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Who Lies For You Will Lie Against You

28 Feb

So that I am keeping in theme with the subject matter, I fully disclose that the title is not mine, but instead a Bosnian Proverb, and the image is a random find that makes perfect sense.

What do Wikileaks, Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, George Soros, Barack Obama, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, all Progressives, the high price of gas, war, and a myriad of other current global subjects all have in common? They all revolve around lies. Lies upon lies, upon more lies, and tied together in a night tight package…by lies. If the truth is light, then lies obviously must equal darkness. So when one considers that the core belief structure of almost any person or organization currently holding global power is to lie to attain success (end result justifies the means), then one must conclude that the world is shrouded in utter darkness.

The way to untangle the massive layers of lies is to start pulling the strings one at a time. This is an action that I notice most fail to do…simple connecting of the dots. Information is given to us in single bits…and intently isolated from the other bits it is related to. The average person has no desire, nor the time to waste, or in most cases even the ability to take each slice of information and begin painting an overall picture. Those who would benefit from such non-awareness count on this from you. They are then able to assemble their own “panels” that dissect the information for you and tell you what it means…giving you more lies. It has become laughable in many ways now because there are so many lies out there our leaders contradict themselves daily. “Oh what a tangled web we weave?” Indeed. Yet, it still works because most just simply don’t care. Just yesterday I had two people tell me “I couldn’t possibly care less,” and “I don’t ever pay attention because it makes me sad.” Well I suppose that is a happier way to live. Certainly there must be peace of mind in not knowing anything at all. However, what if we all thought like that? What would happen then? While the Nazi Party were burning Jews in ovens, there were German citizens living right down the road from where it was happening and they claim they had no idea of the things that were going on there. They thought they were just work camps. Nobody took the time to inquire. This is human nature. “If is not hurting me directly, I don’t want to get involved.” “No need for me to put my ass on the line.” Meanwhile, 6 million Jewish men, women and children were slaughtered in just a few short years right under the noses of just that type of thinking. The citizens were more comfortable with the lies.

Which is what this all boils down to…and I say this especially to my Christian brothers and sisters…God expects more from you. You are supposed to understand. You have the power of the light at your disposal. You are not allowed to be comfortable with the lie. In my own personal opinion, being comfortable in that way has to be one of the most despicable sins. There is no shortage of outlets in the faith that will allow and encourage you to get comfortable. That will make everything all about you…and when it is all about us, isn’t that the most comfortable of all? Thousands of books. seminars, workshops, online studies, websites and the like all dedicated to letting you talk about you. Why things are bothering you. How can you find your purpose? Why your marriage sucks. How God can make your boo-boo all better. It is all designed as one big pacifier to be stuck in the mouth of an infant so that nothing ever grows from it. It is all nonsense, and all just part of the one big original lie. Satan is a wily one make no mistake. Man’s most fatal miscalculation in the end will be that he always thought of Satan as an obvious enemy. Satan doesn’t roll that way on earth. Satan is your best friend here. He is the one making your burden just a little lighter and whispering in your ear that you deserve it. He is the one guiding you away from the light and towards the false light. The lie. Then he begins the process of wrapping you inside it, and few, if any, ever escape from that point.

Satan will lie for you. You can also be 100% certain he will lie against you.

So as our world, our society, unravels right before our eyes, and we are told to go about our business and let the big boys handle it, you may need to consider exactly WHO is telling you that and WHY they are saying it. It might just peak your curiosity enough to start pulling some strings. It only takes the revealing of one strand of lies to make you rub your eyes and say to yourself, “hey, that wasn’t true…what else are they lying to me about?” That is the point you begin to walk towards the light again and away from the hidden black abyss you have been wallowing in. That is also the point your life begins to have actual meaning…purpose…and all of the things you pine for. It will make you miserable, fearful, worried, stressed…ya know…those feelings that you go to any length to avoid, because after all, it has been about you. That is not God’s intent. You are to worry about your brothers and sisters and leave the care of you up to Him.

Gary Abernathy


Ash Wednesday

22 Feb


I am currently vacationing with family in the Colorado Rockies, and today is Ash Wednesday. Normally I would be headed for church and my favorite service of the year. There is no hype with Ash Wednesday. No mascots, no expected gifts. Just observance of what our Lord did for us. Since I am instead away in this gorgeous creation of our Father, I had to find another way to worship. As twilight approached and the winds howled ahead of coming snow, I took my rented 4×4 truck out into the back country on roads rarely ventured by those just visiting. To say I was in awe of the beauty is not giving proper credit. At a certain peak in the road, I pulled over as darkness settled in. My radio playing just the right songs providing the perfect soundtrack (Jason Aldean – Dirt Road) being one. I stood there looking all around me and I felt as alive as I ever have. The same feeling I got in Hawaii while sitting alone on a deserted beach and just observing what God created. It is an indescribable feeling that only comes around at the perfect moments. I felt it this evening and I felt the hand of God on my shoulder and I shed a tear. Happy Ash Wednesday.

The Last Day

6 Feb

During the Super Bowl last night, I noticed the article below on Drudge. The Ayatollah of Iran calling for the killing of all Jews and the destruction of Israel.

A few days before that, I discovered a powerful short film made by an Israeli filmmaker that depicts a nuclear attack on Israel in the year 2013. The title of the piece is The Last Day. The very realistic scenario is shot in a “Blair Witch” style that places the viewer right into the heart of what that day would be like. This is not my normal style of blog post but I thought it important that both be distributed. Draw your own conclusions, but be aware that Israel and the United States are tied together like brother and sister. What happens there will have direct and terrible consequences on each and every one of us. This is not a conflict that American citizens can sit back and watch on CNN with a bowl of popcorn like it is just another reality show. So how do we prevent it? That is the trillion-dollar question.

Gary Abernathy

World War 3 or World Peace?

1 Feb

Let me start by saying clearly that everything you are about to read is strictly an educated guess…a theory. I am quite confident that not even those at the highest levels of all parties involved are sure what is going to happen. The entire world is staring in the face of complete and horrifying destruction (World War 3), or quite possibly, if my theory as to what is going on is correct, maybe world peace if it is God’s will. Let me explain my thinking.

First, let us put all the game pieces on the board. On one side we have the United States/Israel/Britain/France/Germany and on the other side we have Iran/Syria/Russia/China. While it is nice to be able to divide our pieces into teams, it is not nearly as clear as that in reality, and one or more may actually switch teams mid-game, so keep that in mind. The two most likely candidates to do such a thing are Germany and China. Now let us put the issues on the table so we know what we are fighting about.

– Global financial meltdown that will not and can not be contained. It will reach every corner of the earth.

– Natural resources, mainly oil, but in the case of China, much more than just that.

– Iran’s attempts to create nuclear weapons

– Jerusalem and who controls it.

– The 12th Imam and the extremely dangerous belief of the Iranian regime that Israel must be destroyed as a nation

– The creation of the state of Palestine

– The creation of a New World Order/Global Government and who controls it

These are not even all of the issues, but they will suffice for now for the purposes of making this theory. As of today when I write this, and as Henry Kissinger recently said, “the drums of war are beating loudly and if you can’t hear them you are deaf.” That is not an exact quote, but close enough to his point. Henry Kissinger is a main architect of what we are seeing, so his message should be seen as just that…a message to prepare…now. The United States is busy building up forces in strategic middle-east locations, Israel is on hair-trigger alert to attack Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Syria is being attacked from within in attempts to collapse their regime, Iran is threatening to attack the US mainland with terror and to fire missiles into Israel, Russia has a naval presence off the coast of Syria and always has nuclear subs in the area, and China is buying up gold as quick as they can while also letting it leak that they have an enormous amount of nuclear warheads stashed underground. The entire area is such a powder keg that even the smallest mistake or spark could ignite an all-out-war that will know no boundaries. If the guns start firing they most likely won’t stop until mushroom clouds blanket the globe. At any time now we could all hear the television blaring that reports are coming in that Israel has attacked Iranian nuclear facilities. That could happen one second from now or may never happen. But we are sitting right on the cusp of it. It could also go many other ways with Iran striking first by shutting off the vital Straights of Hormuz, placing mines in that narrow strip of water, or maybe even green-lighting terror attacks on US or European soil. As of right now, all the pieces of the game are being assembled and each side is waiting for the other to blink.

So now my theory, and what I think we (United States) are trying to do. We are witnessing the end-game of the much talked about New World Order that has been planned since the fall of the Soviet Union. Given current economic conditions, I fully believe we are in an all-or-nothing scenario, and those that would do so are going for the whole thing. The natural conclusion is that it is going to either lead to World War 3, or we are going to get this New World Order that Papa Bush guaranteed we would and peace will supposedly follow. So how will they do it? Here are some keys:

– Stabilize global markets by consolidation into one global authority and a new currency. A push of the reset button.

– Rid the world of its one constant source of friction, which is radical Islam, by taking down the regimes of Iran and Syria that produce and support the terror organizations of Hezbollah and Hamas.

– Force the creation of a Palestine state with Jerusalem as a shared capital.

– Force the hand of China to accept this plan by giving them no other option but destruction. They will come out on top if they choose peace, to the detriment of the current role of the United States.

– Isolate Russia into compliance by forcing Putin out and allowing Russian dominance of European oil markets.

Once again, these are just the surface topics and much lies underneath, but these are the headlines. How are we going about doing this? Economically, they are using the suicidal actions of the Federal Reserve and central European Banks to implode the global economy to the point that there is no chance of return. It will require restructuring and who comes out on top of that is anyone’s guess. China is the logical choice and the most often mentioned, but I personally can’t see the power brokers of the United States and Europe just settling with that scenario. I personally feel they are blowing smoke up the proverbial butt of China to draw them in to the trap.

As for what is happening right now in the middle-east, this is what I believe is going on. Egypt and Libya were toppled and given to the Islamists that we have been at war with for over a decade. It is shocking and baffling to see. Yet, our state department and President seem quite confident that there is a peace to come from the act. A restoring of ancient lands into the hands of rightful owners without further western influence. A sacrifice of sorts to appease Islam. The terrorist hotbed of Yemen has quietly been under siege for over a year in exchange.  Saudi Arabia, another hotbed of terrorism, but extremely vital to global oil interests, is being kept at bay by the influx of money pouring in from the pockets of US citizens like they have never seen due to purposeful high gas prices and Saudi dominance in the market. The Royal family is sitting back and collecting your cash with big smiles on their faces. Do they realize that cash will be worth maybe .35 cents on the dollar when it is all said and done? I don’t think they do.

These acts now leave Iran and Syria isolated but for the protection of Russia and to a lesser extent, China. The attempt is being made to back Russia down by offering up the European oil and natural gas market to their dominance. An act that Ronald Reagan urgently warned America to never let happen. It seems to be the only carrot that can be dangled that might avoid this turning into the mushroom cloud scenario I mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, China is heavily dependent on Iranian oil and the proposed sanctions against Iran oil will hurt them in a big way. To solve that issue, it seems the much-hyped Keystone Pipeline that has been a hot-button issue in the election process, has entered into this equation. The excuse given not to allow the pipeline to flow oil from Canada into the United States has NOTHING at all to do with the environmental reasons given. Instead, that pipeline will go to the Canadian pacific coast and head for China. The media fail to tell you that part. Politics are all about what you get in return for cooperation, and Russia and China are collecting their bounties in exchange for allowing what will happen to Iran and Syria. Are these big enough carrots to avoid world war? Nobody knows, but that is the hand being played right now.

Assuming Russia and China sit on their hands and just bark but not bite, Israel or the US or both will soon attack key Iranian nuclear facilities. The US is currently adding more power to their already incredibly powerful bunker-buster bombs in hopes they can destroy the nuke plants without going nuclear. At the same time, the CIA and Mossad are EXTREMELY active in Iran sabotaging key installations, killing important civic figures, and sewing the seeds for internal revolution against the regime. Syria is already in full-blown revolution and the only thing propping up the regime right now are the Russian warships sitting right off the coast to deter further action from America. The US and Israel hope to topple both nations with very little actual military action. That is a GOOD thing for the whole world. The keys to success are to keep Russia and China from entering the battle, and to also wreck any attempts Iran makes to strike back via terror attacks in the US, Europe or Israel. Little is known of the actual capabilities of Iran in this area. It is quite possible they already have a nuclear weapon or two obtained on the black market from North Korea or Russia. If they feel they have no other choice, they would not hesitate to use them, or any other chemical or biological weapons they may have. Iran is very dangerous and the chances of getting out of this unscathed are almost zero. But that is the attempt being made.

With Russia and China bought off and future promises made, and the Iranian and Syrian regimes taken down, the people of Palestine will now be completely isolated with no options. The hope of peace will no longer be a farce they continue to dangle against Israel. They will be forced into agreeing to a peace settlement and a creation of the state of Palestine that DOES still include as well the state of Israel. They have never intended to settle. They want the whole thing. They will not get it. Palestine and Israel will share Jerusalem as their capital, and international peacekeepers will forever be on the border between the two countries. The problem of Jerusalem finally solved. This is what I believe is going on right now in this world as I type.

The financial collapse will come soon after the peace with Israel is established. Debt will be erased, most will lose almost if not everything in the process, and a new global currency and economic order will be put into place. Americans will suffer greatly in this scenario, but they will not have all of their cities burned by the nuclear warheads of Russia and China. It is likely China will emerge dominate in this scenario as folks like George Soros tell us they will, and China will control the financial strings of the world much like the US does now. So they think. That is another theory for another day.

So what do I think is actually going to happen? I think we could see World War 3 break out at any moment. I do commend them for trying though, and if we still have enough patriots in our government fighting for us and NOT the New World Order, then maybe we can save this thing yet from happening. But as it stands right now, I see war coming and I see it going very badly…for all of us citizens of the world. The time is now to know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for one day there most certainly will be a world government and the name that sits upon it is Wonderful. God…your Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. We await your return.