The Options of Iran

6 Mar

Imagine you are “Supreme LeaderAli Khamenei and “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran last night listening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel speak at AIPAC on March 5th, 2012.

The Prime Minister made it perfectly clear that Israel is going to take out the Iranian nuclear program at any cost. It was an extremely powerful speech, as well as extremely courageous. Netanyahu displayed character and conviction rarely found in world leaders today. Certainly not from our own President. It is quite certain that the leaders of Iran understand he meant exactly what he said. When the speech was over, let us imagine what happened next in the deepest depths of the Iranian regime.

Along with the Ayatollah and the President, Iran’s leadership also includes a council of mullahs to provide so-called wisdom to the Supreme Leader. The final say however belongs solely to Ayatollah Khamenei. For a little quick background, you have to be aware of the 12th Imam and how he figures into this equation if we are to imagine this scenario to something close to reality. In the sect of Islam followed by the leaders of Iran, the 12th Imam is their version of the coming messiah. They believe he is here already and waiting to emerge in public to take his rightful place as ruler of the earth, with Jesus Christ beside him as 2nd in command mind you. Yes, I said Jesus as second in command. Jesus will tell us that we all had it wrong and that we are to follow this leader. But before this can happen, and I’m not kidding, war and ruin has to be brought to the earth. The state of Israel, and specifically all Jews, as well as the United States must first be destroyed. This is what they truly believe. But wait…that’s not all. Ayatollah Khamenei claims to be in regular contact with the 12th Imam, and that it is the Mahdi that is truly in charge of Iran now.

That might all sound nuttier than a fruitcake to you, as it does me, but this is exactly what we are dealing with when discussing Iran. All of that anti-war propaganda you see all over YouTube and the entire internet NEVER mentions this fact. The propaganda paints Israel as an aggressive evil state that is ruled by Satan, and that the real Jews never belonged in Jerusalem. The propaganda tells you this and that about Israel, and says that poor little Iran has never done anything to anyone and only wants to live in peace with its neighbors. It is ridiculous, but it is the message being spread heavily, and being lapped up like little poodles by the left and casual observers. Popular internet radio show host Alex Jones, his frequent guests, Presidential candidate Ron Paul, the Russian state controlled internet news outlet Russia Today, and many other sources are quite busy spreading this lie about Israel. Never once do they mention this business about the 12th Imam and how it influences every single aspect of the world condition. KInd of important guys if you want your other valid concerns to be taken seriously.

So now that we know the mindset on the inside of the great room of mullahs, let’s continue. Netanyahu concludes and the Ayatollah spins around with fire in his eyes. He looks over at Ahmadinejad with just a hint of disgust (the Ayatollah and the President have a strained relationship at best) and demands a current status on the race to build nuclear weapons. The President responds that all key installations have been fortified deep underground, key scientists are under heavy guard with multiple body doubles to throw off would-be assassins, and that within months there will be enough enriched uranium to create a handful of nuclear bombs. More than enough to destroy the tiny nation of Israel. He also gives the Ayatollah an update on talks with North Korea on how to smuggle North Korean nuclear weapons into Iran without detection to speed up the process. He states that as of yet, it has been impossible, but the Egyptians are open to discussing the matter.

The Ayatollah then turns to the council of wise mullahs. “Ok, give me your thoughts. The Israeli’s are going to hit us before we are ready. What are our options?” The council, not all in the same mindset on the Mahdi as their Supreme Leader, think carefully. The first Ayatollah who came to power in 1979 specifically warned AGAINST this 12th Imam nonsense ever entering the leadership council, and they remember his words well. In fact, it was forbidden to even discuss it. One of the mullahs thinks to himself silently, “how did this nutcase ever get us in this position? We are surely doomed.” His face however remains like stone as he thinks his thoughts of treason. Another of the mullahs, more diplomatic minded and rational than the others, speaks up and says “it is my humble thought, that we should seriously consider allowing UN inspectors into the deeper aspects of our program. Dear leader, the Israeli’s are serious and may hit us at any moment. If we allow the UN into at least some real parts of our program, it will buy us international favor and time.” Much like in a James Bond movie, right after he speaks his words, the floor opens up beneath him and down he falls into a tank of sharks. As mumbled screams shortly fill the room, the Ayatollah shouts, “There will be NO weakness displayed in the name of the Mahdi!” —ok…I’m just having a little fun on that image, but I can see it happening —

Eventually, the mullahs come up with a list of options for the Ayatollah to consider and take to the Mahdi for approval. “Wherever he goes to talk to this Mahdi” the one mullah again thinks silently.

1. Immediately announce that Iran is open to further UN inspections and more access to the program. The Iraqi-perfected stall tactic that was used for nearly 2 decades and has worked for Iran nearly as long now. These little tokens of what amounts to nothing, seem to appease world leaders that do not want any part of war enough to always buy another few months. It also gives world media outlets a headline to chew on and spin.

2. Realize that Israel will no longer be tolerating the stall tactics, and immediately put all nuclear installations on the highest red alert status. Rush to completion all efforts to fortify the structures and to deeply hide the uranium ready for use.

3. Contact North Korea and proceed with the high-risk plan to acquire nuclear weapons at whatever cost they demand.

4. Alert the Republican Guard to be ready at a moment’s notice to proceed with the plan to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. If enacted, this plan will automatically draw the American’s into the war, and if there is going to be war, it might as well be the final one.

5. Strike first. Release terror cells in place all over the world. Israel, America, France, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia and other strategic locations. Perhaps even Moscow to blame on the west to draw Russia into the war as well. Follow this action by an attack on an American warship in the Persian Gulf and suicide attacks on military bases in Afghanistan. The American President will be slow to react and reluctant in his actions, and the confusion will sink what is left of the fragile American economy. Israel will immediately respond with a massive attack, and we will counter it with equally massive ballistic missile attacks on all the major cities of Israel. Meanwhile, flood all information with rumors that the CIA is behind the terror attacks and that it is a false flag to give reason to attack a helpless nation of Iran. The Americans will be in total confusion, financial chaos and in free fall. It is possible, Mahdi willing, in this scenario that we will come out victorious. We can destroy most of Israel with conventional weapons already, and if we can secure the North Korean weapons, we most certainly can. America will collapse like a deck of cards, and most likely will hit Tehran and our cities with nukes. We have prepared for this outcome and our nation is large and able to absorb the blow, and after the Mahdi will heal and restore our land to full glory.

The Ayatollah closes his eyes and falls into deep thought as he draws the Mahdi close to his heart. “What is the way forward?” “What shall you have us do for you great one?” The answer will come in the days to follow.

(The morning after Netanyahu’s speech, the first report I heard on the morning news was “Iran may be ready for peace. The regime has stated it may be willing to allow UN inspectors into new parts of its nuclear program they claim is for peaceful purposes only.” The female anchor responded to this with the words, “that is great news.”) Option 1 already in motion.

Gary Abernathy


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