Ash Wednesday

22 Feb


I am currently vacationing with family in the Colorado Rockies, and today is Ash Wednesday. Normally I would be headed for church and my favorite service of the year. There is no hype with Ash Wednesday. No mascots, no expected gifts. Just observance of what our Lord did for us. Since I am instead away in this gorgeous creation of our Father, I had to find another way to worship. As twilight approached and the winds howled ahead of coming snow, I took my rented 4×4 truck out into the back country on roads rarely ventured by those just visiting. To say I was in awe of the beauty is not giving proper credit. At a certain peak in the road, I pulled over as darkness settled in. My radio playing just the right songs providing the perfect soundtrack (Jason Aldean – Dirt Road) being one. I stood there looking all around me and I felt as alive as I ever have. The same feeling I got in Hawaii while sitting alone on a deserted beach and just observing what God created. It is an indescribable feeling that only comes around at the perfect moments. I felt it this evening and I felt the hand of God on my shoulder and I shed a tear. Happy Ash Wednesday.


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