Sugar Pops: The Aversion To Fear

18 Mar

You are probably asking yourself about right now “why does he have a box of Corn Pops leading his story, and where is this crazy fool going now?” “Well,” says the crazy fool, “education can come from the strangest of places, and today it comes from one of America‘s favorite cereals for multi-generations.”  Through clever marketing, purposeful societal design, and just from our own spoiled natures, we have grown to be a society completely adverse to fear. We are soft and clinically delusional. This works well for those who envisioned and worked to mold us this way, but it is a death sentence for your soul and human understanding. Fear is NOT a 4-letter word…ok…well it IS…but not the bad kind. Without a healthy dose of fear in your heart, you are liable to do any number of ridiculously stupid things. Such as allow your paradise of a nation to slip right through your fingers and even cheer while it’s happening. But hey…I’m moving ahead of myself.

Maybe this aversion started with FDR telling us “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Well yes we do Frankie…we have plenty of things to fear, and thank God we do, because if we feared nothing but being afraid, we’d all live pretty short lives. For instance, I’m afraid to jump off a 300 ft. cliff. My mind actually thinks it would feel VERY cool to go soaring through the air like bird, but my fear tells me…”uh dummy…that is going to kill you.” So I don’t do it. Fear keeps me alive. Psychology plays an enormous role in every minute of our lives, and don’t think that the powers at be aren’t in total awareness of this. Madison Avenue has more power in this country than you could possibly dream. They are hired by all segments of society to tell you how to think and live. When to be afraid and when to not be afraid. They have molded our brains into soft gooey mush. We no longer react in a normal manner. Who does this benefit? Not you.

If you do a search on “quotes on fear” you will see hundreds of wise sayings telling you how stupid it is to be afraid of anything. That it’s evil and always wrong. Then you will see one amongst the crowd that contradicts all the others, such as this quote from Michael Ignatieff from O Magazine in 2007: “Living fearlessly is not the same thing as never being afraid. It’s good to be afraid occasionally. Fear is a great teacher.” Michael “gets it.” But we aren’t taught that wisdom and neither are our children. We have been taught to never let fear stand in our way at any cost. That is completely wrong. In most cases, fear is there to protect you. Fear is an emotion, and just as all others, serves it’s purpose in God’s beautiful creation. Are we not supposed to be God-fearing? Yes we are. Why? Because if we do not fear the judgement that God will exact upon us, then we have no reason whatsoever to follow any of his otherwise burdensome rules. Fear will give you eternal life. That’s pretty deep eh?

So why the Corn Pops box up there? For one thing, it’s one of my favorite cereals. I’ve eaten more corn pops than probably any other human on earth. They are quite delicious. Want to know what would make them stop being delicious? If you took the sugar-coating off them. Then they would suck. Badly. Yet, they aren’t called sugar pops, they are called corn pops right? Wrong. When I was a young, growing baby cynic, they were called SUGAR POPS, and had a big strong cowboy on the box to make me want to eat them even more. Sugar and Cowboys? What more could a growing cynic want? But then somebody decided that all sugar is bad all the time. Science created lab sugars that were much better for us, and the word sugar became associated with any number of bad thoughts. Do you really think man can create something better than God? I don’t. Man’s sugar usually is proven to cause cancer, and it tastes like crapola. God’s sugar, when used in moderation, as we should do with all of God’s creations, is a blessing and a joy provided to our lives from a loving father. Still however, Madison Avenue needed to come up with a solution. Cowboys had also become anti-pc, so they needed to go as well. We will NOT change the cereal, because if it doesn’t taste good nobody will buy it. So leave the cereal exactly how it is. Instead we will change the name to CORN POPS and emphasize the healthy notion of corn, and let’s add a fun pirate to the box. He represents breaking rules. Stealing from other’s. Killing and raping of innocents. Cowboys are bad. Cowboys represent hard work, honor, courage and dignity. Let’s go with the pirate. It’s little mind games like that we never really acknowledge. For 50 years we are eating the same great cereal, but we don’t notice how we’ve been played.

The original “Corn Pops”

This is but one example of how “fear” is manipulated and used against us. Marketer’s KNOW the power of fear and harness it constantly. However, they tell YOU to never be afraid of anything, unless it suits their interests, and then they prompt you to be scared out of your minds. This tactic is used frequently with big bad Bin Laden. Whenever government wants to strip another freedom from you that gets in their way, they simply trot out bearded Bin Laden and play an audio of him telling you he’s going to kill you. We demand that he must be stopped. Another freedom then is lost. Bin Laden of course remains uncatchable in some cave in the middle of nowhere, but still manages to pop out of his hole when needed, to tell you he’s “gonna get ya.”  It defies any normal logic to believe in this, but we do anyway. Then, when we SHOULD be afraid of something, such as massive nuclear radiation spewing from a Japanese reactor we visually watched blow sky-high, we are told that fear is ridiculous.  The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Uh huh.

The thing about lying to people? Eventually they catch on. It sometimes takes a very long time, but eventually it dawns on them that they have been played for fools. That moment is happening now. An awakening. It might be sudden and world shaking, or it might be a slow gentle rise up, but the awakening is indeed happening. I believe it’s God’s plan and I’m very happy to be here for it.

It would be very wise to re-examine your feelings on fear. What should you truly fear? Who should you fear? When does it make sense to not have fear? Who is it telling me to fear and when not to fear? What are their motives and gains from me following?  Having an aversion to it and wishing it away will simply not work. The “Ostrich” technique is usually fatal. The lion is still going to eat him. It will just be butt-first.

Wakey-wakey dear friends. Get up from your slumber…and get yourself a heaping bowl of Sugar Pops for breakfast, before you get down to the business of re-taking your nation from the vultures who have stolen it from you.

“The Pretender” by the  band the Foo Fighters is a landmark song. It portrays the awakening I’m talking about to the lies we have been fed. The song is about one man standing up against tyranny and not taking it anymore. His false lack of fear shed, born into a new realism that he should be very afraid indeed, but to stand courageous against the seemingly overwhelming odds, only to discover in the end he has a mighty power standing behind him.

“What if I say I’m not like the other’s? What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays? You’re the Pretender. What if I say I will never surrender?”

Powerful. A statement born of fear but not bowing to it, but instead challenging it and attempting to defeat it. God gave us fear to use to our benefit. Harness it and use it, just as it’s been used against you.


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