OrDEr oUT oF ChAos

6 Oct

The chill in the air ran through his arthritic hands with a burn the way it feels when medicine from a medical iv shoots into your veins. Autumn was always his favorite time of year but he never understood why. Autumn was about the death of things. Wouldn’t it make more logical sense to crave Spring? Yet, there was a great beauty and truth about Autumn as life bowed out gracefully so that new life may soon come to replace it. “Ironic,” he said out loud in his empty cell. Today was the day so they had told him. Of course, they told him that last month as well, and the month before that too. “Are you people going to murder me or not?,” he yelled out, but no reply came nor did it ever. How long had he been in this Godforsaken cell? 6 months? 1 year? By this point he knew but one thing, and that was if they were going to do it, the sooner the better. Waiting around to die was far worse than the actual act. If they would just release him he would be free for all eternity. He was pretty sure that is why they kept torturing him with the delay. They knew the truth. So did he.

He lay back down on the concrete slab, furnished with all the comforts…of Hell. No pillow, no mattress, no blanket…just cold damp concrete. When the pain would get to him, and by this point, the pain was always there, he would think of Jesus and his 40 days in the wilderness. “This is easy,” he would tell himself. Jesus had to endure 40 days and nights of horrid temptation by that wicked serpent, that terrible evil beast, Satan. Not only did he have to endure it, but he had to remain 100% unblemished doing so. He could not fall for one trick nor make one simple mistake. If he failed, all of mankind would fail along with him. He imagined the cave Jesus was in was not that much different from the cell he currently called home. He thanked God for the opportunity to maybe feel just a little bit of what Jesus must have felt like then. The difference was he was allowed to make his mistakes, he was allowed to fall for temptation after temptation because of what Jesus had done. He surely took advantage of it too. He winced as he thought back at his life and the sins he committed so willingly. The outright smug disobedience he displayed towards his Father. Through it all though God continued to love him just as he promised to do. With the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and his resurrection and conquering of death itself, he knew that today he would stand in the presence of his Savior. The thought scared him and he began to sob. Sobbing like a frightened child, which is exactly what he was. He would feel so ashamed to stand before Jesus. So unworthy. He was unworthy and a sinner a million times over. But Jesus said he would wash him clean and accept him into his house. What a miracle that was to him when he first realized the truth in that promise and its reality. What a miracle it was today. “Thank you God, thank you Jesus. If today you wish for me to join you, then please accept me with all my wretched baggage.” I humbly bow in your presence.

Drying his tears, his mind began to drift back to before all of this. When he wasn’t thinking about Jesus, he was thinking about his wife and family. His beautiful two daughters that he loved so much he could barely stand to even allow the thought of them to enter his mind now. His wife who loved him so loyally, so completely, that he struggled hard to believe in it. Why would somebody love me that much? It was the same type of confusion he felt when he would consider how God could possibly love him. She was his greatest blessing and he knew it the day he met her. He never doubted it not for even a second. She was meant for him and he thanked God for it constantly, as if God would take her away if he didn’t. So much had been stripped from him in his life it was almost impossible to believe in something permanent. But she made him feel like maybe, just maybe there were things meant to last forever.

He didn’t know what happened to them. No idea, and it drove him almost to the brink of complete insanity. If he allowed himself to think about it for too long, he might not ever come back from it. The last time he saw their faces was the day the Chinese troops called out his name, as he huddled with the other souls inside that tiny Church that had sheltered them after they had to abandon their home. The soldier, educated in the United States by the American Taxpayer, but now wearing the uniform of the International Union, barked his name out in clear English. Ten other names were called out that day too, and all of them were cuffed, gagged, blindfolded and placed inside the armored wagon out front. The moment the blindfold was put over his eyes was the last moment he ever saw his wife and children. He prayed over and over that God was watching out for them and that they would not succumb to the fear. That they would remain strong until Jesus would call them home too. The only thing that kept him alive with hope was the promise that he would see them again soon and it would be for all eternity.

“ORDO AB CHAO,” or in simple English, order out of chaos. The motto of these scum that dates back centuries. He had fought it, and he tried everything in his limited power along with many others to delay it, with full knowledge that it was destined to happen eventually. From a personal standpoint he felt honored to be alive in these days, as if God had blessed the people of this age to be witness to the hands of God at work. However, he never wanted this for his children. He wanted them to grow up and have the same chances the children before them did. To live a life of free will leading to either success or failure based solely on their own actions. That was not their destiny as it turned out, nor was it his. When the riots were happening and things were spinning out of control, he considered taking them underground. He knew people. What kind of life is that though? Living underground, out of sight and in constant fear of being found? That is the life of the wicked, not for the body of Christ. He decided he would not run and he would continue to fight as long as he could to try to bring reason back to his world. To stand for his Savior just as his Savior stood for him. God’s will to be done.

The day of the EMP was the tipping point. In the dead of Winter, with one missile fired from the Gulf of Mexico off a freighter flying the flag of the Royal Navy, the United States of America was instantly transformed into Hell on earth. The mercenaries who performed the act were made rich beyond their wildest dreams. They were heroes inside “the Order.” A crew of 3 Somalians, 1 Egyptian and 1 North Korean brought down the United States. The nuclear tipped missile burst high in the atmosphere above Kansas City and within seconds everything in America that depended on a power source was rendered useless. Needless to say, that included almost everything Americans depended on to survive. The warnings of such an event had been stated in the halls of Congress and the Pentagon relentlessly by those who knew the day was coming. They were largely ignored. Ignored in the case of the general public that is. The entire leadership of the US government and the key elements of society had long since planned for this day. They were safe underground in bunkers built all over the country, stocked to the hilt and able to outlast almost any length of time necessary until it was safe to surface. “The underground is for the wicked,” he said again to himself. Within 6 months, millions of American citizens had died of starvation, the cold, disease and murder. Most people in the cities struck out into the countryside looking to escape the roaming gangs and terrifying violence that quickly engulfed their lives. Most of them died whether they stayed or they left. Americans were not equipped to deal with this level of emergency. They couldn’t even withstand 3 painful days during Hurricane Katrina back in the early part of the century. Then came the invaders. The seemingly endless invaders from the sky. Mostly Chinese, but North Korean, German and a mix of Middle Eastern soldiers as well. They just kept coming as if it were the 1800’s all over again and the white European was invading the native American lands of the American West. The US military, split off in separate factions as the government went underground, had been neutered by cyber attacks and nuclear attacks all over the globe, and were unable to effectively offer a defense. They fought, and were still fighting, but it was a losing battle. The enemy was too strong and the Americans too infested from within to withstand the onslaught.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign troops covered the landscape of America occupying every major city, port and strategic point. American citizens, armed to the teeth, put up a decent resistance for some time. But as the winter dragged on, supplies ran out, and the deaths mounted, they were all but finished off. Small pockets still roamed about, but they were merely an annoying aspect of the day-to-day by now for the troops of the International Order. Thanks to the age of social media, each American citizen had a nice tidy digital profile ready for the International Order. With these profiles they were easily able to separate into categories the remaining American citizens as it pertained to their new fate. Some would readily go along with the new order, some would resist it and need to be re-educated, and some needed to simply be killed. His name was on the red list. The red list was not where you wanted your name to be if you wished to live. He was captured that day at the small church his family had found brief sanctuary.

They had offered him re-education stating his talent to sway opinion and influence. They felt he could be useful as a mole. He’d been down this road before and said no the first time, and he said no again. He worked for only one, and that was the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. So in prison he sat, most of the time completely alone. They would subject him to various torture methods and would break him hundreds of times, but he would never give up his allegiance to the God he served. The German guard, who was the only human being he would ever see more times than not, had grown to show just the slightest bit of sympathy towards him. He had come to the cell in the middle of the night one time. He had thought he was going to be drug back to that room again. That room that caused him almost constant nightmares now. But to his complete shock, the guard wanted to know all about this Jesus that he kept hanging on to and invoking his name. “Why do you allow this to be done to you all for some pretend God? What do you know?” The man sat there that night staring at the German soldier, looking at his forehead where the chip had been implanted. The chip that allowed him to live in society and all the aspects of that. The chip, that without, you had no chance of survival for long unless it was the will of God. The chip that came free of charge, but with one little demand. Total allegiance to the new order and a rebuking of God. “I take this time of affliction as but a small price to pay for the eternal salvation waiting for me as soon as you kill me.” “I only wish that you had answered God when he was knocking at your own door. I wish I could call you brother.” The German soldier took the butt of his sidearm and cracked it into the side of the man’s head. Shouting some obscenities in German, he stormed out of the cell leaving the man with blood trickling down his cheek and down his chest. He slept that night with a smile on his face for the first and only time he would spend in that cell.

He was startled by the voice of the German soldier out of his thoughts. “Get up!” the soldier shouted. Opening the cell, the German yanked the man harshly into the hallway. “Time for you to die Jew loving pig!” A deep sense of calm and relief came over the man as he walked down the hallway without resistance. The soldier was stone faced as the door opened into the courtyard and the guillotine came into sight. Today was execution day at the prison. He had heard the pleas and screams from his cell on previous days. He knew what was out there. Today he was staring at it. There were many more there waiting for death than he anticipated. The line stretched around the courtyard and out into another building. Men, women and children all refusing to give up their soul in exchange for this world they knew was not going to be long to last. As he stepped up to the platform and looked up at the bright glare beaming off of the blade, he asked for the German soldier to be witness. “Order out of chaos was your plan and you have achieved it.” He smiled earnestly at the solider and looked deeply into his eyes. “That night, you asked me what did I know. The answer is, order out of chaos was never YOUR plan. It was God’s plan and always was. There will indeed come order from this chaos, but it will not be you that is here to live in its glory. The Kingdom of God awaits on earth and Jesus of Nazareth will sit on its throne. Your mark has sealed your fate. Now be witness, as your blade is about to seal mine.” The blade came down with furious intensity and another saint ascended to Heaven to await the coming day of the Lord. ORDO AB CHAO. Order out of chaos will come.

“I saw Heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of Heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine-press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” (Rev. 19: 11-16)

Gary Wayne Abernathy


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  1. John Aaron October 7, 2011 at 5:10 pm #


    That was fantastic.

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