The Desperation of Barack Obama

29 Mar

The funny thing about a facade is that somebody will eventually take a look at what is behind it. Our 44th President, Barack Obama, is in the process of witnessing his world crumble all around him. The shaky facade has collapsed, and even all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, will not be able to put Barack back together again. Desperation has settled into the “occupied” halls of the White House, and it is a sad and pathetic display indeed.

The path that took an unknown Marxist radical from (Chicago, Hawaii, HarvardIndonesia, Kenya and who knows where else) to the Oval Office, has grown over and will never be navigated again. His voter base has long since abandoned him. All of those slightly offensive and ever-s0-direct political categories that campaigns woo and whisper sweet nothings to, have vanished from his magic scripted speeches. All that is left in front of him are the most radical and delusional. Half of them paid to fake support. Half of them clueless to even where they are, but they need that $100 cash paid on the way out. The other half card-carrying union thugs, and fringe radical groups such as the New Black Panther Party and Communist Party USA. In short, he’s got nothing and he has zero chance of reelection. Unless….

As the year 2012 comes to the end of its 1st quarter, the Obama campaign strategy has become quite clear. Attack, divide, lie, steal, cheat and conquer. There is no other path. No high road to take that shines false light their way. It is open war on the American people in a desperate attempt to retain the last chance of progressive rule in America. Obama was to be the progressive golden child. The culmination of 100 years of shadowy effort. Seemingly from his earliest stages of life, Obama was co-opted by the radical left and mentored, molded and shaped into an image “closer to their heart’s desires.” Nothing about Barack Obama is real. He is the ultimate facade. Yet, despite creating the perfect beast, despite tens of millions donated by puppet masters such as George Soros, the progressives have failed and failed miserably. Their policies, their ideas, their entire mindset down to the last detail, rejected and spit out by the American public. The media in their back pocket, the corporations and Wall Street at their mercy, and the entire power of the United States Government at their command, they have STILL failed. They will be swept out of office in November in a landslide not seen since fellow progressive Jimmy Carter was shown the door with a “don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out” wave goodbye. Mitt Romney is certain to be the 45th President of the United States.

Until that time, it is going to get very ugly. Progressives are nasty, nasty people. Mean, angry, narcissistic monsters the lot of them, and they don’t care if this entire country burns down around them, they are going to attempt every trick in the book to stay. So far this year we have seen them attack the Catholic Church in an obvious set-up. We have seen them attack the main voice of the “opposition” Rush Limbaugh, in an hypocritical ridiculous fashion. We have seen them attempt to start a “war against women” lie that claims conservatives hate women. Now, as the last moments of “March Madness” conclude, we see them taking it up a notch and attempting to start a race war with full media hype and backing. The most peculiar thing? That is failing miserably too. All of it. The progressives have started a revolution and nobody is showing up. A few toothless homeless folks, bought off by a bottle of Mad Dog and a pack of cigs, stand on the front lines of the revolution. They are backed on occasion, in showy YouTube ready form, by SEIU and other traitorous unions, but there is no revolution. The new Black Panther Party has about 6 members I think. The Nation of Islam is now getting in on the act to offer numbers, but I highly suspect that most of its members will not follow the orders of the madman that is Louis Farrakhan. They will cause some damage…make some headlines…yell, scream and moan…but their revolution ain’t happening. Unless….

Where things are going to get dicey is when the war with Iran starts up. When gas prices, already ridiculously artificially inflated, shoot towards $8 per gallon, people are going to get real testy. Ripe, angry and fed up. The perfect time for a dangerous set-up. A “false flag” event of some sort that ignites those racial tensions and class envy tensions the progressives keep trying to set on fire. Starting on May Day (May 1st) the Occupy Movement intends to kick into high gear a repeat of the “Summer of ’68” or worse. The date of May 1st is no accident. That is the communist holy day. Look it up. I have been very worried about this next phase for several months, but as I witness the latest failures, my worry is starting to wane. I am starting to fill with “hope” that these horrible people have no more magic bullets left in the holster. They are going to make life a pain in the (bleep) until January 2013, but they are not going to bring this nation down. Let me repeat…I HOPE that is the case. I am not at all certain. Come January I hope they leave the White House the same way the Clintonites did…destroying property and vandalizing those hallowed halls, displaying the childish, petty sick minds they all possess. They will never, ever return. This is it for them. Americans will never be fooled again. Take that as a direct warning Mitt Romney. We are going to hold your feet to the same fire. Know that going in.

Obamacare is going down in flames and along with it go all the wildest dreams of power and control of the progressives. Goodbye and good riddance you vermin. I suggest you move to mother Russia where you will have “more flexibility.”

Gary Abernathy


One Response to “The Desperation of Barack Obama”

  1. day November 7, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    you were wrong weren’t you who’s president again!!!!

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