When Men Remain Silent

10 Jan

As we enter 2012 in America, we face new laws and directives that are a direct and tyrannical attempt at intimidation towards the American people. They are designed to be used as a last resort, but more so their goal is to create self-censorship in the media and populace. Intimidation being the new (and old) tool of censorship. Specifically, the NDAA bill that was signed by President Obama on New Year’s Eve declares the entire world including the United States a “battlefield.” Furthermore, it gives the government the power to arrest and detain permanently without legal representation ANYONE who they claim to be a threat to the security of the United States. That is as oppressive a power as ever given to any government at any time in history. Most times, evil does not put on paper its intent, but America in 2012 has done just that. It is now LAW that we live under the thumb of a government that is intently destroying our nation piece by piece. And in this case, shredding the Bill of Rights into little pieces right in front of us and daring us to care.

Another new directive that began in November of last year is the permission granted to the DHS to collect “personal information” on anyone (media, blogger or individual)  that actively attempts to keep “their audience situationally aware and informed.” Just to be clear, that means ME writing this article right now. It means YOU if you post on FB that Obama now has the power to detain American citizens forever if he wishes and nobody can do anything about it. It means CNN, FOX News or MSNBC if they dare stray too far off the planned message that is given to them from the White House on a daily basis. It means in a nutshell that they are keeping tabs on who says what and will one day move to shut down all who oppose their New World Order. In the words of George Orwell, it means “slavery = freedom and war = peace.”

While these things happen in plain sight, and while the drums of war beat louder and louder and surround the nations of Israel, Iran and Syria, and the forces of America, Russia and China quietly gather, men are remaining silent. Silent as falling snow at 3 am in the morning. Do you hear that sound? No, no you don’t because there is none. Men who I have in the past considered great, remain silent. Men with the power to create immediate change remain mum. Men with information and important knowledge do not share it. Men who we desperately need to step up on to the chopping block for the sake of their country fail to do so. They choose to be cowards. They slink back into the shadows as the mighty sword of tyranny displays its bloody tip to them. “Do you know this man? Weren’t you with him?” “No, I have never seen him in my life.” And he runs off into the night. Is this you as your country needs you the very most? Are you holding on to the notion that saying nothing might save your 401k and family peace? Son, that is not how it works. When the time comes for rounding, and that time ALWAYS comes throughout history, in the end, it is YOU who will suffer the very most. Your mind will suffer in anguish, your heart will suffer in its cowardice, and your spirit will suffer in shame at what you allowed it to be. “Give me liberty or give me death!” That is the spirit that created this nation of light that was named America. In 2012, men instead are saying “I will take the tyranny, but please don’t take away my false illusions of grandeur that I have created in mind.” Evil, the kind of evil that swallowed Europe in the 20th century, laughs most at that kind of coward. It does not relent and keeps taking until there is nothing more of you left than a bony body lying in a mass grave of other cowards. The mafia operates in the same fashion, and make no mistake, that is the style of government we are currently led by. The mafia bleeds its victim completely dry slowly until there is absolutely nothing left to steal, and then it laughs and moves on to the next in line. America is being bled dry right now in front of our eyes. The wealth being sucked out, the infrastructure wrecked, the secrets stolen, and the people intimidated to remaining blind and silent.

I will not allow my spirit to be killed by evil. I will trust in God that He will be by my side every step no matter what horror I may face in the future. He has never let me down yet, nor will He ever. I will not be a coward in these days and I will not silence my mouth or curtail my actions. I will stand with those in history before our generation. I will stand with Patrick Henry. I will scream at the top of my lungs to anyone who can hear me….GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! For in death, you release me out of this prison of man and to my natural home by the side of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Until such time, I will not bow to the plans and schemes of evil souls. What will you do?

Gary Wayne Abernathy


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