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If You Want Peace, Prepare For Peace

30 Nov

A wise man I have admired for nearly 15 years gave me this advice yesterday…”If you want peace, prepare for war“…this coming after a back-handed insult against “meddlesome do-goodism.” Leaving things alone is a better solution while you go about preparing for the coming war. As much as I appreciate his intense intelligence and experience, which compared to mine is not even on the same planet of conversation, I feel his thinking is wrong. I believe there is a better way.

I most certainly feel war is coming. It is already here. Any person, with eyes wide-open, can see the flaming clouds of destruction speeding towards our shores. Those clouds will not be stopped and will engulf us all quickly and with total and complete malice. The writing is on the wall. So, how does one prepare for that? I say that you can’t. Governments can, but our government has been quite busy the last 2 decades NOT preparing for war, but instead creating the war that is going to destroy us. We have been betrayed worse than Benedict Arnold could have ever dreamed of. No one political party can be blamed, no one single politician, but instead, we have been betrayed by a century old plot that seems to be our destiny. A destiny that was designed and written thousands of years ago, and we watch the pages of those words come to life every day that passes.

So prepare for war he tells me? How? By stocking up enough canned food to help my family survive for 7 days? If a need for food goes longer than that, it won’t be needed anyway. It will be stolen and my family will either be on the run or killed on the spot. Shall I fortify my home? Unless I suddenly come across some bullet-proof glass, barbed-wire fencing, and military grade weapons, nothing is going to stop the onslaught of humanity running wild that will kill everything in its path. A pistol or a shotgun isn’t going to save anyone. Do I stock up on gold? Quite possibly the dumbest scam ever put forth. Any normal individual, meaning not in the tiny club of elite that will find themselves sheltered from this fire, has no use for gold during and after the war. Even if you have it, you can’t use it, and most likely it will be stolen from you along with your life. Who will take it? The same government that betrayed you. If not them, the marauding bands of gangs will. Unless you suddenly have the criminal skills and charisma to be the leader of one of these gangs that will quickly form, gold is only going to get you killed faster. That job description also requires a brutal, Godless-soul willing to kill, rape and plunder solely for your own benefit. I’d like to think most are not qualified for such work. I know I’m not. When war comes this way, my time will be quickly over. At the very best, I will wind up in a concentration camp where maybe I can outlive the war long enough to come out of the other side. Most likely though, I will either be killed when the bombs start falling, or shot when the soldiers pour in like cockroaches after the initial onslaught. I was never made for war. I was made to prevent wars…a “meddlesome do-gooder.”

I believe if you want peace, you prepare for peace. Man can create all the horrifying weapons he wants, but there is one force that can never be defeated. My meddlesome do-gooding revolves around Kingdom building. There WILL be peace one day on this earth, and I am busy preparing for that day. Isaiah 9:6 says “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Preparing for war is the ridiculous notion of men who are too blind to see past their own perceived greatness. Preparing for Peace? That is for the soul that sees and feels the glory to come. The coming day of our Lord. It is fast approaching, so this meddlesome, naive dimwit asks of you…Are you ready? Are you prepared for peace? Fire is coming one way or another, but the larger question is for how long will you have to endure it? The man said to me, “thinking isn’t for everyone.” Well, give my last question a good pondering, because the only thing that truly matters at all in your earthly existence is getting the answer to that question correct. God bless and peace unto you in these days of great peril.

Gary Abernathy


Chaos: OWS, Anonymous, Syria, Iran, EU, WWIII and a President in Danger

20 Nov

Does anything at all feel like business as usual to you as we stand here at the end of November, 2011? If so, then you are quite lucky, and you might be wise just to hold on to that feeling. Here in America we are surrounded by a bubble of unrealistic, naive thought, that provides us with the belief that come what may, nothing at all can possibly alter our current lifestyle. It is a nice way to live I suppose…destructive to long-term survival…but nice while it lasts. Yet, even that bullet-proof dome we have placed over our heads seems to be showing signs of cracking. The evidence just keeps piling up and to even the most optimistic, a feeling of uneasy worry is starting to creep in. That is good. That might save us. Maybe.

Chaos has engulfed the entire planet as we close in on the year 2012. I am not a believer in the Mayan prophecies that call for the world to transform on Dec. 21st, 2012 after an incredible series of catastrophes come first. That said, the chaos and possibilities for those catastrophes are sure present and likely starting any moment. I leave the Mayans and their date out of it though, because we have enough to worry about. We do not need to add things such as that to the mix, no more than we need to add end-times biblical prophecy to it either. As Christians, if it did happen to be that time, then rejoice, your redemption is nigh. Just know that MANY have thought the same thing since the day Jesus said he would return, and so far, that time has not arrived. So we need not speculate on that, and instead concentrate on the matters at hand, and those matters are completely out of control. We need mankind awake and figuring out solutions QUICK, and those things just offer distraction from an otherwise dismal reality staring us in the face. Pray most certainly, but do not waste your time waiting to be raptured out of this mess. A portion of this mess is being caused by that very same type of thinking by the radical Islamists in Iran that believe the Mahdi is here on earth. Do you know what has to happen first before the Mahdi reveals himself? Israel and the United States must first be destroyed. If you wonder why the insane leaders of Iran are speeding towards making nuclear weapons you now know the answer. That is what they believe with every fiber of their beings. If it sounds crazy, that’s because it is, but that doesn’t make it any less a reality that faces us. Within the past year the top 2 leaders of Iran have said on record that the Mahdi is here on earth and they are in regular contact with him. He is guiding their policy and they will do everything they can to hasten the time that he reveals himself to the world. What that means is they will do everything they can to destroy Israel and the United States so the new age of Islamic glory can rule the world. Does that not scare the absolute poop out of your pants? If it doesn’t, you better get it checked out down there, because it most certainly should. Very few people report this fact about Iran, because global policy has shifted against the state of Israel and the attempt is being made to paint them into a corner. Nobody wants you knowing that the leaders of Iran (not the people) are completely insane and are indeed following this belief system until the bitter end. It would behoove you to do research on the Mahdi, Iran and what they believe is coming, and THEN you will understand the vastly important puzzle piece that is otherwise being withheld from you. It doesn’t matter if you think it is crazy, if they don’t, and what they want is YOU dead. That is the kind of thing ya should kind of take serious.

So as we take inventory on this day, we see chaos everywhere. The Iranian agenda of the Mahdi is not the ONLY agenda at play on this earth right now, and the other one is the New World Order…created by…Order out of Chaos. They set the world on fire so that they then may re-mold it nearer to their heart’s desire. Fabian Socialism. Something else that would behoove you to research as soon as possible. There are so many secret societies at play right now, so many agendas, that it is indeed just pure chaos. At the very core of each of those agendas always lies this promise of Utopia. That if only they can kill or destroy everything in the way, then the world could be perfect as they wish. Peace always lies at the end. The same belief systems gave us the USSR and the Iron Curtain of the 20th century. Nothing but un-Godly death and human misery came from it, and its rancid stench can still be smelled in every corner of the world. The same belief systems also brought us the Third Reich…Nazi Germany. The horrors that came from that time are well documented. The same feelings are rising rapidly today, especially in United States, and of course reside in the leaders of the nation of Iran. No Sir, this is far from business as usual. There are no individual thoughts or political parties of differing ideas but sharing of a common goal. This is a time of which agenda will win first, and the race is in full heat right now. The problem for you and me is that we lose no matter which one wins. Even if one of the agendas sees America coming out of this taking the spoils of victory, and we all prosper from that, is that really a win? Do you want others to suffer and perish across the world so that you may keep your 3D television and iPhone? Some of you probably could care less, but I think most just don’t comprehend exactly what is going on.

As I type, we have an organized revolution in the streets being funded by one or more of the agendas that is not going to go away. OWS. We have a very strange, and seemingly very dangerous group of ‘hactivists’ known as Anonymous that are making more and more dire threats everyday that passes. At the end of last week, they were threatening President Barack Obama claiming to have him under constant watch and saying they will punish him. Currently they are calling for global revolt in the streets. The tip-off that they are not what they say they are, is that the targets they continually point at, are never ever the ones connected to these agendas. Such as one of the world’s wealthiest men, and the single most dangerous individual on planet earth…George Soros. His name has never been mentioned by Anonymous, and if they were indeed what they say, he would be target number 1. Anonymous is a scam, but an extremely dangerous and influential one. How high up the scam goes…I don’t think I even want to know. Yet, they are calling for our President to be “punished,” and a recent development even has one of the media’s most pro-agenda, pro-Obama cheerleaders in Chris Matthews, calling out the President and laying severe doubt at his feet. The President of the United States is no doubt in danger, and I hope he is being protected to the fullest extent. The fact that a bullet was fired into the bullet-proof window of the White House where his family resides is not comforting. Can you imagine the carnage if something happened to the President?

Then we have the EU. Catastrophe waiting to happen if ever there was. Teetering on the edge of total collapse and revolt against one another, and when that occurs, the chaos will quickly spread into our economy and country as well. Germany, Great Britain and the United States seem to be setting up to let the others take the fall. Spain, Italy, Greece and almost the whole of Europe. In Germany, the rumor is that the German Mark is already starting to be printed up and that the collapse of the Euro is imminent. In Great Britain, the pound is under siege as they try to preserve it. Coming out of the collapse will be the cornerstone of the New World Order, or at least that is what some of the agendas believe.

And finally, and perhaps the easiest reality to grasp, World War III is taking shape at this very moment. Only a fool would not see by now that war is coming to the Middle East. The Israeli Defense Minister even said over the weekend that the time to act on Iran “has come.” Meanwhile, Syria is in the midst of full-on revolution and The US and Great Britain are fanning the flames of the rebels the same as they did in Libya. The difference is, Syria has a lot more powerful friends and a greater ability to strike deep and hard back at Israel and the US. While I type this, Russian warships are sailing towards Syrian waters, or possibly already there. I repeat, Russian warships speeding towards Syrian waters, at the same time Hillary Clinton is trying to overturn one of Russia’s closest allies in Syria. American assets are being moved about the region as they come out of Iraq and move to other nations in the area. We are quietly, but quickly building up our war footing, as the Russians show us they will not sit back and let it happen. The Russian warships are mainly just a show of force, but WOULD they react if Syria goes down by the hands of NATO? They say they would. HOW, is the big question. What the Russians lack in conventional ability nowadays is more than made up by their enormous, and larger than the United States nuclear arsenal. Perhaps that was the reason the United States launched a new weapon last week in spectacular fashion. A bomb that can reach “anywhere in the world in 1 hour.” A game-changing massive weapon that most surely has the Russians and Chinese scrambling as to how to answer that test. So we have a hot mix of Israel, Iran, The United States, Great Britain, Syria and Russia all playing a game of who will blink first. At the same time, we have the Chinese and their ever-increasing presence in the Pacific waters that we have dominated since World War II, and ever-growing statements that they will force us to back out. The Chinese are also supplying and supporting the drug cartels of Mexico and creating hell on earth on our southern border, and breeding an armed group of many thousands that hate America and consider most it their’s. Those groups will come in very handy in the event of civil war and chaos in America. Already they are starting to test the borders and push the violence into US borders cities. Those pushes will only move further north as society continues to collapse and the pressures of war expand across the globe.

We are in the beginning stages of out-and-out total chaos. Are you prepared mentally for what is to come? Are you prepared spiritually? Horrific times are at our doorsteps. How long they last, and how we come out of it on the other side, completely depend on our awareness NOW and the things we do to soften the impact. As it stands right, we have done nothing. We are allowing it all to occur while we still fall for tricks that have been used against us for decades. Put it this way…do you know more about the outcome of Justin Bieber’s paternity case, or about the revolt in Syria and the thousands that have been killed already? That’s what I thought. Awareness…the most important word in our lives right now. Get it.

Occupy Wall Street: Ominous signs of things to come

3 Nov

The above banner led the march all day long in Oakland, CA on November 2nd, 2011. Personally, I found it refreshing. If you want to have a revolution, if you want to have a debate, then show your true colors. Be brave enough to say exactly what you are…exactly what you believe…and let’s see who wins. However, that is not how these people operate in their leadership, and as I watched that banner be carried all over the city yesterday, the chat roomers complained over and over to have it removed because it gave away to the general public what they are about. The people behind this movement want you to think of them as 1776 red, white and blue patriots. They do not want you to know that what they really are doing is re-creating 1917-1919 Russia. This movement is as red as Lenin‘s panties he wore under his revolutionary costume as he ordered up the slaughter of millions of his fellow citizens.

These are scenes from Oakland yesterday. Notice the nice “Class War” banner too. How sweet. Hey…didn’t our President START this class war a few months ago? Yes…now that I think of it….yes, yes he did. Gee, we wouldn’t want to consider the fact that he may be trying to overthrow the very government he sits at the top of would he? Nahhhhh…that is just bananas…loony freakin’ toony is what that is. Obama a Marxist? Never. (insert image of me gagging with my finger in my mouth)

Ok, so I laid out in my previous post the plans to make Oakland the catalyst for the movement going forward. If yesterday, and today for that matter as this morning they have once again blocked off the Port of Oakland, are any indication, things are very ominous indeed. One wonders if anyone is actually left in power that will actually stand up for America at this point? Seems to me we have marxists, anarchists and the main power, the New World Order, but other than MOST of America, nobody in power is standing up for what America has been, is and will continue to be. Good thing we have a citizenry that is armed to the teeth. Thank you United States Constitution.

November seems to be a turning point, and in the coming weeks we have to look forward to, in no particular order, the following events I have heard mentioned many times as I follow this movement. Whether they happen, what they mean, and all of that, is still up for final conclusion, but these things are coming up very shortly:

Operation Greenout: Encouraging all Americans to remove their money from Wall Street Banks and join credit unions. Maybe you have noticed the sudden influx of Credit Union commercials on your tv lately, and how they are suddenly being talked about on the big business shows nearly daily now? Nah, the media isn’t involved in this. (gagging with said finger again)

Operation Shutdown Facebook: SUPPOSEDLY, the infamous Anonymous, who I wrote an article about last month that traveled far and wide about their plan to attack the NYSE, are going to attack and “kill” Facebook this coming week I do believe. Any day now I guess. The same as what happened with the stock exchange attack, in the last few days videos have surfaced claiming it to be a hoax and they are not going to touch Facebook. Other vids say the attack is already underway. My personal instinct is they won’t mess with it. Why would they destroy one of their main weapons of information sharing? Makes no sense.

11/11/11: I have no idea what is planned on this day, but I hear it talked about constantly in the chats. Almost to an obsession. It may just be because of the unique day itself, but they all seem to think “something huge” is going to happen that day. However, one of the chatters I follow pretty close, made mention of this day and said “just wait, it is going to blow you away, but I can’t say anymore about it or I will get banned”…soooooo…take that however you want. It is all just mumbo jumbo right now, but keep eyes and ears open.

To conclude, we have bank runs, cyber attacks and a weird day that makes people think weird things, to go along with the rising chaos, possible war in the middle east, and who knows what else. The story changes daily…hourly…by the minute. I will continue following and updating.

Gary Abernathy

Occupy Wall Street: Phase Two Has Begun

2 Nov

Something is afoot at the Occupy Camps across America and the globe. Something known as “phase 2” of the movement. To be clear and honest, I do not know the intent of what will unfold with this new escalation, but I can only imagine things are just going to get worse. The entire movement has centered around Oakland, CA for nearly 2 weeks. This is not by chance. Of interesting note as well, Van Jones, one of the cogs of the creation of this machine, sharpened his communist teeth in none other than Oakland. His past there, including turning to communist doctrine as his belief system, is well documented in his own words both written and oral. That said, the “big names” such as Michael Moore and his ilk have been hovering over Oakland like vultures the past few days. Also, in the chat rooms of Occupy movements the chatters “in the know” keep mentioning to watch the events in Oakland as they unfold for they are to be the catalyst for things to come nationally and globally. So today, November 2nd, 2011, a General Strike has been called for in Oakland, CA. Here is a news report on the event:

I have no idea if this strike will be a success, but it seems to have major unions backing it. Couple that support with the fact that the Mayor of Oakland appears for all the world to me to be playing the role of villan in this great act, and that she has her police force in utter confusion, this is a dangerous situation out in California. She is not the only American Mayor I see as participating in this highly orchestrated movement, as I will get to him shortly.

I submit these posters as evidence of major central planning backed with major financial support. The vagabond element, the ones attacking women, exposing themselves, and in the case of the Occupy Austin fellow I watched this morning giving a rant, smoking pot and getting high, are not remotely capable of producing this type of organization, effort and result. This is simple fact that you need to have in your head asap…big people and big money are orchestrating major social unrest in your nation. So who are they? First and foremost, George Soros. We all  know by now the desires of that evil crinkled up old man. But I shall give you another name among the many to throw in the mix…

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. Billionaire.

His connections to the entire event in NYC are too much to ignore all the way down to the park they have taken up residence in. Something is happening on Wall Street RIGHT NOW that is confirming my beliefs about him. As Oakland is being set up to send this Occupy movement into “Phase 2,” Mayor Bloomberg has ordered all the barriers that have been protecting Wall Street from actually being “occupied” for 2 months be removed. That is happening right now as confirmed on the Fox Business Channel at noon today, November 2nd, 2011. The protesters will now have the ability to get to the steps of the stock exchange, to the famed bull and all icons of Wall Street. The NYPD remain in place, but without the barriers, this now places them directly in position to face confrontation by the uprising. It is my belief that is the plan of “Phase 2″…escalation to violence…and to force the police into reaction that will be exploited globally as a brutal crackdown. Those barriers have been in place for 2 months and have been effective keeping the engine of our economy running while the chaos was just down the street. Why remove them today Mayor Bloomberg?

Bottom up and top down. The good Mayor is doing his part to get to phase 3…top down. New World Order.

As you watch the videos provided by no other than RT (Russia Today), the government-run propaganda wing of Putin’s Russia, coming out of Oakland, and later on of protesters sitting atop the Wall Street Bull and battling the NYPD, make sure you are aware of the order Mayor Bloomberg gave today that matched up with the events in Oakland.

Why did I mention RT? Because if you will notice, everywhere on this planet where an uprising has occurred in the past 2 years, RT has been right there to document it, exploit it and spread it across the world. That also is not just “by chance”….they are everywhere from Greece, London, Egypt, Libya, Syria and all over America….you name a spot…they are there cam ready and posting on YouTube instantly. Am I saying the Russian government is helping to de-stabilize global security? Yes…yes I am. To what end you may ask? I hope we never find out.


Gary Abernathy