Is the Open Border Society closed to Israel?

1 Mar

(Mural of a Neo Nazi Soldier taking peace from the earth in the Denver Airport to reduce the population of the world. This will bring about the new age of enlightenment where man is in perfect balance with nature. Seriously…the Denver Airport. Which also has its runway system laid out like a swastika. Check it out for yourself. Plenty of info online.)

One of the most perplexing things about the entire “New World Order” and its George Soros inspired dream of an Open Borders Society is the seemingly Nazi-like attitude towards Israel. Quite perplexing…given that a big chunk of its believers are Jews. I freely admit I don’t get what is going on, so all I can do is attempt to piece together information into some sort of theory.

This underlying hate of Israel came to the forefront a few years back with the Helen Thomas saga.

That was the first real clue that the left…which includes almost all American Jews…has it out for the nation of Israel. If you dive into alternative media, especially on YouTube, you will discover a treasure trove of Israel-hating propaganda from the left. The ‘theme’ of it all, in order to cover their butts basically, is that nobody hates Jews but instead hate the Zionist regime of Israel. There is a deliberate attempt to separate the two. Israel is painted as Satan-worshipping devils that have stolen the land of Palestine, and they are not to be confused with real Jews, who apparently to the left never had any history on that piece of real estate to begin with. Hogwash of course, but that is the lie being sold, and it seems to be working pretty well.

So now, amongst MANY lies being sold hardcore “out there” (meaning all sources of media) currently, there is a saturation of  pro Iran propaganda coming from the left, in an attempt to sabotage any Israeli plan to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. There is a supposed Wikileaks “data dump” that states private intelligence sources believe Israel destroyed all Iranian nuclear facilities in the year 2007, so this war Israel wants to start is pure aggression. That is a bold, flagrant and just ridiculous lie, but they are selling it. That to me only goes to prove that Wikileaks is just another propaganda arm of this new-age movement. The same goes with Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. The New World Order is controlling its own opposition in order to gain the desired end result.

There is also to be found an army of trolls all over social media and the comment sections of articles spouting coordinated lies. I see it constantly. Just this morning on a YNET (Israeli News Site) there was a commenter saying something I am seeing a lot in the past few weeks, which is putting forth the notion that Iran never has said, nor does it want to, “wipe Israel off the map.” They have been saying it almost every day since the 1979 revolution, but hey, let’s just rewrite history. Their entire sect of Islam believes Israel MUST be destroyed and all Jews killed so their messiah can come rule the earth.

So what are we dealing with here? The Fourth Reich? I am not at all ready to dismiss that possibility. There is a massive dark evil growing in the world, and the only other evil of modern times that compares, is the Third Reich. So I will just leave you with the fact that in Farsi Language, the most-widely spoken Persian language, the word Iran means…Aryan (the land of the Aryans). That is messed up.
Gary Abernathy

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