Occupy Wall Street: Ominous signs of things to come

3 Nov

The above banner led the march all day long in Oakland, CA on November 2nd, 2011. Personally, I found it refreshing. If you want to have a revolution, if you want to have a debate, then show your true colors. Be brave enough to say exactly what you are…exactly what you believe…and let’s see who wins. However, that is not how these people operate in their leadership, and as I watched that banner be carried all over the city yesterday, the chat roomers complained over and over to have it removed because it gave away to the general public what they are about. The people behind this movement want you to think of them as 1776 red, white and blue patriots. They do not want you to know that what they really are doing is re-creating 1917-1919 Russia. This movement is as red as Lenin‘s panties he wore under his revolutionary costume as he ordered up the slaughter of millions of his fellow citizens.

These are scenes from Oakland yesterday. Notice the nice “Class War” banner too. How sweet. Hey…didn’t our President START this class war a few months ago? Yes…now that I think of it….yes, yes he did. Gee, we wouldn’t want to consider the fact that he may be trying to overthrow the very government he sits at the top of would he? Nahhhhh…that is just bananas…loony freakin’ toony is what that is. Obama a Marxist? Never. (insert image of me gagging with my finger in my mouth)

Ok, so I laid out in my previous post the plans to make Oakland the catalyst for the movement going forward. If yesterday, and today for that matter as this morning they have once again blocked off the Port of Oakland, are any indication, things are very ominous indeed. One wonders if anyone is actually left in power that will actually stand up for America at this point? Seems to me we have marxists, anarchists and the main power, the New World Order, but other than MOST of America, nobody in power is standing up for what America has been, is and will continue to be. Good thing we have a citizenry that is armed to the teeth. Thank you United States Constitution.

November seems to be a turning point, and in the coming weeks we have to look forward to, in no particular order, the following events I have heard mentioned many times as I follow this movement. Whether they happen, what they mean, and all of that, is still up for final conclusion, but these things are coming up very shortly:

Operation Greenout: Encouraging all Americans to remove their money from Wall Street Banks and join credit unions. Maybe you have noticed the sudden influx of Credit Union commercials on your tv lately, and how they are suddenly being talked about on the big business shows nearly daily now? Nah, the media isn’t involved in this. (gagging with said finger again)

Operation Shutdown Facebook: SUPPOSEDLY, the infamous Anonymous, who I wrote an article about last month that traveled far and wide about their plan to attack the NYSE, are going to attack and “kill” Facebook this coming week I do believe. Any day now I guess. The same as what happened with the stock exchange attack, in the last few days videos have surfaced claiming it to be a hoax and they are not going to touch Facebook. Other vids say the attack is already underway. My personal instinct is they won’t mess with it. Why would they destroy one of their main weapons of information sharing? Makes no sense.

11/11/11: I have no idea what is planned on this day, but I hear it talked about constantly in the chats. Almost to an obsession. It may just be because of the unique day itself, but they all seem to think “something huge” is going to happen that day. However, one of the chatters I follow pretty close, made mention of this day and said “just wait, it is going to blow you away, but I can’t say anymore about it or I will get banned”…soooooo…take that however you want. It is all just mumbo jumbo right now, but keep eyes and ears open.

To conclude, we have bank runs, cyber attacks and a weird day that makes people think weird things, to go along with the rising chaos, possible war in the middle east, and who knows what else. The story changes daily…hourly…by the minute. I will continue following and updating.

Gary Abernathy


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