UPDATE to Red Alert for October 10th, 2011

9 Oct

Several days ago I wrote an urgent blog message about a threat the group that goes by the name Anonymous or “Legion” made to “erase the New York Stock Exchange off the internet” on October 1oth, 2011. They also said that this day will be a day America “will never, ever forget.” That is a very substantial threat, a terrorist threat, and is and was to be taken seriously. As of writing this right now, that day is tomorrow. Since writing that blog post, not only was my article scooped up and propelled all over the internet, but all the major media outlets picked up on the story as well, such as CNN, Fox, CNBC, WSJ, Businessweek, Forbes and the list goes on. That is great, but who I hope picked up on it the most is the FBI. No matter their cause, whether justified or not, no group can make these types of threats and be allowed to follow through with them. That type of threat not only represents a clear and present danger to the security of the United  States, but it also represents a direct threat to the majority of working Americans, their savings and their 401k’s. The people who MAKE UP the 99% this group and the others like them claim to represent.

Since that time, I have stayed on top of the story. On the eve of their threat, I will tell you what has taken place since, and then we will wait and see what happens. My own opinion, and my opinion only, is that nothing at all is going to happen, and I will explain why later. However, I do believe that the group, by naming this date, and making these claims of the capabilities they have and the bold and sinister rhetoric of “not forgiving and not forgetting,” that they have laid their entire credibility on the line of whether or not this is pulled off. After all, it is to be a day that America will “never, ever forget.” I would sincerely hope that once this fails, that those who follow those such as Anonymous, and cheer them on, might actually take a step back from the insanity and realize that our government is set up in a way that we need not destroy it to fix it. Every law we need  is already on the books. What we need are brave men and women willing to demand that those laws be upheld, and that those responsible for the crimes that Anonymous and those like them are rightly pointing out and putting forth, be held accountable and serve prison time in cases where it is warranted.

In the days after the threat was posted, Anonymous has been somewhat confused and helter-skelter in their releases. In some cases, they have been fighting like children amongst themselves in the comment sections of posted videos. A great deal of misinformation has been posted and it is nearly impossible to tell what response is real, what is a plant, and what is outright fake. But as far as I can tell, having watched all the videos, read all the comments, and tried to learn nuances and traits of the real posters, this threatened attack for tomorrow October 10th, 2011 may still be attempted. The group has posted, if it was from them, that “most of their collective” did not support the idea of this attack. However, they claim that some amongst “the collective” still plan to move forward. Anonymous has issued its own warning against going forward with the attack and is trying to back out of responsiblity. Too late for that. Others claim the original video of the threat was a plant by those who wish to destroy them, and others just say it was a fake. Bottomline…they are scared themselves of what might happen, because of the deeply serious nature of what they have threatened to do. This is a felony that can land you life in prison. That is if you are lucky. Being that you are “anonymous,” you very well could also find yourself staring in the dark at a black op agent (not the video game, but the REAL guys) from any number of foreign governments or even our own. If that is the case, we will never hear from you again. So I would be very careful of your threats against this nation moving forward. This has not stopped them from issuing further threats and even bragging online about current ongoing operations. Those are the following:

Operation Greenout: Many statements have been made that this operation is now “live.” The goal is starting from last week, but with the main date of October 15th, 2011, that they encourage their followers and all Americans by making their videos viral to withdraw all money and savings from the banks of J. P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many more. The goal is to crash those banks and create panic. They want to collapse the financial system, which is the same purpose for the attack on the NYSE. That is a real threat, and it is being talked about in current time, and I’m sure the FBI is responding. At least I would hope.

Operation Facebook: For whatever reason, Anonymous is not happy with Facebook. They claim to have already started an attack on their servers and are causing troubles for those who use the social network. They have especially targeted the chat feature, and those who experienced trouble using chat last week…Anonymous claims it was them causing the issue, and promise to create further havoc in the coming days. Now in my eyes, that is admitting to a crime. It is illegal to hack the systems of any private or pubic business or institution. Once again, I sincerely hope the FBI has or will be arresting those responsible.

To conclude, I have no idea if tomorrow will be a big deal that we will “never, ever forget,” or if it will come and go just like any other day on the NYSE. I suspect it will go without incident. This story has gained worldwide attention and has drug Anonymous out into the light and under the scope of examination. Real warriors fight face to face. If you wish to fix this system, state your name and show your face and get on board with demanding our legal system do the job it is required to do per the Constitution of the United States of America. Heroes save things. They do not destroy. Heroes help people. They do not harm. Heroes do not see themselves as heroes. They give credit to those they save. We do forgive, and we can even forget, but we will always prosecute those who wish to destroy this great Republic.

Gary Abernathy


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