we have ever seen in our young history. But that is not why he will, because the American people do not want to believe that. He is going to lose very badly because the other 2 columns are doomed to fail, and the economy is sitting squarely at his feet. It belongs to him and there is no chance he can overcome it. Mitt Romney is going to have a massive mandate to get America back to work and get the economy growing. He is just the man to do just that. It is going to take time, but from day 1, things will instantly begin to improve. We are saddled with a debt burden that is going to last for multiple generations if not forever, but we do not have to collapse. We only collapse if we allow columns 1 and 2 to win. Then we go about the business of wiping away every single bit of damage Obama has inflicted on this nation, beginning with Obamacare. It is gone. All of his crap…gone…and no other communist is ever going to find his way into the White House again. Too many of us now will be standing in the way, and we will not forget. Ever. We will teach it to our children, and they will teach it to their children. The example of Barack Obama to live in infamy as America’s greatest traitor. Move aside Benedict Arnold.

That is my optimistic opinion. If I am wrong, a year from now I will no longer be writing this blog. I will no longer be writing anything. Yet, I find hope in the beliefs of famous marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. He correctly believed that no revolution can ever succeed without an armed struggle. It can not be done in stealth. Say what you are, say what you are fighting for, and then give your life for it. This band of American revolutionaries hide in the shadows. They mask themselves in the clothes of something else we find more appetizing. They change words and change meanings. They attack from a position of weakness, because that is what they are. Weak of spirit and weak of heart. Che Guevara never had a single drop of weakness in his body. His heart was pure for his cause and he lived it 100%. He was a cold-blooded murderer and a totalitarian dreaming nightmare to the people of Cuba, Africa and Central America, but he was REAL. Now tell me, when you look at Barack Obama, do you see anything at all real in the man? Anything resembling conviction? He can’t even hand you a real birth certificate. Can’t show you real school records? People that knew him seem to disappear. Obama is a facade, and facades do not win wars. The revolution is coming and it is going to fail, and these people are going to scatter into the wind like yesterday’s news, as the sun will rise on a free capitalist America once again. Now, let’s watch it all play out starting May 1st. 2012. I will let President John F. Kennedy say it for me, and YOU should listen.

Gary Abernathy


3 Responses to “May Day! Why Occupy Wall Street is Set for Epic Failure”

  1. Jacqueline April 26, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    What secret society was JFK referring to?

    • Gary Wayne April 26, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

      Don’t we wish we could ask him? It is my contention that he was referring to the various collection of societies, coupled with and working in association with towards the goal of global government, the agents of marxism, who at the time were under the umbrella of the USSR. The New World Order.

    • Gary Wayne April 26, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

      Whatever the case, it was certainly quite a description he put forth, and didn’t live much longer after.

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