If You Want Peace, Prepare For Peace

30 Nov

A wise man I have admired for nearly 15 years gave me this advice yesterday…”If you want peace, prepare for war“…this coming after a back-handed insult against “meddlesome do-goodism.” Leaving things alone is a better solution while you go about preparing for the coming war. As much as I appreciate his intense intelligence and experience, which compared to mine is not even on the same planet of conversation, I feel his thinking is wrong. I believe there is a better way.

I most certainly feel war is coming. It is already here. Any person, with eyes wide-open, can see the flaming clouds of destruction speeding towards our shores. Those clouds will not be stopped and will engulf us all quickly and with total and complete malice. The writing is on the wall. So, how does one prepare for that? I say that you can’t. Governments can, but our government has been quite busy the last 2 decades NOT preparing for war, but instead creating the war that is going to destroy us. We have been betrayed worse than Benedict Arnold could have ever dreamed of. No one political party can be blamed, no one single politician, but instead, we have been betrayed by a century old plot that seems to be our destiny. A destiny that was designed and written thousands of years ago, and we watch the pages of those words come to life every day that passes.

So prepare for war he tells me? How? By stocking up enough canned food to help my family survive for 7 days? If a need for food goes longer than that, it won’t be needed anyway. It will be stolen and my family will either be on the run or killed on the spot. Shall I fortify my home? Unless I suddenly come across some bullet-proof glass, barbed-wire fencing, and military grade weapons, nothing is going to stop the onslaught of humanity running wild that will kill everything in its path. A pistol or a shotgun isn’t going to save anyone. Do I stock up on gold? Quite possibly the dumbest scam ever put forth. Any normal individual, meaning not in the tiny club of elite that will find themselves sheltered from this fire, has no use for gold during and after the war. Even if you have it, you can’t use it, and most likely it will be stolen from you along with your life. Who will take it? The same government that betrayed you. If not them, the marauding bands of gangs will. Unless you suddenly have the criminal skills and charisma to be the leader of one of these gangs that will quickly form, gold is only going to get you killed faster. That job description also requires a brutal, Godless-soul willing to kill, rape and plunder solely for your own benefit. I’d like to think most are not qualified for such work. I know I’m not. When war comes this way, my time will be quickly over. At the very best, I will wind up in a concentration camp where maybe I can outlive the war long enough to come out of the other side. Most likely though, I will either be killed when the bombs start falling, or shot when the soldiers pour in like cockroaches after the initial onslaught. I was never made for war. I was made to prevent wars…a “meddlesome do-gooder.”

I believe if you want peace, you prepare for peace. Man can create all the horrifying weapons he wants, but there is one force that can never be defeated. My meddlesome do-gooding revolves around Kingdom building. There WILL be peace one day on this earth, and I am busy preparing for that day. Isaiah 9:6 says “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Preparing for war is the ridiculous notion of men who are too blind to see past their own perceived greatness. Preparing for Peace? That is for the soul that sees and feels the glory to come. The coming day of our Lord. It is fast approaching, so this meddlesome, naive dimwit asks of you…Are you ready? Are you prepared for peace? Fire is coming one way or another, but the larger question is for how long will you have to endure it? The man said to me, “thinking isn’t for everyone.” Well, give my last question a good pondering, because the only thing that truly matters at all in your earthly existence is getting the answer to that question correct. God bless and peace unto you in these days of great peril.

Gary Abernathy


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