Final Warning

1 Jun

Listen to me carefully, as I am going to speak to you directly from my heart, my instincts, my knowledge and my faith. WE..the United States…are OUT OF TIME. Right now as I type we are being given our final warning. Very disturbing events are coming and there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it now. By ignoring every previous warning, by stubbornly laughing off any chance we had of reducing the impact, we have now set ourselves up for a calamity. This much is simple truth.

My reason for this blog post is to reduce panic and shock. Many others will be doing the same thing. IF we stay calm…if we keep our wits about us…all of this MIGHT turn into the best thing that ever happened to our country. However, it is going to be the most difficult period in US history by a longshot. Financial collapse is imminent. The Federal Reserve knows this all too well and continues printing false money to prop up the system, but that solution is nearly out of time. There are terrible consequences for doing that. In fact, they are worse than the consequences would have been if we would have just sucked it up in 2008 and let the banks fail. Now…now we are going to bring down the world with us. To quote a market analyst from CNBC today, “we are on the verge of a great, great depression.”

On top of this we have a political movement centering itself in the Middle East that has at its roots the destruction of Israel and The United States. Our own government is actively participating in this. In FACT, the Obama administration just agreed to send $40 BILLION dollars towards it to help continue its destructive path. As we here in America are about to totally collapse, our President is sending our wealth all over the world that is then used to come back to our destruction. At the same time, he just extended his illegal war in Libya for another 90 days, without asking for approval from Congress or from YOU. The United States constitution has been tossed out the window and the War Powers Act has been spit upon and scoffed. President Obama’s reaction to this? “I don’t need your approval.” Together with previous moves made by President Bush since 9/11/2001, President Obama has set himself up to have nearly dictatorial powers. When the financial markets collapse, he will then use that moment to seize full power and the last vestiges of the republic that was America will be finished.

What can we expect and when? The when is anytime from this afternoon through this Fall. However, it has already begun. The wheels are in motion and can not be stopped. The Federal Reserve is most likely going to prevent full on collapse ONE MORE TIME with another cash injection into the system, and then that’s it. That may or may not work because of the fact that everybody knows what is to come is unavoidable and eventually the markets are going to panic. While I type they are down nearly 200 points. I expect they will rally on another day, but eventually the day is coming when they do NOT rally. They are going to free fall.

Meanwhile, the Middle East is a powder keg and this Summer it’s going to have its fuse lit. What becomes of it I can not say with certainty, but I can tell you this much…when great nations falter…war ALWAYS follow. It is my fear that in order to save ourselves, the United States of America is going to intentionally start World War III. I fully expect this to happen and the way I see it going is that there will be a major terrorist attack on the United States that will be blamed on Iran and/or Syria. What type of attack I do not know, but in order to top 9/11 it will most likely be nuclear. Who will really be to blame for this attack? Us. I know how horrible it is to say something like that, but it’s the God’s honest truth. We will attack ourselves in order to get the war we need. We will follow that up with attacks on Iran and Syria and World War III will begin in earnest. When it happens I want you to remember these words very well, and I want you to listen to the rhetoric carefully as it pours at you from all directions saying kill, kill, kill the enemy.

In the United States we are going to have major civil unrest, some of which has already begun as you witnessed by the Memorial Day weekend actions all across the country. Those who are doing this to us have tried every single thing that can to get the American people to rise up in violence. They have poked us, prodded us, laughed at us, mocked us, provoked us and yet the people have said no. The people who don’t HAVE to say no I might add. The millions upon millions in this country ready to fight for it. There is a truth that is known that WHOEVER FIRES FIRST LOSES. American patriots are holding fast to this truth. So the tactic now is to use ethnic divisions and organized gangs to spur the onset of violence. That was witnessed this past weekend. This violence will spiral out of control when the money dries up and the terror attack comes.

YOU need to prepare your heart and your soul. We DO have hope and it lies in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. WE have an everlasting God that can NOT be defeated and we WILL win this war. When this is all over, we have a chance to reset this nation into what it was designed to be. A bastion of freedom and goodness for all who wish to honor it. We have horrific moments coming to our own homes. I’m sorry. I have absolutely no reason to write this if I didn’t believe it to be true. It only hurts me personally when I warn you. I could very easily sell out and work for the other side that is so sure that it is going to win. I could gain financially and socially. Yet I know those things to be temporary, and those aligned with this evil for the reasons I mentioned are going to find that out all too soon. They will then be knocking on our doors as allies. Accept them. We will need everyone we can get.

We are truly at the moments of our final warning to prepare. From here on out it is just a waiting game. I don’t expect the worst of it until late Summer/early Fall, but nobody really knows. I’m not wrong. If it does not happen this way it’s because that something or somebody is on the inside and prevents it. I pray to God that will be the case. Our President needs to be removed YESTERDAY and put in prison, as do his predecessors. Maybe that will happen. Kind of doubt it. Don’t you? With Obama at the wheel, we are headed straight towards this tragedy at full speed and he’s smiling all the way. He will lose.

Gary Wayne Abernathy


7 Responses to “Final Warning”

  1. Bryan June 1, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Very thought-provoking and sobering!

    • Gary Wayne June 1, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

      Sobering is the same word my used after viewing the video I made for my Memorial Day post. Yes, it certainly is, and I absolutely HATE writing it. I don’t want to hear it anymore than anyone else would.

  2. kip June 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    Very confusing post. The Fed has been doing the same thing since its inception. The last “war” that was declared by Congress was WW II. The Middle East is calmer than its been in decades.

    • Gary Wayne June 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

      Welcome Kip. Any and all viewpoints are always free to be expressed here. Actually, there is nothing at all confusing about this post. It’s very straightforward. I mean exactly what I said and said it as clearly as I could. I do not at all wish to be correct, and I most certainly wish I was indeed wrong. As for your points, here are my replies: The Federal Reserve is a private bank that operates without oversight and consent by the American people. No officials are elected and the American people have zero say in what they do. They have most certainly NOT been doing this since it’s inception. Up until the late 60’s our currency was strongly backed by gold and is what made us the nation we are today. Today, without the gold standard, we have a fiat currency that is weakly pegged to oil and other commodities. Every single dollar that is printed lessens the value of the others, so from time to time the Fed raises interest rates to suck money back into it’s system and then destroy that money. Given the amount of money they have printed since the near collapse of 2008, we should have interest rates around 35-40% to counter the influx of money. However they can not raise interest rates because the whole deck of cards would collapse, so they are just running on borrowed time and inflation is settling in. That is why the cost of every single thing is going up and will contiune to do so until it becomes unbearable and they have to sock up the interest rates. They are printing TRILLIONS of dollars and injecting it into the system so that there is money to be loaned and spent. It is merely an illusion and they know it and anybody with eyeballs knows it. The dollar and the world economy are going to crash. It’s unavoidable. You are right on the declaration of war, but incorrect on the congressional approval of war. After 60 days, the President is required by constitutional law to get the approval of congress to continue military actions. That 60 days just came and went and Obama stuck his nose up and scoffed. Even the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, hugely unpopular with liberals and with democrats holding both houses, had to continually be voted on and approved. President Obama has not and will not do that with Libya. He’s operating an illegal war based on the fact that he declared a national state of emergency back in January that gave him the right to do it for 60 days. Now…he’s basically stating he answers only to the United Nations and the only thing being declared is that congress is dead. As for your comment on the Middle East…c’mon man….really?

  3. iraida June 1, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    as i said many times, i don’t know much about politics, but you sound that you know your stuff, this morning on my MITI prayer group, one of the mom’s was talking something very similar of what you are saying about Middle east and especially Israel, and Obama… it could be scary

    • Gary Wayne June 1, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

      Very glad to hear it’s being discussed like that. The more all of this is openly talked about, the less likely it is to happen because it gets drawn out into the light. That is my whole purpose.


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