Big Oil and Obama: Games People Play

16 Mar

It is called “controlling the conversation.” That is the game in America, and he who controls the conversation controls the direction of the nation. President Obama, and more specifically, the radical enemies of America behind him, are in complete control of the conversation. So what direction are they taking us? Sometimes images say so much more than mere words. The following photos will do just that.

Both of the photos represent the direction President Obama, the Progressives and most importantly, the Kings of the future New World Order are taking America. The first picture is of Detroit, Michigan. At one time, America’s most thriving city. An icon of the industrial revolution. After several decades of hardcore “progressive” rule it is nothing more than a shambles of its former self. Only Ford remains as a viable entity still worthy of the former greatness of the city. But ssssshhhh…don’t tell anyone…the Ford Foundation is the main culprit for the condition of the city in 2012. But that’s a secret…so ssshhh. The Ford name can’t be tarnished ya know. GM is now known, not with affection, as Government Motors, and its highest priority is making a terrible car that nobody wants and catches on fire randomly (the Volt).

Chrysler? Owned by Italian automaker Fiat. Didn’t know that? Uhhhh yeah…the ITALIANS…not exactly known for their innovation in manufacturing…bought one of America’s iconic auto makers at fire sell price a few years back. Detroit is the model for the rest of the nation to look at and say “we are next.”

The 2nd photo is a rare glimpse inside North Korea. Looks pretty much the same as Detroit to me. South Korea by comparison, is one of the most modern incredible nations on earth now. Giant cities with modern infrastructure and booming prosperity…kinda like Detroit used to be. But don’t worry about looking at South Korea. That is not your future. North Korea is the future of America. Of course it doesn’t have to be, but those controlling the conversation have deemed it to be. The future world will revolve around the East, not the West, and America is destined for bondage. Doesn’t that sound fun? Thanks George Soros.

So here in March, 2012, as the nation is quite distracted talking about big meanie Rush Limbaugh and the bad words he said to that poor little college student who can’t afford contraception and wants her religious university to pay for it (She is a 30-year-old paid Democratic operative/activist…they forget to tell you that part), those controlling the conversation are quite busy stabbing knives ever deeper into the back of America. See that eagle crying up there? He just got jacked from behind…thus the tears.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama announced this week that both nations are going to tap the strategic emergency oil reserves of their respective nations.

This will be done to “ease prices at the pump” they say. I’m sure you’ve noticed they are sliding upwards every single day. Closing in on $4 per gallon national average. That’s awesome B. Give us more Daddy. For Obama, this will mark the SECOND time he has tapped our emergency reserves for this reason. For one thing, it does nothing except maybe lower the prices a few cents for a few weeks. As soon as somebody says Iran they will shoot right back up and higher. What it DOES do is drain ever more the vital strategic reserves needed for this nation for EMERGENCIES…ohhh like say…I don’t know…Iran shutting down the Straights of Hormuz? That is a distinct possibility in the coming months, but let’s go ahead and drain those reserves now…for the second time mind you. The title is national strategic emergency oil reserves for a reason. Strategy against a surprise event or natural disaster. Not for political gain of a few weeks of slightly lower gas prices. But ok…I guess there is a MAJOR shortage of oil and if we release some of America’s on the market it will help calm things down. There is a major shortage right? Wait…what? There isn’t a major shortage of oil on the market? There is a huge surplus? Surely you jest?

The article above from February of this year points out the glut of oil on the world market due to lower demand. This has been the case for nearly 2 years now. So wait…if there is a huge amount of refined oil why are gas prices so damn high? In usual circumstances, having too much of a product and needing to unload it results in LOWER prices right? Not in America 2012. 2 +2 = 5 in America 2012. But that’s not all…it gets better….really.

Not only is there a giant surplus of refined oil on the world market, but the larger refineries are using the opportunity to close down weaker and smaller competition by forcing their closure citing lower demand for them. Hey, doesn’t George Soros have interests in a great deal of these largest refineries? Why yes, he sure does Jimbo. It also just so happens most of these refineries slated for closing are based in America. NOW…let’s couple that with the fact that after the Deep Water Horizon explosion in the Gulf a few years ago, President Obama ran off most of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and the jobs that came with them. Over time, he has begun allowing the oil rigs back, but strangely, most of them are foreign-owned. Russia, China and Brazil being major players in OUR Gulf of Mexico now. Hey wait again…doesn’t George Soros own a huge chunk of Brazil’s oil giant Petrobras? Dangit Jimbo…sure does. Imagine that.

All of this doesn’t sound like any kind of “strategic plan” for the benefit of America to me. How about you Jimbo? (Jimbo says huhhh? I forgot what we were talking about…I was watching Jersey Shore reruns).

America is intentionally being run into ruin. Detroit on a grand scale. While they are at it, they are draining our ability to sustain ourselves in emergency and at the same time destroying our military and nuclear deterrent in the process. But the nuclear weapons are another story for another day. The games the New World Order plays never cease. I guess we had a good run huh Jimbo? Switch it over to Storage Wars. We need to learn how to barter…and FAST.

Gary Abernathy


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