Occupy Wall Street: Phase Two Has Begun

2 Nov

Something is afoot at the Occupy Camps across America and the globe. Something known as “phase 2” of the movement. To be clear and honest, I do not know the intent of what will unfold with this new escalation, but I can only imagine things are just going to get worse. The entire movement has centered around Oakland, CA for nearly 2 weeks. This is not by chance. Of interesting note as well, Van Jones, one of the cogs of the creation of this machine, sharpened his communist teeth in none other than Oakland. His past there, including turning to communist doctrine as his belief system, is well documented in his own words both written and oral. That said, the “big names” such as Michael Moore and his ilk have been hovering over Oakland like vultures the past few days. Also, in the chat rooms of Occupy movements the chatters “in the know” keep mentioning to watch the events in Oakland as they unfold for they are to be the catalyst for things to come nationally and globally. So today, November 2nd, 2011, a General Strike has been called for in Oakland, CA. Here is a news report on the event:

I have no idea if this strike will be a success, but it seems to have major unions backing it. Couple that support with the fact that the Mayor of Oakland appears for all the world to me to be playing the role of villan in this great act, and that she has her police force in utter confusion, this is a dangerous situation out in California. She is not the only American Mayor I see as participating in this highly orchestrated movement, as I will get to him shortly.

I submit these posters as evidence of major central planning backed with major financial support. The vagabond element, the ones attacking women, exposing themselves, and in the case of the Occupy Austin fellow I watched this morning giving a rant, smoking pot and getting high, are not remotely capable of producing this type of organization, effort and result. This is simple fact that you need to have in your head asap…big people and big money are orchestrating major social unrest in your nation. So who are they? First and foremost, George Soros. We all  know by now the desires of that evil crinkled up old man. But I shall give you another name among the many to throw in the mix…

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. Billionaire.

His connections to the entire event in NYC are too much to ignore all the way down to the park they have taken up residence in. Something is happening on Wall Street RIGHT NOW that is confirming my beliefs about him. As Oakland is being set up to send this Occupy movement into “Phase 2,” Mayor Bloomberg has ordered all the barriers that have been protecting Wall Street from actually being “occupied” for 2 months be removed. That is happening right now as confirmed on the Fox Business Channel at noon today, November 2nd, 2011. The protesters will now have the ability to get to the steps of the stock exchange, to the famed bull and all icons of Wall Street. The NYPD remain in place, but without the barriers, this now places them directly in position to face confrontation by the uprising. It is my belief that is the plan of “Phase 2″…escalation to violence…and to force the police into reaction that will be exploited globally as a brutal crackdown. Those barriers have been in place for 2 months and have been effective keeping the engine of our economy running while the chaos was just down the street. Why remove them today Mayor Bloomberg?

Bottom up and top down. The good Mayor is doing his part to get to phase 3…top down. New World Order.

As you watch the videos provided by no other than RT (Russia Today), the government-run propaganda wing of Putin’s Russia, coming out of Oakland, and later on of protesters sitting atop the Wall Street Bull and battling the NYPD, make sure you are aware of the order Mayor Bloomberg gave today that matched up with the events in Oakland.

Why did I mention RT? Because if you will notice, everywhere on this planet where an uprising has occurred in the past 2 years, RT has been right there to document it, exploit it and spread it across the world. That also is not just “by chance”….they are everywhere from Greece, London, Egypt, Libya, Syria and all over America….you name a spot…they are there cam ready and posting on YouTube instantly. Am I saying the Russian government is helping to de-stabilize global security? Yes…yes I am. To what end you may ask? I hope we never find out.


Gary Abernathy


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