Laying Your Burdens Down (on the doorstep of society)

6 Mar

“There are risks and costs to action.  But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.”  John F. Kennedy

Surely God desires for us to place our worries on him. Surely he wants to console us, guide us and free our hearts and minds. Surely, because it is written and so it be. The problem is…and oh how big of problem it has become…is that way too many of us feel like once we lay those ol’ burdens down, that we are free and clear of any further responsibility. Those burdens are dropped off at the front doorstep of society and we slink away like thieves in reverse.

The spirit of God’s gracious kindness has been taken out of context.  God forgives us. God takes those sins and those mistakes and washes us clean. However, we are not absolved of the ramifications of cleaning up the mess we have created. That is the part the we tend to let slip from our knowledge. Those burdens still have to be dealt with by someone. As a whole, our society has become a stagnant pool of dangerous idleness. “Comfortable inaction” is in play, as John Kennedy warned about. We are consumed up to our slothful eyeballs in comfort. To say we simply just don’t care anymore is to put it gently. In all segments of society, whether it be political, economic, charitable or any other, you will find a tiny group of givers and an overwhelming mass of takers. Whatever issue we may have, we just figure “somebody will take care of it,” and we move on down the line. The buck is not stopping here in America anymore.

Is that you? Are you taking your load of garbage and dumping it in your neighbor’s yard late at night while he is sleeping? Or are you one of the few sliding on those leather work gloves and setting out to see how you can help? America is in real and deep trouble. Our collective burdens need to be atoned. It will require every hand and every heart to restore our original shine and luster. Otherwise, we will rightfully lose what we have carelessly let slide into disrepair. For not every soul is pure and of righteous intent, and they gladly scoop up what we throw away. Like vultures on a rotted carcass, they pick away until nothing remains but the skeleton of a once proud creation. For us as a nation, the vultures are circling above and descending upon us quickly. Will we awaken in time?


4 Responses to “Laying Your Burdens Down (on the doorstep of society)”

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  2. Bryan March 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    Sweet! Digging your blog…

  3. Ginny Abernathy March 8, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    Hey – don’t know anything about blogging, but great articles, Gary! Keep up the good works – GGIN

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