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The United States of America at 235

4 Jul

1 of 4 American citizens do not know which country we declared our freedom from. Happy Independence Day America.

Some guessed France, Japan, Spain, Mexico and some China. That last stab in the dark regarding China might come true one day, but it is nowhere near correct regarding the Declaration of July 4th, 1776. England, in case you are THAT person.

The most ignorant portion of our country regarding this question? Very sad to say, it’s my beloved homeland of the South. 32% of southerners did not know or gave the wrong answer, compared to just 16% of those blasted Yankees up north. I guess they are good for something after all. How about the founding fathers? Can you name the first four Presidents of the United States? The men who designed every bit of the structure that led to America’s climb to greatness? If you CAN, you are part of a very small minority. Only 7% of Americans could name them: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. 93% had no clue. 93%.

That dear friends…that is a major problem if we are to remain free. Shock of all shocks…there are people who live on this planet who do not have such good intentions as those men listed above. Some of them even still hold a grudge that has lasted ohhhh…throwing a dart at the board…let’s say 235 years. A burning desire exists to bring America back in the fold of European dominance and influence. Remember during the explosive healthcare debate of 2009 when we were constantly force-fed the lie that Great Britain’s system was so far superior to our own? This right before a new law that destroys a great deal of the work done by Adams and company was jammed down America’s throat on Christmas Eve while we all dreamed of Santa Claus. Nowadays we are instructed that European style Socialism and basic elitism trumps our outdated and ridiculous experiment of freedom to govern ourselves. Almost as if the ghosts of the past have come back with a wink and a nod to say…”c’mon America…play time is over…we owned you then…and we will own you again…it was always just a matter of time…so you can make this easy or do it the hard way.” Most will scoff at that notion. Most will say that I’m being stubbornly foolish in holding on to an ideal that never really existed. But then again…most don’t know a damn thing about anything. Just how much do they not know? Let’s examine America’s geographical and political knowledge.

Do you know who the current Vice President of the United States is? Here is a hint…he has a big toothy grin and is quite well-known for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Don’t know? Don’t feel bad…29% of Americans are in the same boat…they couldn’t name him. Joe Biden. I like calling him Smiley Joe…but that’s just me. Actually kinda like the guy. Over a quarter of our citizens have no idea who he is. That’s just great. He’s the dude that when Obama (who everyone knows) signed that Adams killing healthcare bill into law whispered in the Prez’s ear for all of America to hear (hey Joe, there are mics around) “this is a pretty fucking big deal.”

Do you remember the Cold War? Ya know…the 50 years of American history where the Soviet Union and America had the apocalypse on a hairpin trigger with thousands of nuclear missiles pointed at each other just waiting for the other side to make a move? Kind of a big deal. The Korean War and the Vietnam War, where thousands upon thousands of young Americans died horrible deaths on foreign soil were directly related to the Cold War. 73% of Americans are unable to give a reason why we were engaged with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. 3 out of every 4 people you come in contact with are not aware that we were trying to prevent the spread of Communism on this planet. Explains why so many of that crowd so easily embrace its ideals today. 3 out of 4? It’s only been a little over 20 years since the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and all of those oppressed, tortured and freedom seeking East Germans fled across its rubble. Reagan might as well of said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall, and while you’re at it, export your Marxist ideology right on over here so we can get a taste. Tired of you hogging all the fun.”

How about our knowledge of our own homeland? Surely we are all squared away on what’s what around the good ole US of A right? Nah…not so much. Despite the very fresh disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill, 1/3 of young Americans are not able to point to the state of Louisiana on a map. 1/2…that’s 50%…or 1 out of 2 people…can NOT find the state of Mississippi on a map. I don’t care if they learn how to spell it, but you should at least know where it is. But 1 out 2 little yapping youngsters like the ones who stormed the capital of Wisconsin a few months back have no idea where to even look for it. Lovely. I spent time with a straight A making 8th grader for two weeks as a guest of my daughter on our family vacation. Straight up…not telling ya no lies…this kid was so clueless as to where she was I almost wanted to take her to get a brain scan for damage. We all left our home in Florida and were vacationing on the South Carolina coast. When I asked her what ocean she was swimming in, she said she didn’t know but said Pacific. I asked her if she kept swimming east what country would she run into (hint…the same one we declared independence from) and she answered “Hawaii.”  Why do you think that I asked? She answered  “because Hawaii (as a country mind you) was directly south of Florida.” According to her, Japan is just south of Florida as well. Straight A’s. The future is so bright I need to wear shades (in shame).

Maybe our young people like more exciting locations to study and learn? How about Iraq? Being that it is nearly impossible to go a day in America without hearing the name of Iraq at least once, they might know this one right? We have been at war there since 2003. Maybe they noticed all the protesting during the Bush years? 6 out of 10 young people ages 18-24, 60%, could not find Iraq on a map of the Middle East. How is that even possible? India maybe? Half of America’s service industry jobs have gone to India, and the Indian economy is passing our own on many fronts, but 47% of this same group could not find India on a map. INDIA. What is even more telling, 30% of this group thinks that the border between America and Mexico (the ones that actually know that Mexico borders the US) is the most heavily fortified border on the entire planet. (Correct answer? The border between South and North Korea). HOW ON EARTH could a person come to that conclusion without direct sabotage on the part of someone or something? It is not possible.

Here is a great one. On a poll taken by, 88% of African-Americans believe the economy is better under Obama than President Bush. At least we have no more racial divides in America (he writes in sarcasm).

The point I am trying to make here? We are in severe trouble on this 235th birthday. Our society is in shambles, our culture has been gutted, our morals have been flushed right down the drain, we are more divided than we have ever been, and due to design, none of us have a freaking clue whatsoever what any of it means. “Ripe for the plucking” my Grandmother would have said.

If you are Christian, as I am, I wouldn’t go walking around so happily as so many of us tend to do. According to stats my Pastor rolled off yesterday during a great sermon that I’m sure not many even listened to, the Christian religion is ONE GENERATION away from extinction in America. That’s just dandy. Let’s go ahead and remove Christian values from this land as well, and God help us with what is left.

With all apologies to those with sensitive ears and a perceived purity about themselves that they are above such language, I say to my fellow Americans….GET OFF YOUR LAZY DAMN SORRY ASSES AND LEARN SOMETHING…AND THEN DO SOMETHING…and most of all…PLEASE STOP WAITING AND ALLOWING EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU. Only YOU can save yourself. The main idea of patriotism in America today is writing some nonsense on Facebook thanking all the men and women who serve our country and keep it great. That sure took a lot of courage of you to write. I feel much better now. Barf.

Gary Wayne Abernathy

Citizen of the United States of America and part of the 68% of southern folk that are aware that it was England that we declared our Independence from on this day in 1776.