The Last Day

6 Feb

During the Super Bowl last night, I noticed the article below on Drudge. The Ayatollah of Iran calling for the killing of all Jews and the destruction of Israel.

A few days before that, I discovered a powerful short film made by an Israeli filmmaker that depicts a nuclear attack on Israel in the year 2013. The title of the piece is The Last Day. The very realistic scenario is shot in a “Blair Witch” style that places the viewer right into the heart of what that day would be like. This is not my normal style of blog post but I thought it important that both be distributed. Draw your own conclusions, but be aware that Israel and the United States are tied together like brother and sister. What happens there will have direct and terrible consequences on each and every one of us. This is not a conflict that American citizens can sit back and watch on CNN with a bowl of popcorn like it is just another reality show. So how do we prevent it? That is the trillion-dollar question.

Gary Abernathy


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